Superintendent of Documents (SuDocs) Numbers

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The Organization of SuDocs Numbers

Government Documents at CSU are organized according to the SuDocs (Superintendent of Documents) classification system which groups together publications by the same government author. Within an agency or department, publications are grouped by subordinate organization. The purpose of this system is to logically relate and physically arrange each item so that all publications of a single agency or department may be found together.


An example of a SuDocs call number: HE20.2:H81

Explanation of the example:

HE indicates the issuing department or agency (Health and Human Services Department

20. Represents the subordinate bureaus and office within the issuing department or agency (Public Health Services)

2: Indicates the publication type (General Publications)

H81 Represents the key word of the publication title (National Household Survey on Drug Abuse)

Alphabetical Identifiers

In the SuDocs classification scheme, each executive department and agency, the judiciary, Congress, and other major independent establishments are assigned a unique alphabetical identifier, based on the name of the organization. Some examples follow:

CCommerce Department
C3Census Bureau
DDefense Department
EEnergy Department
EDEducation Department
EPEnvironmental Protection Agency
HEHealth and Human Services Department
HHHousing and Urban Development Department
IInterior Department
JJustice Department
LLabor Department
LCLibrary of Congress
NASNational aeronautics and Space Administration
PREXExecutive Office of the President
SState Department
SBASmall Business Administration
TTreasury Department
TDTransportation Department

Finding Publications

Location of SuDocs Numbers:

In the CSU Catalog: I-Share, government documents are designated with the abbreviation: DOC. The abbreviation serves as a location device to tell where the item is shelved. DOC is not included as a part of the SuDocs number. SuDocs numbers are located on the upper left front cover (not the lower spine) of the print publications and are generally printed in horizontal fashion.

How Documents Are Shelved:

SuDocs is not a decimal system. Documents are shelved in alphabetical and then in numerical order. Numbers between punctuation are treated as whole numbers. Each section of the number should be read one at a time in order.


Numbers precede letters: