Best Floor Jacks Of May 2017

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Some people hear about a floor jack and they only really have one type in mind. Alternatively, if you want a portable car floor jack that you can use from place to place, a lightweight jack made from aluminum can be suitable for you. We strongly recommend not using a standard floor jack to lift a motorcycle as it will not correctly support a bike.

Arcan is one of the best known for its strong aluminum that can lift up to two tons. We will review different models of floor jacks and give you valuable information, to aid your decision-making. Safety is everyone's main concern, especially when choosing tools that will be used to make repairs to your house or vehicles.

Automotive floor jacks can vary a lot in terms of pricing but for most part they all get the job done. If you are going to have your car up to do some work on it, you really need to put it on jack stands, for your own safety. For heavy and large vehicles, off-road vehicles and light trucks, this 4-ton capacity hydraulic bottle jack Torin is a perfect choice.

Once you select your type of car jack, you need to pair it with a jack stand or two after the vehicle is up in the air. Click the buttons above for detailed information about each unit, or read on for our review of each of the top 3 floor jacks. Lifting Range: Most of the jack has standard lifting range, but if you need more than that only then consider this point.

If on the other hand you are looking for a more professional hydraulic jack that is capable of lifting heavy equipment or trucks, Gray USA makes an extensive line of hydraulic jack and lift products. In this complete guide for the best floor jack, we go over some of the important stuff you should know, which is then followed by reviews of the best floor jacks.

A scissor jack is shaped like a square balanced on one of its points when at its midway lifting point. For luxury midsize cars, full size cars, suvs, vans, and trucks, a 3 ton jack is suitable. There are side handles that will make it easier to move the floor jack and carry it around.

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