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Editorial Style

Editorial style should be consistent throughout all library sites. In so far as possible, old pages will be retrofitted to style as suggested in Lynch, P. and S. Horton. 1999. Web Style Guide. Princeton, N.J.: Yale University Press. See chapter six, Editorial Style. Some features such as HTML character entities have become widespread in the WWW, therefore use Lynch and Horton as a guide and deviate only for modern Web usage. Some specifics follow.

Titles and subtitles

Headline style: Bold, capitalize initial letters of words

  1. Document titles
  2. References to other Web sites
  3. Titles of documents mentioned in the text
  4. Proper names, product names, trade names

Down style: Bold, capitalize first word only

  1. Subheads
  2. References to other sections within the site
  3. Figure titles
  4. Lists


Use no markup such as bold, curly quotes, dashes, etc from the MS Word program or its equivalents. Mark titles as title and a level (H1 through H6, large to small); create paragraphs with a single blank line separating each; and avoid bold, italic, etc. unless you are indicating what the specific deviation from MLA or APA style is in a citation. The Web style sheet will apply visual distinction; you should not.

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