The Pincham Papers Collection at Chicago State University Archives and Special Collections Department

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HUD award The R. Eugene Pincham Papers Collection consists of more than fifty carefully organized and mounted scrapbooks that chronicle principal events in Judge Pincham’s career and document important aspects of the Pinchams’ family life. Handsomely bound transcripts of legal cases in which Judge Pincham participated complement scrapbooks and related personal papers. Collections of correspondence and electronic media complete the Collection.

Pincham scrapbooks are organized chronologically and numbered sequentially. The earliest volume documents 1954 and the latest represents 1979. The series resumes in 2002 and continues through January 2008. Separate scrapbooks contain correspondence and "The Pincham Family Tree."

Three books organize expressions of condolence the family the family received after the deaths of William H. Pincham, Jr. (1925—1994), Amy Lou Pincham (1908—1992) and Hazel Pincham Caldwell (1904—1960).

Judge and Mrs. PinchamAnother scrapbook is devoted to the 1973 celebration of R. Eugene and Alzata Pincham’s twenty five years of marriage. A second volume covers their thirtieth anniversary in 1978. This series of scrapbooks also features two volumes charmingly titled “R. Eugene Pincham’s Love Letters to Alzata C. Henry, Dec. 1945 to Aug. 1947.”

Judge and Mrs. PinchamFour scrapbooks emphasize Alzata Pincham’s work with Trinity United Church of Christ’s “Can-cer Vive Ministry.” These collections also include Mrs. Pincham’s collection of materials about cancer and the two volumes “Memorial Book” compiled after her death.

Before and during the hiatus in Pincham chronological scrapbooks special topics books are devoted to materials documenting the “Death of Dr. Martin Luther King,” “American tragedies,” and “Harold Washington (two volumes).” Newspaper clippings Judge Pincham thought particularly notable were compiled between 1976 and 1979 and resumed in 1980 for thirteen years, ending in 1993.

Two particularly interesting books hold correspondence between “Justice R. Eugene Pincham and Reverend Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr.” These letters were written between 1995 and 2002.

Plaques and documents and photographs and other moving memorabilia fill the last box called “Memorial Tributes.”

Contemporary archival collections usually include compact discs or DVDs. The Pincham Collection is no exception. Researchers will enjoy the opportunity to hear speeches or remarks by Judge Pincham as well as enjoy the spirit of major events as they unfold once again thanks to the media section of the Collection.

300 years of waiting to voteChicago State University’s archivists are only beginning the satisfying journey processing The Pincham Collection and preparing it for exhibits and research represents. Judge and Mrs. Pincham’s belief in education and conviction of its importance for the community will be well served by the educational opportunities the Collection affords. Historians of the law, law school students and pre-law undergraduates will find the Collection particularly rich for its documentation of the major Chicago figure in jurisprudence the Pincham Collection presents. R. Eugene and Alzata’s personal journey from modest origins in the south to busy and fulfilled lives in Chicago will inform study of the growth of their home neighborhood and city as well as of institutions they participated in such as Trinity United Church of Christ.