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There are 3 available Women\'s Studies titles.

    HQ - The Family, Marriage, Woman.

  1. Domestic violence sourcebook everything you need to know   HQ809
  2. Medicalized motherhood perspectives from the lives of African-American and Jewish women   HQ759
  3. Parent's guide to protecting your children in cyberspace   HQ784.I58

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  1. $$Cha-ching!$$ a girl's guide to spending and saving   HG179
  2. 100 absolutely unbreakable laws of business success   HF5386
  3. 101 great resumes   HF5383
  4. 101 hiring mistakes employers make, and how to avoid them   HF5549.5.S38
  5. 101 trends every investor should know about the global economy   HG4538
  6. 101 ways to captivate a business audience   HF5718
  7. 12 simple secrets of Microsoft management how to think and act like a Microsoft manager and take your company to the top   HD9696.2.U64
  8. 169 ways to score points with your boss   HF5548.83
  9. 1999 annual review of development effectiveness   HG3881.5.W57
  10. 2,239 tested secrets for direct marketing success   HF5415.126
  11. 2000 U.S. master payroll guide.   HF5564.P3
  12. 2000 U.S. social security explained   HD7125
  13. 2nd language of leadership   HD57.7
  14. 360 Feedback the powerful new model for employee assessment & performance improvement   HF5549.5.R3 E33 1996eb
  15. 75 greatest management decisions ever made   HD30.23
  16. 8 practices of exceptional companies how great organizations make the most of their human assets   HD58.9
  17. 9 natural laws of leadership   HD57.7
  18. 96 great interview questions to ask before you hire   HF5549.5.I6
  19. 99% inspiration tips, tales & techniques for liberating your business creativity   HD53
  20. Accounting and financial fundamentals for nonfinancial executives   HF5635
  21. Achievements and challenges of fiscal decentralization lessons from Mexico   HJ803
  22. Action tools for effective managers a guide for solving day-to-day problems on the job   HD31
  23. Activist's handbook a primer for the 1990s and beyond   HN65
  24. African development indicators 2000.   HC800.A1
  25. Age of discontinuity guidelines to our changing society   HC59
  26. Alcoholic man what you can learn from the heroic journeys of recovering alcoholics   HV5279
  27. All about bonds and bond mutual funds the easy way to get started   HG4651
  28. All about options the easy way to get started   HG6024.U6
  29. All about stocks the easy way to get started   HG4661
  30. All the right moves a guide to crafting breakthrough strategy   HD30.28
  31. AMA handbook for employee recruitment and retention   HF5549.5.R44
  32. AMA handbook of business letters   HF5726
  33. AMA handbook of project management   HD69.P75
  34. AMA management handbook   HD31
  35. AMA style guide for business writing   HF5726
  36. Analyzing banking risk a framework for assessing corporate governance and financial risk management   HG1615
  37. Anatomy of persuasion   HD58.6
  38. Anger and conflict in the workplace spot the signs, avoid the trauma   HF5549.5.E43
  39. Art of astute investing building wealth with no-load mutual funds   HG4530
  40. Asia falling making sense of the Asian crisis and its aftermath   HG3968
  41. Asian corporate recovery findings from firm-level surveys in five countries   HB3808
  42. Assessment of corporate sector value and vulnerability links to exchange rate and financial crises   HG4028.V3
  43. Attracting foreign direct investment into infrastructure why is it so difficult?   HG5993
  44. Balance of power   HD58.9
  45. Balanced scorecard translating strategy into action   HD56
  46. Balancing work and family   HD4904.25
  47. Bangladesh progress through partnership : country assistance review   HG3881.5.W57
  48. Bank & brokerage back office procedures & settlements   HG181 .K56 2000eb
  49. Bankruptcy is it the right solution to your debt problems?   HG3766
  50. Basics of business writing   HF5718.3
  51. Beauty of the beast breathing new life into organizations   HD31
  52. Benchmarking book   HD62.15
  53. Best 100 web sites for HR professionals   HF5549.A27
  54. Best of class building a customer service organization   HF5415.5
  55. Better place to work a new sense of motivation leading to high productivity   HF5549.5.M63
  56. Beyond productivity how leading companies achieve superior performance by leveraging their human capital   HD58.9
  57. Beyond race and gender unleashing the power of your total work force by managing diversity   HF5549.5.M5
  58. Beyond the looking glass overcoming the seductive culture of corporate narcissism   HD70.U5
  59. Beyond the team   HD66
  60. Beyond training and development state-of-the art strategies for enhancing human performance   HF5549.5.P37
  61. Bidding for business the efficacy of local economic development incentives in a metropolitan area   HG4949
  62. Black manager making it in the corporate world   HD38.25.U6
  63. Blackwell dictionary of sociology a user's guide to sociological language   HM425
  64. Blunders in international business   HD62.4
  65. Bond market rules 50 investing axioms to master bonds for income or trading   HG4651
  66. Boomer basics everything that you need to know about the issues facing you, your chldren, and your parents   HN60
  67. Brand marketing book creating, managing, and extending the value of your brand   HD69.B7
  68. Brandmindset   HD69.B7
  69. Brave new service strategy aligning customer relationships, market strategies, and business structures   HF5415.5
  70. Breakaway planning 8 big questions to guide organizational change   HD58.8
  71. Breakthrough team player becoming the M.V.P. on your workplace team   HD66
  72. Bringing out the best in people how to apply the astonishing power of positive reinforcement   HF5549.5.M63
  73. Building a fair pay program a step-by-step guide   HF5549.5.C67
  74. Building a partnership with your boss a take-charge assistant book   HF5548.83
  75. Building database-driven web catalogs   HF5415.15
  76. Business climate shifts profiles of change makers   HD38
  77. Business finance for the numerically challenged   HG4026
  78. Business math for the numerically challenged   HF5691
  79. Business to business direct marketing proven direct response methods to generate more leads and sales   HF5415.1263
  80. Business writing for busy people   HF5718.3
  81. Business writing skills a take-charge assistant book   HF5718.3
  82. Buy-it-right business products guide ratings, rankings, and everything you need to know about the best products for almost every business need   HF5437
  83. Calling a halt to mindless change a plea for commonsense management   HD58.8
  84. Capital equipment buying handbook   HD39.5
  85. Career power! 12 winning habits to get you from where you are to where you want to be   HF5381
  86. Careers for financial mavens & other money movers   HG181
  87. Careers for talkative types & others with the gift of gab   HF5382.5.U5
  88. Careers in finance   HG173
