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Tape-based backup solutions are the customers' top choice for cost-effective backups and long term data protection. There is a broad range of backup tape formats; the question is which one to select. The right solution is the DAT tape format, which is also known as DDS. If you loved this information and you want to receive much more information căn hộ dự án HighIntela ( concerning Can ho view song ( kindly visit the web site. DAT/DDS tape format continues to be the most dominating tape-based solution in small ">Quantum-branded backup storage solutions are the optimal choice for higher cost-effectiveness and exceptional compatibility in a wide range of working environments. Based on the chu dau tu Dat Xanh format's sixth generation, the Quantum DAT-160 tape solution delivers the capacity and durability to satisfy the demanding storage needs. Quantum DAT-160 solution ensures optimum performance and lowest cost per GB in data-intensive SMBs.

Small sized DAT-160 cartridge can accommodate higher amount of data. It can house 80GB native and 160GB compressed information with rock solid reliability. MR-D6MQN-01 is the part number of Quantum's DAT160 tape cartridge. It features an ultra-smooth tape reel that enables seamless tape movement and faster throughput rate. Quantum DAT 160 drives can read/write data at a blistering speed of 13.8 Mbps (compressed), which makes it a perfect option for data-rich environments, workstations and time-critical business applications.

The next higher generation is DAT-320 tape, whereas the predecessor of DAT-160 technology is DAT72 tape. Quantum DAT-160 solution provides you more choice. The DAT 160 drives are available in a wide range of models and configurations. You can easily install both 5.25-inch and 3.5-inch models of Quantum DAT-160 drive as an internal or table top configuration. Storage value further enhances with the option of multiple host interfaces including SAS, USB and SCSI 3 ultra 160.

Quantum DAT-160 drives feature 2 generation backward compatibility, which allows you to read and record data to DDS4 and DAT-72 tapes. As a result, the previous investments will be extended and your current investment in DAT-160 will also be secured. Therefore, the customers of Quantum DAT-160 technology can enjoy greater functional and cost benefits. At a compressed rate of 50 GB/hour, the users can quickly archive and store large data files with superior reliability.

Following tape cartridges are fully compatible with DAT-160 drives:

MR-D6MQN-01, Quantum DAT 160 tape
CDM72, Quantum DAT 72 tape
CDM40, Quantum DDS4 tape

Scalable DAT roadmap, low ongoing ownership cost and cost-saving backward compatibility facilitate the customers to standardize their backup system on a single firmly-established backup tape format. The readers will be amazed to know that Quantum DAT-160 cartridge can reliably preserve your data for a longer time span of thirty years. So, the customers can cost-effectively meet the audit and regulatory compliance requirements that enforce the companies to preserve their data for longer time durations. Quantum DAT 160 devices are competitively priced and are robustly designed for longer working life, which allows the customers to satisfy their data protection needs within their tight IT budgets.

Quantum DAT-160 devices are carefully engineered to handle the stress of repeated loads/unloads and heavy workloads. Quantum DAT-160 solution delivers the durability and performance demanded by modern business enterprises. Product and software names mentioned throughout this article are trademarks and are sole property of their owners.

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