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    RS - Pharmacy.

  1. Analytical method development and validation   RS189.5.H54
  2. Calendula   RS165
  3. Echinacea   RS165.E4
  4. Elder the amazing healing benefits of elder, the premier herbal remedy for colds and flu   RS165.E47
  5. Good manufacturing practices for pharmaceuticals a plan for total quality control   RS189
  6. Handbook of pharmaceutical granulation technology   RS199.G73
  7. Inhalation delivery of therapeutic peptides and proteins   RS431.P75
  8. Inside pharmacy the anatomy of a profession   RS122.5
  9. Liposomes rational design   RS210
  10. Medicinal plants of the world chemical constituents, traditional, and modern medicinal uses   RS164
  11. Opportunities in pharmacy careers   RS122.5
  12. Pharmaceutical dosage forms. disperse systems   RS200
  13. Pharmaceutical preformulation   RS189
  14. Pharmaceutical project management   RS192
  15. Polymorphism in pharmaceutical solids   RS201.S57
  16. Process chemistry in the pharmaceutical industry   RS403
  17. Protein formulation and delivery   RS431.P75
  18. Structure-based drug design   RS420

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  1. 50 simple ways to pamper your baby   RG525
  2. Acupoint pocket reference   RM184.5
  3. Acupuncture and moxibustion treatment and formulas   RM184
  4. Acute coronary syndromes   RC685.C6
  5. Adequacy of the comprehensive clinical evaluation program nerve agents   RA648
  6. Adequacy of the VA Persian Gulf registry and uniform case assessment protocol   RB152.7
  7. Advanced practice nurses education, roles, trends   RT86.73
  8. AIDS science and society   RC607.A26
  9. Allergens and allergen immunotherapy   RC588.I45
  10. Alternative path the making and remaking of Hahnemann Medical College and Hospital of Philadelphia   R747.H23
  11. America's children health insurance and access to care   RJ102
  12. Analytical method development and validation   RS189.5.H54
  13. Ancient Egyptian medicine   R137
  14. Angry genie one man's walk through the nuclear age   R895.6.U6
  15. Antiviral methods and protocols   RM411
  16. Approaching death improving care at the end of life   R726.8
  17. Art-based research Shaun McNiff.   RC489.A72
  18. Arthritis be gone! a doctor's Rx for easy, safe, inexpensive--and effective--treatments for your arthritis pain   RC933
  19. Arthritis sourcebook   RC933
  20. Assessment of exposure-response functions for rocket-emission toxicants   RA1247.C65
  21. Assessment of performance measures for public health, substance abuse, and mental health   RA427
  22. Autism and the crisis of meaning   RC553.A88
  23. Autism identification, education, and treatment   RJ506.A9
  24. Betrayal bond breaking free of exploitive relationships   RC552.R44
  25. Better breast health naturally with Chinese medicine   RG491
  26. Between conviction and uncertainty philosophical guidelines for the practicing psychotherapist   RC437.5
  27. Beyond miracles living with cancer : inspirational and practical advice for patients and their families   RC263
  28. Bibliotherapy with young people librarians and mental health professionals working together   RJ505.B5
  29. Biocultural dimensions of chronic pain implications for treatment of multi-ethnic populations   RB127
  30. Biological performance of materials fundamentals of biocompatibility   R857.M3
  31. Biology of disease vectors   RA639.5
  32. Bipolar disorders a guide to helping children & adolescents   RJ506.D4 W35 2000eb
  33. Blood and blood products safety and risk   RM172
  34. Blood and marrow stem cell transplantation principles, practice, and nursing insights   RD123.5
  35. Blood banking and regulation procedures, problems, and alternatives   RM170
  36. Blood donors and the supply of blood and blood products   RM172
  37. Bodywork and massage sourcebook   RA780.5
  38. Brain disorders sourcebook   RC386.2
  39. Brain imaging in clinical psychiatry   RC473.B7
  40. Breast sourcebook everything you need to know about cancer detection, treatment, and prevention   RC280.B8
  41. Bridging the gap between practice and research forging partnerships with community-based drug and alcohol treatment   RC564.65
  42. Burdens of disease epidemics and human response in western history   RA649
  43. Calendula   RS165
  44. Cancer symptom management patient self-care guides   RC262
  45. Carcinogens and anticarcinogens in the human diet a comparison of naturally occurring and synthetic substances   RC268.6
  46. Careers in medicine   R690
  47. Caring approach in nursing administration   RT89
  48. Caring for patients from different cultures case studies from American hospitals   RT86.54
  49. Carlson Wade's New fact book on bee pollen and your health.   RM666.B375
  50. Case studies in cultural diversity a workbook   RT86.54
  51. Changing health care systems and rheumatic disease   RA645.R5
  52. Characterizing exposure of veterans to agent orange and other herbicides used in Vietnam scientific considerations regarding a request for proposals f   RA1242.T44
  53. Chemical and biological terrorism research and development to improve civilian medical response   RA648
  54. Chemical exposures low levels and high states   RA1216
  55. Childhood depression sourcebook   RJ506.D4
  56. Children with autism diagnosis and interventions to meet their needs   RJ506.A9
  57. Children's speech and literacy difficulties a psycholinguistic framework   RJ496.L35
  58. Children, families, and health care decision making   RJ47
  59. Chinese medicinal teas simple, proven, folk formulas for common diseases & promoting health   RM666.H33 Z66 1996eb
  60. Cholera in post-revolutionary Paris a cultural history   RC133.F9
  61. Chronic illness and retirement in Jamaica   RA644.8.J25
  62. Chronic illness and the twelve steps a practical approach to spiritual resilience   RC108
  63. Chronic illness experience embracing the imperfect life   RC108
  64. Chronic lung disease in early infancy   RJ431
  65. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease practical, medical, and spiritual guidelines for daily living with emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and combinatio   RC776.O9