  89. Cash in on cash flow 50 tough-as-nails ideas for revitalizing your business   HD47.3
  90. Cashflow reengineering how to optimize the cashflow timeline and improve financial efficiency   HG4028.C45
  91. Catalog copy that sizzles all the hints, tips, and tricks of the trade you'll ever need to write copy that sells   HF5862
  92. Central banking in theory and practice   HG1811
  93. Challenger guide job-hunting success for mid-career professionals   HF5382.75.U6
  94. Change is the rule practical actions for change, on target, on time, on budget   HD58.8
  95. Changes in income inequality within U.S. metropolitan areas   HC110.I5
  96. Changing perceptions and altered reality emerging economies in the 1990s   HC59.7
  97. China's unfinished economic revolution   HC427.92
  98. Chuck Carlson's 60-second investor 201 tips, tools, and tactics for the time-strapped investor   HG4527
  99. Click & close e-nabling the real estate transaction   HD255
  100. Coaching, counseling & mentoring how to choose & use the right technique to boost employee performance   HF5385
  101. Coming biotech age the business of bio-materials   HD9999.B442
  102. Common knowledge how companies thrive by sharing what they know   HD58.82
  103. Commonsense time management   HD38.2
  104. Community informatics enabling communities with information and communications technologies   HM761
  105. Comparative and international criminal justice systems policing, judiciary, and corrections   HV7419
  106. Comparative political economy a retrospective   HG101
  107. Comparing financial systems   HG173
  108. Compensating new sales roles how to design rewards that work in today's selling environment   HF5439.7
  109. Compensation   HF5549.5.C67
  110. Compensation and motivation maximizing employee performance with behavior-based incentive plans   HF5549.5.C67
  111. Compensation for teams how to design and implement team-based reward programs   HF5549.5.I5
  112. Competing for the future   HD41
  113. Competing on value   HF5415.13
  114. Competition in telecommunications   HE7631
  115. Competitive advantage through people unleashing the power of the work force   HF5549.2.U5
  116. Complaint letters for busy people   HF5415.52
  117. Compleat guide to day trading stocks   HG4515.95
  118. Complete day trader II   HG6024.A3
  119. Complete guide to associate and affiliate programs on the Net turning clicks into cash   HF6146.I58
  120. Complete guide to home business   HD62.38
  121. Complete guide to performance appraisal   HF5549.5.R3
  122. Complete guide to second homes for vacations, retirement, and investment   HD255
  123. Complete handbook of business meetings   HF5734.5
  124. Complete human resources writing guide   HF5549.5.C6
  125. Complete idiot's guide to finance and accounting   HF5635
  126. Complete idiot's guide to getting rich   HG179
  127. Complete idiot's guide to investing like a pro   HG4527
  128. Complete idiot's guide to making money in freelancing   HD8036
  129. Complete idiot's guide to making money in the new millennium   HG179
  130. Complete idiot's guide to making money on Wall Street   HG4910
  131. Complete idiot's guide to MBA basics   HF1111
  132. Complete idiot's guide to Microsoft Excel 2000   HF5548.4.M523
  133. Complete idiot's guide to Microsoft Excel 97   HF5548.4.M523
  134. Complete idiot's guide to Microsoft Office 2000   HF5548.4.M525
  135. Complete idiot's guide to Microsoft Office 97   HF5548.4.M525
  136. Complete idiot's guide to online investing   HG4515.95
  137. Complete idiot's guide to online marketing   HF5415.1265
  138. Complete idiot's guide to personal finance with Quicken   HG179
  139. Complete idiot's guide to running your small office with Microsoft Office   HF5548.4.M525
  140. Complete idiot's guide to starting your own business   HD62.5
  141. Complete reference checking handbook smart, fast, legal ways to check out job applicants   HF5549.5.E429
  142. Complete small business Internet guide   HD62.7
  143. Consumer revolution in urban China   HC430.C6
  144. Corporate communications for executives   HD30.3
  145. Corporate cults the insidious lure of the all-consuming organization   HD58.7
  146. Corporate culture, team culture removing the hidden barriers to team success   HD66
  147. Corporate executions the ugly truth about layoffs--how corporate greed is shattering lives, companies, and communities   HD5708.5
  148. Corporate governance : a framework for implementation   HD2741
  149. Corporate radar tracking the forces that are shaping your business   HD38.7
  150. Cost management toolbox a manager's guide to controlling costs and boosting profits   HF5686.C8
  151. Costa Rica, a pension reform strategy.   HD7134
  152. Create high impact business presentations   HF5718.22
  153. Creating a flexible workplace how to select & manage alternative work options   HD5109.2.U5 O46 1994eb
  154. Creating an open book organization-- where employees think & act like business partners   HD50.5
  155. Creating value in the network economy   HC79.I55
  156. Creative strategy in direct marketing   HF5415.126
  157. Crisis management for corporate self-defense how to protect your organization in a crisis-- how to stop a crisis before it starts   HD49
  158. Crossing the minefield tactics for overcoming today's toughest management challenges   HD31
  159. Cultures of opposition Jewish immigrant workers, New York City, 1881-1905   HD8081.J4
  160. Customer service operations the complete guide   HF5415.5
  161. Customer-centered enterprise how IBM and other world-class companies achieve extraordinary results by putting customers first   HF5415.5
  162. Cybermarketing   HF6146.I58
  163. CyberMeeting how to link people and technology in your organization   HF5734.7
  164. Cybertalk that sells   HF6146.I58
  165. Czech Republic capital market review.   HG5470.3.A3
  166. Desktop database marketing   HF5415.126
  167. Developing knowledge-based client relationships the future of professional services   HD69.C6
  168. Developing new food products for a changing marketplace   HD9000.5
  169. Dictionary of accounting   HF5621
  170. Dictionary of banking over 5,000 terms defined and explained   HG151
  171. Dictionary of marketing terms   HF5415
  172. Digital capital harnessing the power of business webs   HF5548.32
  173. Disability management a complete system to reduce costs, increase productivity, meet employee needs, and ensure legal compliance   HD7105.25.U6
  174. Discipline without punishment   HF5549.5.L3
  175. Distributed mind achieving high performance through the collective intelligence of knowledge work teams   HD66
  176. Do-it-yourself publicity   HD59
  177. Doing business with Japan successful strategies for intercultural communication   HF5389.3.J3
  178. Doing business with the Japanese a guide to successful communication, management, and diplomacy   HD70.J3
  179. Domestic violence sourcebook everything you need to know   HQ809
  180. Dream society how the coming shift from information to imagination will transform your business   HD30.27
