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Transition to Moodle

Beginning this fall (2010), Chicago State University will be saying "goodbye" to Blackboard and "hello" to our new course management system: Moodle. All courses will only be supported through Moodle. Blackboard will no longer be active.


The following information will answer your questions regarding this transition:



Moodle is an open sourced e-learning software system that provides all the same functionality as Blackboard with additional features such as certificates, wikis, blogs, etc.  Moodle has a constructivist and social constructionist approach to education, emphasizing the ability of students to be able to assist in the creation of knowledge.  It supports an outcomes-oriented learning environment (Wikipedia, 2010).  This system is being widely used and adopted around the world.  Currently over 216 countries and 38 million people are using Moodle.



The move to Moodle was prompted by cost considerations, support systems, and pedagogical advantages. Chicago State University is currently spending well over $150K to license Blackboard.  Moodle is available to CSU at nearly one-sixth of the cost.  This cost savings will provide opportunities for CSU to reallocate funding to faculty incentives, training, and other technology integrations to support the teaching and learning endeavors. 

In addition, the level and quality of support received through Blackboard did not meet with the expectations and requirements needed by CSU.  We have been pleased to receive a much higher level of support through our new vendor.

Finally, Moodle offers faculty and instructors flexibility in how they choose to present their courses and engage their students.  Many new features are available to faculty and encourage students to engage directly with the content of their courses.



The Office of eLearning will provide faculty and students a variety of support and training options.

Workshops - The department of eLearning is hosting Moodle Conversion and Introduction to Moodle workshops for faculty using Moodle this Fall 2010.

Sign up here for your workshop.

Drop in Support – Faculty and students are able to drop in to receive support on Moodle during regular business hours in LIB318.


Moodle Guides and Handouts

Blackboard to Moodle Conversion Instructions

Quick Guide to Setup and Documents

Quick Guide to Assignments

How to Configure and Use the Gradebook


Moodle Tutorials

New Jersey Science and Technology Tutorials (worth taking a look at)



Moodle Flyer

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Moodle Transition Email - Intercession and Moodle


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