  66. Chronic pain management sourcebook   RB127
  67. Classic of difficulties a translation of the Nan Jing   RA563.C54
  68. Cleavage technology, controversy, and the ironies of the man-made breast   RD539.8
  69. Clinical guide to cancer nursing a companion to Cancer nursing, fourth edition   RC266
  70. Clinical guide to stem cell and bone marrow transplantation   RD123.5
  71. Clinical studies in transpersonal psychotherapy   RC489.T75
  72. Clinician's guide to neuropsychological assessment   RC386.6.N48
  73. Coenzyme Q10 phenomenon   RM666.U24
  74. Colon & rectal cancer a comprehensive guide for patients & families   RC280.C6
  75. Compendium of TCM patterns & treatments   R601
  76. Complete guide to Alzheimer's-proofing your home   RC523
  77. Complete idiot's guide to a happy healthy heart   RC681
  78. Complete idiot's guide to alternative medicine   R733
  79. Complete idiot's guide to beating the blues   RC537
  80. Complete idiot's guide to beautiful skin   RL87
  81. Complete idiot's guide to breaking bad habits   RC533
  82. Complete idiot's guide to bringing up baby   RJ61
  83. Complete idiot's guide to getting a good night's sleep   RA786
  84. Complete idiot's guide to healthy stretching   RA781.63
  85. Complete idiot's guide to yoga   RA781.7
  86. Comprehensive cancer nursing review   RC266.C356 1997 Suppl.
  87. Computer-based patient record an essential technology for health care   R864
  88. Concepts of athletic training   RC1210
  89. Confessions of a medicine man an essay in popular philosophy   R724
  90. Confinements fertility and infertility in contemporary culture   RG133.5
  91. Contemporary art therapy with adolescents   RJ505.A7
  92. Contested words, contested science unraveling the facilitated communication controversy   RC423
  93. Contours of death and disease in early modern England   RA650.6.G6
  94. Contraceptive research, introduction, and use lessons from Norplant   RG133.A2
  95. Control of breathing in health and disease   RC731
  96. Control of cardiovascular diseases in Developing countries research, development, and institutional strengthening   RA645 .C34
  97. Controlling diabetes naturally with Chinese medicine   RC660.5
  98. Coping with anxiety and panic attacks   RC531
  99. Coping with braces and other orthodontic work   RK521
  100. Coping with compulsive eating   RC552.C65
  101. Coping with diabetes   RC660.5
  102. Coping with melanoma and other skin cancers   RC280.M37
  103. Coping with PMS (premenstrual syndrome)   RG165
  104. Coping with post-traumatic stress disorder   RC552.P67
  105. Coping with scoliosis   RJ482.S3
  106. Coping with stuttering   RC424
  107. Coping with the dangers of tattooing, body piercing, and branding   RD119.5.B82
  108. Coping with ulcers, heartburn, and stress-related stomach disorders   RC827
  109. Criminal poisoning investigational guide for law enforcement, toxicologists, forensic scientists, and attorneys   RA1228
  110. Curing arthritis naturally with Chinese medicine   RC933
  111. Curing depression naturally with Chinese medicine   RC537
  112. Curing fibromyalgia naturally with Chinese medicine   RD925
  113. Curing headaches naturally with Chinese medicine   RC392
  114. Curing insomnia naturally with Chinese medicine   RC548
  115. Curing PMS naturally with Chinese medicine   RG165
  116. Data priorities for population and health in developing countries summary of a workshop   RA441.5
  117. Designing 21st century healthcare leadership in hospitals and healthcare systems   RA971
  118. Detoxification and healing the key to optimal health   RM235.5
  119. Diabetes eye care sourcebook   RE661.D5
  120. Diabetes self-care method the breakthrough program of self-management that will help you lead a healthier life   RC660.4
  121. Diagnosing and treating co-dependence a guide for professionals who work with chemical dependents, their spouses and children   RC569.5.C63
  122. Dispelling the myths about addiction strategies to increase understanding and strengthen research   RC564
  123. Divine farmer's material medica a translation of the shen nong ben cao jing   R601
  124. Dr. America the lives of Thomas A. Dooley, 1927-1961   R722.32.D66