  181. E-commerce question and answer book a survival guide for business managers   HF5548.32
  182. E-Commerce systems architecture and applications   HF5548.32
  183. E-personal finance managing your money and investments online   HG179
  184. E-policy how to develop computer, E-policy, and Internet guidelines to protect your company and its assets   HD30.38
  185. E-profit high payoff strategies for capturing the e-commerce edge   HD30.37
  186. E-service twenty-four ways to keep your customers when the competition is just a click away   HF5415.525
  187. E-tailing   HF5548.32
  188. East Asia recovery and beyond.   HC460.5
  189. East Asian corporations heroes or villains?   HD2906
  190. EBay the smart way selling, buying, and profiting on the Web's #1 auction site   HF5476
  191. EBrands building an Internet business at breakneck speed   HD69.B7
  192. Economic development and environmental sustainability policies and principles for a durable equilibrium   HD75.6
  193. Effective succession planning ensuring leadership continuity and building talent from within   HD57.7
  194. Effective supervisor's handbook   HF5549
  195. Electronic commerce strategies and models for business-to-business trading   HF5548.32
  196. Electronic day trader   HG4515.95
  197. Elements of copywriting the essential guide to creating copy that gets the results you want   HF5825
  198. Embroidering lives women's work and skill in the Lucknow embroidery industry   HD6073.T42
  199. Emergent organization communication as its site and surface   HD30.3
  200. Emotional value creating strong bonds with your customers   HF5415.5
  201. Employee surveys that make a difference using customized feedback tools to transform your organization   HF5549.5.A83
  202. Empower yourself!   HF5547.5
  203. Encyclopedia of banking & finance   HG151
  204. Entrepreneur's road to business success and personal freedom 101 proven tips for your small business   HD62.5
  205. Entrepreneurship the art of embracing the unknown : spiritual resources for fulfilling your entrepreneurial dream   HB615
  206. Equilibrium unemployment theory   HD5707.5
  207. Escape from cluelessness a guide for the organizationally challenged   HF5386.5
  208. Essentials of business budgeting   HG4028.B8
  209. Essentials of total quality management   HD62.15
  210. European misunderstanding   HC240
  211. European Union accession the challenges for public liability management in Central Europe   HJ8618
  212. Evaluating the impact of development projects on poverty a handbook for practitioners   HD75.9
  213. Every manager's guide to information technology a glossary of key terms and concepts for today's business leader   HD30.2
  214. Everything's negotiable-- when you know how to play the game   HD58.6
  215. Exportimport procedures and documentation   HF1416.5
  216. Exporting and importing negotiating global markets   HF1416.5
  217. Facilitator's fieldbook step-by-step procedures, checklists and guidelines, samples and templates   HD66
  218. Facility management handbook   HD1394
  219. Fast forward MBA in selling become a self-motivated profit-center - and prosper   HF5438.25
  220. Fatal illusions shredding a dozen unrealities that can keep your organization from success   HF5548.8
  221. FBI a comprehensive reference guide   HV8144.F43
  222. Fearless executive finding the courage to trust your talents and be the leader you are meant to be   HD38.2
  223. Fighting poverty with microcredit experience in Bangladesh   HG178.33.B3
  224. Financial accounting in an economic context   HF5635
  225. Financial innovation   HG176.7
  226. Financial integration, vulnerabilities to crisis, and EU accession in five central European countries   HG186.C36
  227. Financial planning for the utterly confused   HG179
  228. Financial sector reform a review of World Bank assistance   HG173
  229. Financial vulnerability, spillover effects, and contagion lessons from the Asian crises for Latin America   HG3252
  230. Finding & keeping great employees   HF5549.5.R44
  231. First time investor how to start safe, invest smart, and sleep well   HG4521
  232. First-time trainer a step-by-step quick guide for managers, supervisors, and new training professionals   HF5549.5.T7
  233. Five magic paths to making a fortune in real estate   HD255 .L86 2000eb
  234. Flawless consulting a guide to getting your expertise used   HD69.C6
  235. Focus group research handbook   H61.28
  236. For team members only making your workplace team productive and hassle-free   HD66
  237. Forced choices class, community, and worker ownership   HD5658.I52
  238. Foreign investment and restructuring the evidence from Hungary   HG5470.5.A3
  239. Foundations of service level management   HF5415.53.S78
  240. Four elements of successful management select, direct, evaluate, reward   HD30.3
  241. Four levers of corporate change   HD58.8
  242. Franchising & licensing two ways to build your business   HF5429.235.U5
  243. From losers to winners how to manage problem employees--and what to do if you can't   HF5549.5.E42
  244. From secretary track to fast track the get ahead guide for administrative assistants, secretaries, office managers, receptionists, and everyone who wa   HF5547.5
  245. From selling to managing guidelines for the first-time sales manager   HF5438
  246. Fundamentals of project management   HD69 .P75
  247. Future of work the promise of the new digital work society   HD4901
  248. Gallaudet survival guide to signing   HV2475
  249. GE way fieldbook Jack Welch's battle plan for corporate revolution   HD9697.A3
  250. Generations at work managing the clash of veterans, boomers, xers, and nexters in your workplace   HF5549.5.M5
  251. Get clients now! a 28-day marketing program for professionals and consultants   HF5415
  252. Getting a project done on time managing people, time, and results   HD69.T54
  253. Getting attention leading-edge lessons for publicity and marketing   HF5415.1265
  254. Getting interviews   HF5549.5.I6
  255. Getting started in computer consulting   HD69.C6
  256. Getting started in sales consulting   HD69.C6
  257. Global codes of conduct an idea whose time has come   HF5387
  258. Global economic prospects and the developing countries 2000.   HC59.69
  259. Global gold panning for profits in foreign markets   HF1416.5
  260. Global information society   HF5548.32
  261. Goal setting   HF5549.5.G6
  262. Goldilocks on management 27 revisionist fairy tales for serious managers   HD31
  263. Good enough isn't enough-- nine challenges for companies that choose to be great   HD31
  264. Got money? enjoy it! manage it! even save some of it! : financial advice for your twenties and thirties   HG179
  265. Great customer service on the telephone   HF5541.T4
  266. Green marketing opportunity for innovation   HF5413
  267. Greening industry new roles for communities, markets, and governments.   HC59.72.P55
  268. Greenspan effect words that move the world's markets   HB119.G74
