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It's an amazing reality, when Islam is usually given a negative label by the propaganda of the western media, at the similar time additionally, Islam develop considerably in lots of Countries in Europe and United States. I recall discussing religion with the husband of one in every of my aunts once I was about 15 years old. He was a fanatical Muslim who was very concerned about the fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence). It prescribes the way in which Muslims ought to pray, quick, run their private and non-private lives, do business, clean themselves, use the bathroom, the best way to urinate, and defacate and copulate. I argued these have nothing to do with the true Islam. I believed these items have been fabricated by mullahs, and that excessive attention to fiqh diminishes the value of the pure message of Islam, which I believed is to unite man together with his creator. This view is usually inspired by Sufism. Many Iranians, due to Rumi's poems, are to a great degree Sufi in their outlook.

Dia ga menyebutkan sumber alquran surat apa ayat berapa wkwkw. Dr zakir mah disebut injilnya lagi yang disebut. Oiya bedanya dengan dr zakir adalah dia menjatuhkan islam yang jelas jelas itu tidak benar sumbernya hahahah kalau dr zakir ga pernah menjatuhkan kristen atau yahudi dakwah dengan cara yang baik. coba deh di liat liat lagi bedanya hahahaha.

One other facet of Islam that tends to spark interest is the thought of Jihad, or holy battle. Some folks think Islam condones violence and even terrorism. In reality, Islam hardly ever permits Muslims to make use of coercive force and does so just for reasons comparable to self-protection. Furthermore, excluding self-defense, solely reliable state authority can exercise coercive pressure. Though there's a religious responsibility to combat to defend the lands of Islam, strict rules of engagement apply. The Prophet specifically prohibited the killing of religious folks, old folks, as well as women and children. Later, Muslim authorized theorists included any noncombatants on this prohibition. Sadly, like other religions, Islam has violent fanatics and extremists who justify their crimes by distorting Quranic verses and the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad for heinous ends.

'Umar said: "What a superb bid'ah" which means innovation within the linguistic sense, not in the shar'i (technical) sense. No matter has a basis in Islam, if it is described as an innovation, is an innovation within the linguistic sense, not in the shar'i sense, because innovation within the shar'i sense means that which has no basis in Islam.

Selain rubrik yang khusus membahas dan menyoroti muslim di Asia Tenggara, situs VOA juga memiliki rubrik-rubrik umum sebagaimana situs-situs berita yang lain. Ada rubrik Islam Arround The World yang tentu saja menginformasikan berita-berita ummat Islam di seluruh dunia, ada rubrik Islamic Features yang mengupas artikel dan pembahasan Islam secara ringkas, dan rubrik Muslimah, yang tentunya membahas permasalahan seputar dunia wanita.

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