  125. Drug development process increasing efficiency and cost-effectiveness   RM301.25
  126. Drugs and society   RM301
  127. Dual diagnosis and treatment substance abuse and comorbid medical and psychiatric disorders   RC564.68
  128. Eating disorders a reference sourcebook   RC552.E18
  129. Echinacea   RS165.E4
  130. Economics of health reconsidered   RA410
  131. Effects of ionizing radiation atomic bomb survivors and their children (1945-1995)   RC268.55
  132. Elder the amazing healing benefits of elder, the premier herbal remedy for colds and flu   RS165.E47
  133. Elusive magic bullet the search for the perfect drug   RM301.25
  134. Enabling America assessing the role of rehabilitation science and engineering   RM950
  135. Encyclopedia of AIDS a social, political, cultural, and scientific record of the HIV epidemic   RA644.A25
  136. Encyclopedia of infectious diseases   RC112
  137. Ensuring quality cancer care   RA645.C3
  138. Ers in nursing   RT82
  139. Evaluating alternative cancer therapies a guide to the science and politics of an emerging medical field   RC271.A62
  140. Evaluation of forensic DNA evidence   RA1057.5
  141. Every person's guide to antioxidants   RB170
  142. Everything you need to know about bipolar disorder and manic depressive illness   RC516
  143. Evolution of sickness and healing   RA418
  144. Explaining illness research, theory, and strategies   R727.3
  145. Expressiveness of the body and the divergence of Greek and Chinese medicine   R723
  146. FAA medical certification guidelines for pilots   RC1063
  147. Family homeopathy a practical handbook for home treatment   RX76
  148. Fatal protein the story of CJD, BSE, and other prion diseases   RA644.P93
  149. Fertility sourcebook everything you need to know   RC889
  150. Fetal alcohol syndrome diagnosis, epidemiology, prevention, and treatment   RG629.F45
  151. Florence Nightingale in Egypt and Greece her diary and visions   RT37.N5
  152. Fluid balance and volume resuscitation for beginners   RD52.F59
  153. Food for life the cancer prevention cookbook   RC271.D52
  154. Food hypersensitivity and adverse reactions a practical guide for diagnosis and management   RC596
  155. For the record protecting electronic health information   R864
  156. Forensic epidemiology a comprehensive guide for legal and epidemiology professionals   RA1165
  157. Foundations of expressive arts therapy theoretical and clinical perspectives   RC489.A72
  158. From monsoons to microbes understanding the ocean's role in human health   RA600
  159. From thoughts to obsessions obsessive compulsive disorder in children and adolescents   RJ506.O25
  160. Gender differences in susceptibility to environmental factors a priority assessment : workshop report   RA565.A2
  161. Genetic revolution and human rights   RB155
  162. Ginseng   RM666.G49
  163. Good manufacturing practices for pharmaceuticals a plan for total quality control   RS189
  164. Gynecological sourcebook   RG121
  165. Halcion an independent assessment of safety and efficacy data   RM666.T784
  166. Handbook of antioxidants   RB170
  167. Handbook of Chinese hematology   RA563.C54
  168. Handbook of cross-cultural and multicultural personality assessment   RC473.P79
  169. Handbook of gender, culture, and health   RA418
  170. Handbook of obesity   RC628
  171. Handbook of pediatric audiology   RF291.5.C45
  172. Handbook of pharmaceutical granulation technology   RS199.G73
  173. Handbook of psychological treatment protocols for children and adolescents   RJ504
  174. Haunted children rethinking medication of common psychological disorders   RJ504
  175. Hazards of the job from industrial disease to environmental health science   RC967
  176. Healing sports injuries with good nutrition   RD97
  177. Healing the wounds a physician looks at his work   R729.5.G4
  178. Health and healthcare in the United States   RA395 .A3
  179. Health and wellness   RA776 .E24 1998
  180. Health education a cognitive-behavioral approach   RA440.5
  181. Health effects of exposure to low levels of ionizing radiations time for reassessment?   RA1231.R2