  269. Guaranteed income for life how variable annuities can cut your taxes, pay you every year of your life, and bring you financial peace of mind   HG8790
  270. Guide to electronic futures trading   HG4515.95
  271. Handbook for memo writing   HF5726
  272. Handbook of communication and people with disabilities research and application   HV1568.4
  273. Handbook of conflict resolution theory and practice   HM1126
  274. Handbook of financial analysis for corporate managers   HG4026
  275. Handbook of public finance   HJ141
  276. Handbook of real estate lending   HG2040.5.U5
  277. Harvard business review on business and the environment.   HD69.P6
  278. Harvard business review on change.   HD58.8
  279. Harvard business review on corporate governance.   HD2741
  280. Harvard business review on corporate strategy.   HD30.28
  281. Harvard business review on crisis management.   HD49
  282. Harvard business review on effective communication.   HF5718
  283. Harvard business review on leadership.   HD57.7
  284. Harvard business review on managing high-tech industries.   HD62.37
  285. Harvard business review on managing people.   HF5549
  286. Harvard business review on managing the value chain.   HD38.5
  287. Harvard business review on managing uncertainty.   HD30.28
  288. Harvard business review on measuring corporate performance.   HD56.25
  289. Harvard business review on negotiation and conflict resolution.   HD58.6
  290. Harvard business review on strategies for growth.   HD2756
  291. Harvard business review on the business value of IT.   HD30.2
  292. Harvard Business School guide to careers in the nonprofit sector   HD2769.2.U6
  293. Hidden dynamics how emotions affect business performance & how you can harness their power for positive results   HD30.413 .R35 1995eb
  294. High performance sales organizations achieving competitive advantage in the global marketplace   HF5438.4
  295. High-value manager developing the core competencies your organization demands   HD38.2
  296. Hire the best-- and avoid the rest   HF5549.5.S38
  297. Hiring great people   HF5549.5.S38
  298. Hiring made easy   HF5549.5.S38
  299. Hiring winners profile, interview, evaluate : a 3-step formula for success   HF5549.5.I6
  300. How champions sell   HF5438.25
  301. How I trade for a living   HG4515.95
  302. How to be a sector investor essential guides to today's most popular investment strategies   HG4529.5
  303. How to become a better negotiator   HD58.6
  304. How to become a skillful interviewer   HF5549.5.I6
  305. How to develop a personnel policy manual   HF5549.17
  306. How to develop an employee handbook   HF5549.5.E423
  307. How to develop and manage successful distributor channels in world markets   HF1416
  308. How to get into the right business school   HF1131
  309. How to get started in electronic day trading everything you need to know to play Wall Street's hottest game!   HG4515.95
  310. How to give a terrific presentation   HF5718.22
  311. How to improve performance through appraisal and coaching   HF5549.5.R3
  312. How to make it big as a consultant   HD69.C6
  313. How to manage training a guide to design and delivery for high performance   HF5549.5.T7
  314. How to market the IS department internally gaining the recognition and strategic position you merit   HF5548.2
  315. How to prepare, stage, & deliver winning presentations   HF5718.22
  316. How to price a profitable company   HG4028.V3
  317. How to recognize & reward employees   HF5549.5.I5
  318. How to resolve conflicts at work   HD42
  319. How to set up and implement a records management system   HF5736
  320. How to speak and listen effectively   HD30.3
  321. Human resources management & development handbook   HF5549.5.M3
  322. I closed my eyes revelations of a battered woman   HV6626.2
  323. I know it when I see it a modern fable about quality   HD38
  324. I was content and not content the story of Linda Lord and the closing of Penobscot Poultry   HD9437.U62
  325. Idea power techniques & resources to unleash the creativity in your organization   HD53
  326. Identity is destiny leadership and the roots of value creation   HD59.2
  327. If it's broken, you can fix it overcoming dysfunction in the workplace   HD31
  328. If you're clueless about accounting and finance and want to know more   HF5686.C7
  329. If you're clueless about financial planning and want to know more   HG179
  330. If you're clueless about insurance and want to know more   HG8051
  331. If you're clueless about mutual funds and want to know more   HG4930
  332. Impact of selling the federal helium reserve   HD9660.H43
  333. Impact of the Euro on Latin America   HF1480.5.Z4
  334. Implementing TQM in small & medium-sized organizations a step-by-step guide   HD62.7
  335. Implementing value at risk   HG1615.25
  336. Implementing your strategic plan how to turn intent into effective action for sustainable change   HD30.28
  337. Incorporating science, economics, and sociology in developing sanitary and phytosanitary standards in international trade proceedings of a conference   HD4482
  338. Individual investor revolution   HG4527
  339. Inflation, unemployment, and monetary policy   HG540
  340. Information systems for government fiscal management   HJ1620
  341. Information systems project management how to deliver function and value in information technology projects   HD69.P75
  342. Inner excellence at work the path to meaning, spirit, and success   HF5386
  343. Inner work of leaders leadership as a habit of mind   HD57.7
  344. Insourcing after the outsourcing MIS survival guide   HF5548.2
  345. Insurance buying guide a practical method for figuring out how much-- and what kind of-- insurance you need   HG8531
  346. Integrated account management how business-to-business marketers maximize customer loyalty and profitability   HF5415.1263
  347. Integrity at work Ken Shelton, editor.   HF5387
  348. International encyclopedia of mutual funds, closed-end funds, and real estate investment trusts   HG4530
  349. International standards desk reference your passport to world markets, ISO 9000, CE Mark, QS-9000, SSM, ISO 14000, Q 9000, American, European, and glo   HF1416
  350. Internet jobs! the complete guide to finding the hottest Internet jobs   HD9696.8.U62
  351. Internet-based organizational memory and knowledge management   HD30.2
  352. Interviewing and salary negotiation for job hunters, career changers, consultants, and freelancers   HF5549.5.I6
  353. Intrinsic motivation at work building energy & commitment   HF5549.5.M63 T456 2000eb
  354. Investment intelligence from insider trading   HG4910
  355. Is lying sometimes the right thing for an honest person to do? how self-interest and the competitive business world distort our moral values -- and wh   HF5387
  356. Issues and agents in international political economy   HF1379
  357. IT value quest how to capture the business value of IT-based infrastructure   HD30.213
  358. John Wanamaker Philadelphia merchant   HC102.5.W36
  359. Kazakhstan a review of farm restructuring   HD1333.K3
