Using “My Account”

About Us

“My Account” is the primary online access to item requests, renewals, search preferences, remembered searches, and remembered titles. This page describes the usage of “My Account” and ways to get more details.

“My Account” is accessible via

Steps in using “My Account”
  1. Click on “My Account”
  2. Click on your Home School
  3. Enter your ID number
  4. Enter your Last Name
  5. Click “Login”

Once logged into "My Account" you can

  • Find or choose My Search Preferences for the default search type whenever you Click "New Search":
  • See My Book bag to find information about your borrowed items
  • View My Searches to see searches you have stored for future use
  • See whether blocks exist against your privileges*
  • See what you have checked out
  • View the status of your requests, and see if you have any pending requests or there is any item ready for you to pick-up.

View any fines or fees you may have

  • Renew material if before due date

Top and bottom bars contain links to

  • New Search: a link to the CSU Catalog
  • I-Share Catalog: access to all consortium library catalogs
  • Renew Books
  • Logout: exit from the My Account screen
  • New in the Catalog: a link to the recently added materials in the library collection
  • Quit: exit immediately from the I-Share system
  • Help: provides detailed information about My Account and its components

Blocking occurs when:

  • you have not returned a reserve item;
  • you have not returned a recalled item;
  • you have not returned a book owned or recalled by another institution;
  • your overdue fines have exceeded the institution threshold;
  • your overdue items have exceeded the institution threshold;
  • your overdue/lost charges have exceeded the institution threshold

Blocking will be lifted when:

  • you return recalled materials;
  • you return overdue materials;
  • you pay all applicable fines and fees.

Please allow 48-72 hours for the removal of blocks from your library records.