  182. Health expenditures, services, and outcomes in Africa basic data and cross-national comparisons, 1990-1996   RA410.55.A357
  183. Health performance measurement in the public sector principles and policies for implementing an information network   RA423.2
  184. Health policymaking in the United States   RA395.A3
  185. Health sector strategy for the Europe and Central Asia region   RA395.F6
  186. Health work with the poor a practical guide   RA418.5.P6
  187. Healthcare finance an introduction to accounting and financial management   RA971.3
  188. Healthy communities new partnerships for the future of public health   RA395.A3
  189. Healthy heart handbook how to prevent and reverse heart disease, lower your risk of heart attack and cancer, reduce stress, lose weight without hunger   RC685.C6
  190. Heart disease sourcebook   RC682
  191. Herbal medicine, healing & cancer a comprehensive program for prevention and treatment   RC271.H47
  192. Herbs for a good night's sleep herbal approaches to relieving insomnia safely and effectively   RC548
  193. Herbs for chronic fatigue   RB150.F37
  194. Herbs for detoxification herbs to strengthen the immune system and improve health by countering the environmental toxins that surround us   RM666.H33
  195. Herbs for improved digestion herbal remedies for stomach pain, constipation, ulcers, colitis, and other gastrointestinal problems   RC827
  196. Herbs for men's health   RM666.H33
  197. Herbs for the heart herbs to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, increase circulation, prevent clotting, and enhance heart health   RC684.H47
  198. Herbs for the urinary tract herbal relief for kidney stones, bladder infections, and other problems of the urinary tract   RC900.5
  199. Herbs for women's health   RG129.H47
  200. Herbs to boost immunity herbal tonics to keep you healthy and strong including echinacea, Siberian ginseng, astragalus, and more   RM666.H3
  201. Herbs to help you breathe freely herbal remedies for asthma, allergies, sinusitis, and other respiratory problems   RC735.H47
  202. Herbs to relieve arthritis   RC933
  203. Herbs to relieve stress herbal approaches to relaxation and natural easing of depression and anxiety   RA785
  204. Hidden epidemic confronting sexually transmitted diseases   RA644.V4
  205. High blood pressure practical, medical, and spiritual guidelines for daily living with hypertension   RC685.H8
  206. Hippocrates assailed the American health delivery system   RA395.A3
  207. Histamine and H1-receptor antagonists in allergic disease   RM666.A5
  208. HIV homecare handbook   RC607.A26
  209. Home care management of the blood cell transplant patient   RD123.5
  210. Hope an international human becoming perspective   RT84.5
  211. Hormonally active agents in the environment   RA1224.2
  212. How to get into the right dental school   RK76
  213. How to get into the right medical school   R838.4
  214. How to get into the right nursing program   RT73
  215. How to manage stress for success   RA785
  216. Humor and the healing arts a multimethod analysis of humor use in health care   R705
  217. Hypertension and nutrition   RC685.H8
  218. Immunotherapy in asthma   RC591
  219. Implementing health sector reform in Central Asia papers from a health policy seminar held in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan in June, 1996   RA395.A783
  220. Improving health in the community a role for performance monitoring   RA445
  221. Improving the medicare market adding choice and protections   RA413.7.A4
  222. Improving women's health services in the Russian Federation results of a pilot project   RG964.R8
  223. Impure science AIDS, activism, and the politics of knowledge   RA644.A25
  224. In her lifetime female morbidity and mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa   RG530.3.A357
  225. In her own right the Institute of Medicine's guide to women's health issues   RA564.85
  226. In the face of suffering the philosophical-anthropological foundations of clinical ethics   R724
  227. Inflammatory mechanisms in asthma   RC591
  228. Information trading how information influences the health policy process   RA395.A3
  229. Inhalation delivery of therapeutic peptides and proteins   RS431.P75