  360. Keeping the team going a tool kit to renew & refuel your workplace teams   HD66 .H374 1996eb
  361. Knock your socks off service recovery   HF5415.5
  362. Knowing-doing gap how smart companies turn knowledge into action   HD30.2
  363. Knowledge management and virtual organizations   HD30.2
  364. Knowledge-enabled organization moving from training to learning to meet business goals   HF5549.5.T7
  365. Large-scale organizational change an executive's guide   HD58.8
  366. Last minute cover letters   HF5383
  367. Last minute resumes   HF5383
  368. Lead generation handbook how to generate all the sales leads you'll ever need-- quickly, easily, and inexpensively!   HF5438.5
  369. Leader developing the skills & personal qualities you need to lead effectively   HD57.7 .F7524 1996eb
  370. Leader of the future new visions, strategies, and practices for the next era   HD57.7
  371. Leadership and self-deception getting out of the box   HD57.7
  372. Leadership development programs and practices, future directions, examples and models : a report   HD30.4
  373. Leadership--magic, myth, or method?   HD57.7
  374. Leading at the edge leadership lessons from the extraordinary saga of Shackleton's Antarctic expedition   HD57.7
  375. Leading for a change how to master the 5 challenges faced by every leader   HD57.7
  376. Leading self-directed work teams a guide to developing new team leadership skills   HD66
  377. Lean enterprise designing and managing strategic processes for customer-winning performance   HD31
  378. Leap a memoir of love and madness in the Internet gold rush   HD9696.8.U62
  379. Lending and diversity handbook the management guide to increasing profits, meeting regulatory requirements, and expanding markets by meeting the diver   HG2040.2
  380. Liberalization of Russian foreign trade problems and prospects   HF3630.2.Z5
  381. Lightning in a bottle proven lessons for leading change   HD58.8
  382. Linguistic auditing a guide to identifying foreign language communication needs in corporations   HD62.4
  383. Liquefied natural gas in China options for markets, institutions, and finance   HD9581.2.L573
  384. Listening to conflict finding constructive solutions to workplace disputes   HD42
  385. Literate executive   HF5718.3
  386. Little black book of business words   HF1001
  387. Little black book of project management   HD69.P75
  388. Looking into intranets and the Internet advice for managers   HD30.37
  389. Loyalty effect the hidden force behind growth, profits, and lasting value   HF5415.5
  390. Macroeconomic essentials understanding economics in the news   HB172.5
  391. Make your web site work for you how to convert your online content into profits   HF5415.1265
  392. Make yourself memorable winning stategies to help you make a great impression on your boss, your co-workers, your customers--and everyone else!   HF5381
  393. Making feedback work turning feedback from employee surveys into change   HF5549.5.A83
  394. Making microchips policy, globalization, and economic restructuring in the semiconductor industry   HD7269.S44
  395. Making your sales team #1   HF5439.5
  396. Manage like you own it   HD31
  397. Manage your time, your work, yourself   HD69.T54
  398. Management and resolution of banking crises lessons from the Republic of Korea and Mexico   HG3330.5.A6
  399. Management would be easy-- if it weren't for the people   HF5549
  400. Manager's balancing act   HD31
  401. Manager's book of quotations   HD38
  402. Manager's desk reference   HD38.15
  403. Manager's guide to the millennium today's strategies for tomorrow's success   HD31
  404. Managerial ethics moral management of people and processes   HF5387
  405. Managing beyond the ordinary   HD31
  406. Managing by measuring how to improve your organization's performance through effective benchmarking   HD62.15
  407. Managing human resources in small and mid-sized companies   HF5549
  408. Managing information overload   HD69.T54
  409. Managing multiple bosses how to juggle priorities, personalities & projects, and make it look easy   HD31 .N4898 1999eb
  410. Managing team performance evaluation, measurement, rewards   HD66
  411. Managing up! 59 ways to build a career-advancing relationship with your boss   HF5381
  412. Managing web-enabled technologies in organizations a global perspective   HD30.2
  413. Managing your mouth an owner's manual for your most important business asset   HF5549.5.C6
  414. Manufacturing 2000   HD9720.5
  415. Market leadership strategies for service companies creating growth, profits, and customer loyalty   HD9980.5
  416. Market makers how leading companies create and win markets   HF5386
  417. Market survey of the energy industry 20002001   HD9685.U5
  418. Market-oriented strategy for small and medium scale enterprises   HD2346.5
  419. Marketing a country promotion as a tool for attracting foreign investment   HG4538
  420. Marketing plan how to prepare and implement it   HF5415
  421. Marketing straight to the heart   HF5415.3
  422. Masterful facilitation becoming a catalyst for meaningful change   HD58.8
  423. Masters of change how great leaders in every age thrived in turbulent times   HD57.7
  424. McGraw-Hill handbook of more business letters   HF5726
  425. McKinsey way using the techniques of the world's top strategic consultants to help you and your business   HD69.C6
  426. Measures of quality and high performance simple tools and lessons learned from America's most successful corporations   HD62.15
  427. Measuring the government sector of the U.S. economic accounts   HC110.I5
  428. Medicalized motherhood perspectives from the lives of African-American and Jewish women   HQ759
  429. Mentoring dilemmas developmental relationships within multicultural organizations   HF5385
  430. Mergers and acquisitions from A to Z strategic and practical guidance for small- and middle-market buyers and sellers   HD58.8
  431. Methods of macroeconomic dynamics   HB172.5
  432. MIGA and foreign direct investment evaluating developmental impacts   HG3881.5.W57
  433. Mission critical realizing the promise of enterprise systems   HD30.213
  434. MIT encyclopedia of the Japanese economy   HC462.9
  435. Monk and the riddle the education of a Silicon Valley entrepreneur   HC102.5.K66
  436. More results-oriented job descriptions 226 models to use or adapt--with guidelines for creating your own   HF5549.5.J613
  437. More than class studying power in U.S. workplaces   HD6957.U6
  438. Moscow madness crime, corruption, and one man's pursuit of profit in the new Russia   HC102.5.G715
  439. Mothering inner-city children the early school years   HV1447.I53
  440. Multicultural marketing selling to a diverse America   HF5415.127
  441. Mutual fund rules 50 essential axioms to explain and examine mutual fund investing   HG4530
  442. National research initiative a vital competitive grants program in food, fiber, and natural-resources research   HD1761
