About Library Collections

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The purpose of collections

Librarians and libraries provide the service of making useful information powerful.

The librarians at Chicago State University are here and have, as their sole purpose, the support of student achievement.  The librarians are faculty and administrative staff who work to support academic programs for the benefit of students.


A library could be thought of as a set of collections. Collections of book—of musical scores—of DVDs ... and so on. The format of a book might be either printed, on a CD, DVD, or on line. The catalog is organized to allow finding all or only one or a few of these formats. This is usually confusing to a newcomer.

Libraries also assemble collections by subject, often each collection has many types of format. For example, a set of historical materials: photos, manuscripts, books, etc.

Most library users are newcomers only once and soon find their way around like experts. Experts often use one or a few collections, becoming very adept at understanding a collection and its content.

How collections are developed

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