  230. Inside pharmacy the anatomy of a profession   RS122.5
  231. Intensifying action against HIVAIDS in Africa responding to a development crisis.   RA644.A25
  232. Internet access to the National Library of Medicine's toxicology and environmental health databases   RA1193.4
  233. Internet and healthcare   RA971.23
  234. Intravenous immunoglobulins in clinical practice   RM282.I44
  235. Introduction to human disease   RB112
  236. Introduction to medical immunology   RC582
  237. Investing in health development effectiveness in the health, nutrition, and population sector   RA441.5
  238. Is there a duty to die   R726
  239. Issues in therapeutic recreation toward the new millennium   RM736.7
  240. Kava Kava the anti-anxiety herb that relaxes and sharpens the mind   RM666.K38
  241. Keeping your child healthy with Chinese medicine a parent's guide to the care and prevention of common childhood diseases   RJ47
  242. Kiss of death Chaga's disease in the Americas   RA644.C26
  243. Learning styles and the nursing profession   RT73
  244. Lesbian health current assessment and directions for the future   RA564.87
  245. Lessons and the legacy of the Pew Health Policy Program   RA395.A3
  246. Life on the edge parenting a child with ADDADHD   RJ506.H9
  247. Life without disease the pursuit of medical utopia   RA418.5.M4
  248. Liposomes rational design   RS210
  249. Living with spina bifida a guide for families and professionals   RJ496.S74
  250. Loyal physician Roycean ethics and the practice of medicine   R725.5
  251. Lung biology in health and disease.   RJ436.A8
  252. Making of the unborn patient a social anatomy of fetal surgery   RG784
  253. Making the Prozac decision a guide to antidepressants   RC537
  254. Managing integrated delivery systems a framework for action   RA971
  255. Managing managed care quality improvements in behavioral health   RC480.5
  256. Managing stress principles and strategies for health and wellbeing   RA785
  257. Manual of pediatric nutrition   RJ206
  258. Marijuana and medicine assessing the science base   RM666.C266
  259. Mathematical models in medical and health science   R853.M3
  260. Mathematics and physics of emerging biomedical imaging   RC78.7.D53
  261. Medicaid and devolution a view from the states   RA412.4
  262. Medical device quality assurance and regulatory compliance   R856.6
  263. Medical ethics   R724
  264. Medical technology assessment directory a pilot reference to organizations, assessments, and information resources   R855.3
  265. Medicare preparing for the challenges of the 21st century   RA412.3
  266. Medicinal plants of the world chemical constituents, traditional, and modern medicinal uses   RS164
  267. Memory bank for chemotherapy   RC271.C5
  268. Menopause endocrinology and management   RG186
  269. Menopause sourcebook   RG186
  270. Mental ills and bodily cures psychiatric treatment in the first half of the twentieth century   RC480.5
  271. Mind games American culture and the birth of psychotherapy   RC443
  272. Molecular and cellular basis of inflammation   RB131
  273. Molecular diagnosis and treatment of melanoma   RC280.M37
  274. Moral status obligations to persons and other living things   R725.5
  275. Mortality of veteran participants in the crossroads nuclear test   RA648.3
  276. Mycotoxins in agriculture and food safety   RA1242.M94
  277. Naked to the bone medical imaging in the twentieth century   RC78.7.D53
  278. Nation's physician workforce options for balancing supply and requirements   RA410.7
  279. Natural eye care an encyclopedia : complementary treatments for improving and saving your eyes   RE21
  280. Nettles both potent herb and delectable food, this common weed can ease allergies, prostate enlargement and more   RM666.N44
  281. Networks and the future of medical practice   R728
  282. Neural transplantation an introduction   RD124
  283. Neurodevelopmental disorders   RJ506.D47
  284. New Beverly Hills diet the latest weight-loss research that explains a conscious food-combining program for lifelong slimhood   RM222.2
  285. New ways of making babies the case of egg donation   RG133.5