  443. Negotiate like the big guys how small and mid-size companies can balance the power in dealing with corporate giants   HD58.6
  444. Negotiating business equipment leases   HD39.4
  445. Net gain expanding markets through virtual communities   HF5415.1265
  446. Net ready strategies for success in the E-conomy   HF5548.32
  447. Net worth shaping markets when customers make the rules   HF5415.124
  448. Networking made easy   HD69.S8
  449. New electronic traders understanding what it takes to make the jump to electronic trading   HG4515.95
  450. New era of wealth how investors can profit from the 5 economic trends shaping the future   HG4529.5
  451. New homeowner's handbook what to do after you move in   HD7287.82
  452. New marketing era marketing to the imagination in a technology driven world   HF5415
  453. New paradigm of leadership visions of excellence for 21st century organizations   HD57.7
  454. New wisdom of business nine guiding principles from today's leaders   HD57.7
  455. New world, new rules the changing role of the American corporation   HD2785
  456. Nordstrom way the inside story of America's #1 customer service company   HF5415.5
  457. Northbound train finding the purpose, setting the direction, shaping the destiny of your organization   HD58.9
  458. Not all Okies are white the lives of Black cotton pickers in Arizona   HD8039.C662
  459. Now hiring! finding & keeping good help for your entry-wage jobs   HF5549.5.S38 L38 1997eb
  460. NTC's American business terms dictionary   HF1001
  461. Office finances made easy a get-started guide to budgets, purchasing, and financial statements   HG4026
  462. Office ladies and salaried men power, gender, and work in Japanese companies   HD6073.M392
  463. Omnipowerful brand America's #1 brand specialist shares his secrets for catapulting your brand to marketing stardom   HF6161.B4
  464. Online broker and trading directory   HG4515.95
  465. Organizational achievement and failure in information technology management   HD30.2
  466. Outfitting your home business for much less   HF5521
  467. Outlook 2000.   HD69.T54
  468. Packaging development process a guide for engineers and project managers   HF5770
  469. Panama poverty assessment priorities and strategies for poverty reduction.   HC147.Z9
  470. Paradox process creative business solutions, where you least expect to find them   HD53
  471. Parent's guide to protecting your children in cyberspace   HQ784.I58
  472. Passionate organization igniting the fire of employee commitment   HD58.9
  473. Peanut butter and jelly management tales from parenthood lessons for managers   HF5549
  474. Perfect interview how to get the job you really want   HF5549.5.I6
  475. Persuasive business proposals writing to win customers, clients, and contracts   HF5718.5
  476. Plan smart, retire rich the book designed to help you reach your retirement dreams   HG179
  477. Planning successful meetings and events a take-charge assistant book   HF5734.5
  478. Pocket guide to financial products and services product information, consumer profiles, cross-selling checklist   HG173
  479. Politics of public budgeting getting and spending, borrowing and balancing   HJ9147
  480. Power direct marketing how to make it work for you   HF5415.126
  481. Power of simplicity a management guide to cutting through the nonsense and doing things right   HD31
  482. Power of strategic thinking lock in markets, lock out competitors   HD30.28
  483. Practical guide for policy analysis the eightfold path to more effective problem solving   H97
  484. Practical marketing research   HF5415.2
  485. Pressing problems in modern organizations (that keep us up at night) transforming agendas for research and practice   HD31
  486. Primary securities markets cross country findings   HG4523
  487. Prime movers traits of the great wealth creators   HB615
  488. Primer for disaster recovery planning in an IT environment   HF5548.37
  489. Private authority and international affairs   HD2755.5
  490. Process edge creating value where it counts   HD58.87
  491. Process innovation reengineering work through information technology   HC79.I55
  492. Procurement of works.   HG3881.5.W57
  493. Productive performance appraisals   HF5549.5.R3
  494. Profit is not a four-letter word the real truth about what it is, where it comes from, how it improves the quality of life for everyone   HB601
  495. Project finance in developing countries   HG3881.5.I56
  496. Project management practitioner's handbook   HD69.P75
  497. Protection and politics conservative economic discourse, 1815-1852   HF2044
  498. Prudent investor's guide to beating Wall Street at its own game   HG4527
  499. Public and private initiatives working together for health and education   HG3881.5.W57
  500. Public expenditure management handbook.   HJ7461
  501. Public finance reform during the transition the experience of Hungary   HJ1068
  502. Public relations as relationship management a relational approach to the study and practice of public relations   HD59 .P785 2000eb
  503. Public relations on the Net winning strategies to inform and influence the media, the investment community, the government, the public, and more!   HD59
  504. Purchasing manager's guide to strategic proactive procurement   HD39.5
  505. Pursuit of wealth the incredible story of money throughout the ages   HG220.A2
  506. Quest for loyalty creating value through partnership   HF5415.5
  507. Random walk down Wall Street including a life-cycle guide to personal investing   HG4521
  508. Ratings analysis the theory and practice of audience research   HE8700.65
  509. Reaching the peak performance zone how to motivate yourself and others to excel   HF5549.5.M63
  510. Records management a practical approach   HF5736
  511. Recruit and retain the best key solutions for the HR professional   HF5549.5.R44
  512. Recruiting, interviewing, selecting & orienting new employees   HF5549.5.R44
  513. Red-hot cold call selling prospecting techniques that pay off   HF5438.3
  514. Redefining diversity   HF5549.5.M5
  515. Reengineering handbook a step-by-step guide to business transformation   HD58.8
  516. Reinventing leadership making the connection between politics and business   HD57.7
  517. Reserve management   HG1811
  518. Resolving conflicts on the job   HD42
  519. Responsible managers get results how the best find solutions--not excuses   HD66
  520. Restructuring and managing the enterprise in transition   HG4133.7
  521. Restructuring the human resources department objectives, methods, and results : a report   HF5549
  522. Results-based leadership   HD57.7
  523. Results-oriented job descriptions more than 225 models to use or adapt--with guidelines for creating your own   HF5549.5.J613
  524. Resume kit   HF5383
  525. Retention management strategies, practices, trends : a report   HF5549
  526. Rethinking management information systems an interdisciplinary perspective   HD30.213
  527. Rethinking the sales force redefining selling to create and capture customer value   HF5438.4