  286. New yoga for people over 50 a comprehensive guide for midlife and older beginners   RA781.7
  287. Newborn medicine and society European background and American practice (1750-1975)   RJ253
  288. No germs allowed! how to avoid infectious diseases at home and on the road   RA783.5
  289. Non-heart-beating organ transplantation medical and ethical issues in procurement   RD129.5
  290. Nurse as educator principles of teaching and learning   RT90
  291. Nursing staff in hospitals and nursing homes is it adequate?   RT86.73
  292. Nutrition and pregnancy a complete guide from preconception to post-delivery   RG559
  293. Nutritional needs in cold and in high-altitude environments applications for military personnel in field operations   RA784
  294. Obsessive compulsive anonymous recovering from obessive compulsive disorder.   RC533
  295. Obsessive-compulsive disorders diagnosis, etiology, treatment   RC533
  296. Occupational health and safety in the care and use of research animals   RC965.A6
  297. On implementing a national graduate medical education trust fund   R840
  298. Opportunities in holistic health care careers   R733
  299. Opportunities in medical technology careers clinical laboratory science   RB37.5
  300. Opportunities in mental health careers   RA790.75
  301. Opportunities in nursing assistant careers   RT84
  302. Opportunities in nursing careers   RT82
  303. Opportunities in paramedical careers   R697.A4
  304. Opportunities in pharmacy careers   RS122.5
  305. Opportunities in physical therapy careers   RM705
  306. Opportunities in physician careers   R729.5.S6
  307. Opportunities in speech-language pathology careers   RC428.5
  308. Organ procurement and transplantation assessing current policies and the potential impact of the DHHS final rule   RD129.5
  309. Orphans and incentives developing technologies to address emerging infections : workshop report   RA643
  310. Overcoming anxiety, panic, and depression new ways to regain your confidence   RC531
  311. Pacific partnerships for health charting a course for the 21st century   RA557
  312. Paediatric oncology acute nursing care   RC281.C4
  313. Pandora's poison chlorine, health, and a new environmental strategy   RA1242.C436
  314. Panic disorder and its treatment   RC535
  315. Pathogenetic and therapeutic aspects of chronic renal failure   RC918
  316. Pathological gambling a critical review   RC569.5.G35
  317. Pathways from the culture of addiction to the culture of recovery : a travel guide for addiction professions   RC564
  318. Pathways of addiction opportunities in drug abuse research   RC564
  319. Paying attention to children in a changing health care system summaries of workshops   RJ102
  320. Pediatric endocrinology   RJ418
  321. People's health a memoir of public health and its evolution at Harvard   RA424
  322. People, environment, disease, and death a medical geography of Britain throughout the ages   RA847
  323. Percutaneous absorption drugs--cosmetics--mechanisms--methodology   RM151
  324. Performing in extreme environments   RC1238
  325. Personal and the political women's activism in response to the breast cancer and AIDS epidemics   RC280.B8
  326. Pharmaceutical dosage forms. disperse systems   RS200
  327. Pharmaceutical preformulation   RS189
  328. Pharmaceutical project management   RS192
  329. Pharmacy practice handbook of medication facts   RM147
  330. Philosophical and theoretical perspectives for advanced nursing practice   RT84.5
  331. Philosophy of nursing a new vision for health care   RT84.5
  332. Physician within you medicine for the millennium   R733
  333. Physician's guide to clinical forensic medicine   RA1051
  334. Pocket guide to breast cancer   RC280.B8
  335. Pocket guide to breastfeeding and human lactation   RJ216
  336. Politics of health legislation an economic perspective   RA410.53
  337. Polymorphism in pharmaceutical solids   RS201.S57
  338. Possible health effects of exposure to residential electric and magnetic fields   RA569.3
  339. Post-traumatic stress disorder sourcebook a guide to healing, recovery, and growth   RC552.P67
  340. Power in the blood a handbook on AIDS, politics, and communication   RA644.A25