  528. Right way to hire financial help a complete guide to choosing and managing brokers, financial planners, insurance agents, lawyers, tax preparers, bank   HG179.5
  529. Road to stability and prosperity in South Eastern Europe a regional strategy paper   HC244
  530. ROI of human capital measuring the economic value of employee performance   HD4904.7
  531. Role of foreign direct investment and trade policies in Poland's accession to the European union   HF1558.7.Z4
  532. Rookie manager a guide to surviving your first year in management   HF5549.12
  533. Rural development, natural resources, and the environment lessons of experience in Eastern Europe and Central Asia   HD1920.7
  534. Rural infrastructure from a World Bank perspective a knowledge management framework   HG3881.5.W57
  535. Russ Paley's ultimate guide to network marketing your step-by-step guide to wealth   HF5415.126
  536. Russian views of the transition in the rural sector structures, policy outcomes, and adaptive responses   HD1995.15.Z8
  537. Sales compensation handbook   HF5439.7
  538. Sales letters that sell   HF5730
  539. Sales letters that sizzle all the hooks, lines, and sinkers you'll ever need to close sales   HF5730
  540. Sales negotiation skills that sell   HF5438.25
  541. Sales questions that close the sale how to uncover your customers' real needs   HF5438.25
  542. Sample form of evaluation report selection of consultants.   HG3881.5.W57
  543. Sams teach yourself e-auctions today bidding, buying, and selling at eBay and other online auction sites   HF5478
  544. Sams teach yourself e-bargains today   HD58.6.G75
  545. Sams teach yourself e-Job Hunting today: planning your career and searching for jobs online   HF5382.7.S35
  546. Sams teach yourself Lotus Notes R5 in 24 hours   HF5548.4.L692
  547. Sams teach yourself Microsoft Excel 2000 in 24 hours   HF5548.4.M523
  548. Sams teach yourself Microsoft Excel 2000 programming in 24 hours   HF5548.4.M523
  549. Sams teach yourself Microsoft money 99 in 24 hours   HG179
  550. Sams teach yourself Microsoft Office 2000 in 21 days   HF5548.4.M525
  551. SAMS teach yourself Microsoft Office 2000 small business edition in 24 hours   HF5548.4.M525
  552. SAMS teach yourself Microsoft Office 97 small business edition in 24 hours   HF5548.4.M525
  553. Sams teach yourself Microsoft Outlook 2000 in 24 hours   HD69.T54
  554. Sams teach yourself Microsoft Project 98 in 24 hours   HD69.P75
  555. Sams teach yourself Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional in 24 hours   HF5548.4
  556. Sams teach yourself Outlook 2000 programming in 24 hours   HD69.T54
  557. Sams teach yourself Outlook 98 in 24 hours   HD69.T54
  558. Sams teach yourself PeopleSoft in 10 minutes   HD30.37
  559. SAMS teach yourself Quicken Deluxe 99 in 24 hours   HG179
  560. Sams teach yourself SAP R3 in 10 minutes   HF5548.4.R2
  561. Schaum's quick guide to great presentations   HF5718.22
  562. Search a handbook for adoptees and birthparents   HV881
  563. Secretary's secret weapon arm yourself for success with seven essential communication skills   HF5547.5
  564. Secrets of a CEO coach your personal training guide to thinking like a leader and acting like a CEO   HD57.7
  565. Secrets of software success management insights from 100 software firms around the world   HD9696.63.A2
  566. Secrets of the SOES bandit the original electronic trader reveals his battle-tested trading techniques   HG4515.95
  567. Securing the future in a global economy   HC125
  568. Selection of consultants including standard and sample contracts for consultants' services : complex time-based assignments, consultants'services : lu   HG3881.W57
  569. Selling the way your customer buys understand your prospects' unspoken needs & close every sale   HF5438.25
  570. Selling through independent reps   HF5438.25
  571. Semper Fi business leadership the Marine Corps way   HD57.7
  572. Sexual harassment in the workplace how to prevent, investigate, and resolve problems in your organization   HD6060.3
  573. Shape of things to come seven imperatives for winning in the new world of business   HD62.4
  574. Shaping the adaptive organization   HD58.8
  575. Shared purpose working together to build strong families and high-performance companies   HD4904.25
  576. Simplicity wins how Germany's mid-sized industrial companies succeed   HD62.7
  577. Simultaneous management managing projects in a dynamic environment   HD69.P75
  578. Skill wars winning the battle for productivity and profit   HF5549.5.T7
  579. Slash your workers' comp costs how to cut premiums up to 35%--and maintain a productive and safe workplace   HG9964
  580. Small Business Innovation Research Program challenges and opportunities   HD2346.U5
  581. Smart Money guide to buying a home ten steps to owning a great home and a great investment   HD1379
  582. Smart things to know about e-commerce.   HF5548.32
  583. Smart way to buy information technology how to maximize value and avoid costly pitfalls   HD30.2
  584. Sobering tales narratives of alcoholism and recovery   HV5279
  585. Social assessment and agricultural reform in Central Asia and Turkey   HD1333.A783
  586. Soul of selling how to focus your energy to achieve a successful and happy sales career   HF5438.25
  587. Stakeholder strategy profiting from collaborative business relationships   HD69.S8
  588. Starting and building your own accounting business   HF5627
  589. Stocks for the long run the definitive guide to financial market returns and long-term investment strategies   HG4661
  590. Storyselling for financial advisors how top producers sell   HG4621
  591. Strategic bankruptcy how corporations and creditors use Chapter 11 to their advantage   HG4061
  592. Strategic brand communication campaigns   HF5823
  593. Strategic human resource management corporate rhetoric and human reality   HF5549
  594. Strategic outsourcing a structured approach to outsourcing decisions and initiative   HD39.5
  595. Strategic sourcing of information systems perspectives and practices   HF5548.2
  596. Strategic supply management a blueprint for revitalizing the manufacturer-supplier partnership   HD39.5
  597. Strategy pure and simple II how winning companies dominate their competitors   HD30.28
  598. Striking it rich.com profiles of 23 incredibly successful websites you've probably never heard of   HF5415.1265
  599. Structural change in the farming sectors in Central and Eastern Europe lessons for the EU accession : second World BankFAO Workshop   HD1333.E852
  600. Success leaves clues practical tools for effective sales and marketing   HF5415.13
  601. Successful new manager   HD31
  602. Successful team building   HD66
  603. Sun tzu the art of war for managers : new translation with commentary : 50 rules for strategic thinking   HD38
  604. SuperMotivation a blueprint for energizing your organization from top to bottom   HF5549.5.M63
  605. Survival guide for project managers   HD69.P75
  606. Surviving supply chain integration strategies for small manufacturers   HD38.5