  341. Preparing for FDA pre-approval inspections   RM301.27
  342. Preventing and mitigating AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa research and data priorities for the social and behavioral sciences   RA644.A25
  343. Price of life the future of American health care   RA395.A3
  344. Primary care America's health in a new era   RA427.9
  345. Primary pulmonary hypertension   RC776.P87
  346. Privacy issues in biomedical and clinical research privacy issues in biomedical and clinical research proceedings of forum on November 1, 1997, Nation   R852
  347. Process chemistry in the pharmaceutical industry   RS403
  348. Product safety evaluation handbook   RA1199
  349. Protein formulation and delivery   RS431.P75
  350. Psoriasis   RL321
  351. Psychological assessment of abused and traumatized children   RC569.5.C55
  352. Psychologist's proactive guide to managed mental health care   RC467.95
  353. Psychotherapy with deaf clients from diverse groups   RC451.4.D4
  354. Quick access professional guide to conditions, herbs & supplements   RM666.H33
  355. Racial and ethnic differences in the health of older Americans   RA408.M54
  356. Radiation in medicine a need for regulatory reform   R895
  357. Rational therapeutics for infants and children workshop summary   RJ52
  358. Rationalizing medical work decision-support techniques and medical practices   R723.5
  359. Receptor-based drug design   RM301.41
  360. Recovery from smoking quitting with the twelve step process   RC567
  361. Reducing firearm injury and death a public health sourcebook on guns   RA772.F57
  362. Reducing stress fracture in physically active military women   RD104.S77
  363. Reducing the odds preventing perinatal transmission of HIV in the United States   RG580.A44
  364. Reframing health behavior change with behavioral economics   RA776.9
  365. Reliable design of medical devices   R856.6
  366. Religious values of the terminally ill a handbook for health professionals   R726.8
  367. Reorganization and renewal strategies for healthcare leaders   RA971
  368. Reproductive and developmental toxicology   RA1224.2
  369. Reproductive health in developing countries expanding dimensions, building solutions   RG103
  370. Resource sharing in biomedical research   R854.U5
  371. Review of the Department of Defense's program for breast cancer research   RC280.B8
  372. Review of the Hanford thyroid disease study draft final report   RC280.T6
  373. Rhetoric of midwifery gender, knowledge, and power   RG950
  374. Risk assessment of radon in drinking water   RA592.A1
  375. Ritalin theory and practice   RJ506.H9
  376. Rules of insanity moral responsibility and the mentally ill offender   RA1151
  377. Safety of silicone breast implants   RD539.8
  378. Schwarzbein principle the truth about losing weight, being healthy, and feeling younger   RM237.85
  379. Science of self-report implications for research and practice   R853.H8
  380. Seeking strategic advantage through health policy analysis   RA399.A3
  381. Soothing and stress   RJ507.S77
  382. Soothing your child's pain from teething and tummy aches to acute illnesses and injuries--how to understand the causes and ease the hurt   RJ365
  383. St. John's wort the premier herb for relieving depression, healing wounds, and easing nerve pain   RC537
  384. Staff and the serpent pertinent and impertinent observations on the world of medicine   R723
  385. Statistical issues in drug development   RM301.25
  386. Sterilization validation & routine operation handbook ethylene oxide   RA766.E8
  387. Strategy for research in space biology and medicine into the next century   RC1130
  388. Stress, coping, and cardiovascular disease   RM930
  389. Stress, coping, and depression   RC537
  390. Structure-based drug design   RS420
  391. Study guide for the therapeutic recreation specialist certification examination   RM736.7
  392. Stuttering research and practice bridging the gap   RC424
  393. Surgery facts and figures   RD37
  394. Sustainable health care financing in Southern Africa papers from an EDI health policy seminar held in Johannesburg, South Africa, June 1996   RA410.55.A356
  395. Take this book to the dentist with you   RK61