  607. Taking back our lives in the age of corporate dominance   HM846
  608. Talking the winner's way 92 little tricks for big success in business and personal relationships   HF5386
  609. Taxation, wealth, and saving   HJ4652
  610. Taxing ourselves a citizen's guide to the great debate over tax reform   HJ4652
  611. Team building tool kit tips, tactics, and rules for effective workplace teams   HD60
  612. Team coach vital new skills for supervisors & managers in a team environment   HF5549.12 .L44 1995eb
  613. Team-based project management   HD69.P75
  614. Team-based strategic planning a complete guide to structuring, facilitating, and implementing the process   HD30.28
  615. TechnoBrands how to create & use brand identity to market, advertise & sell technology products   HC79.H53 P48 1955eb
  616. TechnoLeverage using the power of technology to outperform the competition   HD45
  617. Technology-based training the art and science of design, development, and delivery   HF5549.5.T7
  618. Teleselling techniques that close the sale   HF5438.3
  619. Terms of engagement changing the way we change organizations   HD58.8
  620. Terms of labor slavery, serfdom, and free labor   HD4861
  621. Territorial games understanding and ending turf wars at work   HF5549
  622. There's a customer born every minute P.T. Barnum's secrets to business success   HF5386
  623. ThinkPad: a different shade of blue   HD9696 .C64
  624. Time trap   HD69.T54
  625. Time-use measurement and research report of a workshop   HD69.T54
  626. Tomorrow's transportation changing cities, economies, and lives   HE147.5
  627. Tough calls selling strategies to win over your most difficult customers   HF5438.25
  628. Tough-minded leadership   HD57.7
  629. Trade and transport facilitation an audit methodology   HF1379
  630. Trade policy developments in the Middle East and North Africa   HF1583.3
  631. Trade, environment, and the millennium   HF1379
  632. Trade, global policy, and the environment   HF1703
  633. Trading index options   HG6043
  634. Trainer's handbook the AMA guide to effective training   HF5549.5.T7
  635. Trainer's tool kit   HF5549.5.T7
  636. Training for non-trainers a do-it-yourself guide for managers   HF5549.5.T7
  637. Transforming the way we work the power of the collaborative workplace   HD4905
  638. Treasurer's and controller's desk book   HG4027.3
  639. Trends in financing regional expenditures in transition economies the case of Ukraine   HJ1211.59.Z7
  640. Trouncing the Dow a value-based method for making huge profits   HG4910
  641. Trust and risk in Internet commerce   HF5548.32
  642. Turning lost customers into gold --and the art of achieving zero defections   HF5415.5
  643. Turning your human resources department into a profit center   HF5549
  644. U.S. v. Microsoft   HD1538.U55
  645. Ukraine--review of farm restructuring experiences   HD1333.U38
  646. Undergroundtrader.com guide to electronic trading day trading techniques of a master guerrilla trader   HG4515.95
  647. Understanding BizTalk   HF5548.32.M37
  648. Understanding the euro the clear and concise guide to the new trans-european economy   HG925
  649. Underwriting 101 selling college radio   HF5439.R36
  650. Unleashing intellectual capital   HD53
  651. Unlocking the files of the FBI a guide to its records and classification system   HV8144.F43
  652. User's guide to community entry for the severely handicapped   HV1569.2.U5
  653. User's guide to natural gas purchasing and risk management   HD9581.U5
  654. Using Microsoft Office 2000   HF5548.4.M525
  655. Using Microsoft Outlook 98   HD69.T54
  656. Using Peoplesoft   HD30.37
  657. Using Quicken Deluxe 99   HG179
  658. Utility of gains and losses measurement--theoretical, and experimental approaches   HB201
  659. Valuable office professional for administrative assistants, office managers, secretaries, and other support staff   HF5547.5
  660. Voices of diversity real people talk about problems and solutions in a workplace where everyone is not alike   HF5549.5.M5
  661. Voter's guide to election polls   HN90.P8
  662. Wall Street on sale how to beat the market as a value investor : the techniques used by master investor Warren Buffett and others to find undervalued   HG4910
  663. Warp-speed growth managing the fast-track business without sacrificing time, people, and money   HD58.9
  664. Web entrepreneur   HF5548.32
  665. Web rules how the Internet is changing the way consumers make choices   HF5415.1265
  666. What every manager needs to know about sexual harassment   HF5549.5.S45
  667. When government fails the Orange County bankruptcy   HJ3835.C3
  668. When lean enterprises collide competing through confrontation   HD47
  669. White awareness handbook for anti-racism training   HT1523
  670. Why didn't I say that?! what to say and how to say it in tough situations on the job   HF5549.5.C6
  671. Why this horse won't drink how to win--and keep--employee commitment   HF5549.5.M63
  672. Will the real boss please stand up? taking your administrative career to the next level   HF5547.5
  673. Winners and losers in EU integration policy issues for Central and Eastern Europe   HC240.25.E825
  674. Winning image present yourself with confidence and style for career success   HF5381
  675. Winning in business with enterprise project management   HD69.P75
  676. Winning the loser's game timeless strategies for successful investing   HG4529.5
  677. Winning the race for value strategies to create competitive advantage in the emerging age of abundance   HD30.28
  678. Winning through innovation a practical guide to leading organizational change and renewal   HD58.8
  679. Winning with index mutual funds how to beat Wall Street at its own game   HG4530
  680. Without a map political tactics and economic reform in Russia   HC340.12
  681. Woman's guide to savvy investing everything you need to know to protect your future   HG4521
  682. Women and men in organizations sex and gender issues at work   HD6060.65.U5
  683. Women's business resource guide a national directory of more than 800 programs, resources, and organizations to help women start or expand a business   HF5035
  684. Working with sex offenders in prisons and through release to the community a handbook   HV6556
  685. Workplace warrior insights and advice for winning on the corporate battlefield   HD6054.2.U6
  686. Workplace wars and how to end them turning personal conflicts into productive teamwork   HD42
  687. World Bank inspection panel in practice   HG3881.5.W57
  688. World Bank Inspection Panel the first four years, 1994-1998   HG3881.5.W57
  689. World Bank's experience with post-conflict reconstruction   HG3881.5.W57
  690. World-class new product development benchmarking best practices of agile manufacturers   HF5415.153
  691. Writing effective policies and procedures a step-by-step resource for clear communication   HD38.15
  692. Your successful real estate career   HD1375
  693. Zen of selling the way to profit from life's everyday lessons   HF5438.25