  396. Take this book to the hospital with you a consumer guide to surviving your hospital stay   RA965.6
  397. Talking trauma paramedics and their stories   RC86.7
  398. Tao of healthy eating dietary wisdom according to traditional Chinese medicine   RA784
  399. Tapestry of cultural issues in art therapy   RC489.A7
  400. Targeting autism what we know, don't know, and can do to help young children with autism and related disorders   RJ506.A9
  401. Technology and methods in behavioral medicine   RC52
  402. Telemedicine a guide to assessing telecommunications in health care   R119.9
  403. Tell me what to eat to help prevent breast cancer nutrition you can live with   RC280.B8
  404. Ten best tools to boost your immune system   RA776.5
  405. Therapeutic communities past, present, and future   RC489.T67
  406. Three dimensions of stuttering neurology, behaviour and emotion   RC424
  407. Thriving in an age of change practical strategies for health care leaders   RA971
  408. To improve human health a history of the Institute of Medicine   RA11
  409. Toxicity of military smokes and obscurants.   RA1247.C65
  410. Toxicologic assessment of the Army's zinc cadmium sulfide dispersion tests : answers to commonly asked questions   RA1231.C3
  411. Toxicological and performance aspects of oxygenated motor vehicle fuels   RA1242.B86
  412. Toxicology and clinical pharmacology of herbal products   RA1250
  413. Toxicology and environmental health information resources the role of the National Library of Medicine   RA1193.4
  414. Treatment of the hospitalized cystic fibrosis patient   RC858.C95
  415. Trials of the visionary mind spiritual emergency and the renewal process   RC512
  416. Twelve-month pregnancy what you need to know before you conceive to ensure a healthy beginning for you and your baby   RG551
  417. Tyler's guide the healthcare executive's job search   RA971
  418. Understanding anemia   RC641
  419. Understanding anorexia nervosa   RC552.A5
  420. Understanding asthma   RC591
  421. Understanding bulimia nervosa   RC552.B84
  422. Understanding childhood obesity   RJ399.C6
  423. Understanding dental health   RK61
  424. Understanding depression   RC537
  425. Understanding exercise addiction   RC569.5.E94
  426. Understanding food and your family   RJ506.E18
  427. Understanding health care financial management text, cases, and models   RA971.3
  428. Understanding recovery from eating disorders   RC552.E18
  429. Understanding sports and eating disorders   RC552.E18
  430. Understanding weight-loss programs   RM222.2
  431. Unequal burden of cancer an assessment of NIH research and programs for ethnic minorities and the medically underserved   RC267
  432. Use of multi-state life tables in estimating places for biomedical and behavioral scientists a technical paper   R852
  433. User's guide to bypass surgery   RD598.35.C67
  434. Vaccine safety forum summaries of two workshops   RA638
  435. Varney's midwifery   RG950
  436. Veterans and Agent Orange update 1996   RA1242.T44
  437. Well-managed healthcare organization   RA971
  438. Western medicine an illustrated history   R131
  439. What to eat if you have cancer a guide to adding nutritional therapy to your treatment plan   RC271.D52
  440. What to eat if you have cancer cookbook over 100 easy-to-prepare recipes for patients and their families and caregivers   RC271.D52
  441. Whole truth about contraception a guide to safe and effective choices   RG136.2
  442. Why can't I stop eating? recognizing, understanding, and overcoming food addiction   RC552.C65
  443. WIC nutrition risk criteria a scientific assessment   RJ216
  444. Winning in the women's health care marketplace a comprehensive plan for health care strategists   RA564.85
  445. Winter athlete secrets of wholistic fitness for outdoor performance   RC1220.W55
  446. Woman wanders through life and science   RB17.K67
  447. Women's sport nutrition   RC1218.W65
  448. Women, stress, and heart disease   RC682
  449. Work-related musculoskeletal disorders report, workshop summary, and workshop papers   RD680
  450. Younger people with dementia planning, practice, and development   RC521