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To: Library Web Site Authors

Re: Library Web Site Content

NB: This email is duplicated on the staff wiki

The developing library site at is lacking updated content in many areas and missing content in many other areas. Some areas are provisioned. These areas represent pages or library sub-sites found at most academic libraries and are baseline content areas.

Comments, suggestions, and problems should be reported to New Site Problem Report for Library Web Site Content. Do not use email in lieu of commenting to this page. Email I receive will be copied and shared on this page. All verbal communication will be summarized on this page with attribution.

Dr. Darga has specified that the site be available by August 15. The goal is a fully functional site by the time term begins. Please see for the posting of July 19 for more details. See the associated wiki pages for details.


  1. One would write content for an area
    1. As needed, have content edited by another for suggestions or errors
    2. Tarshel Beards will be reviewing material for consistency and jargon. She will report back needed changes to the author.
  2. One will move prepared content to your area using Adobe Contribute. If this is impossible, send the finished material to Bill Graham as a DOC file.
    1. The Contribute software is being prepared for the CTRE and other sites within the library
    2. Contact Rochelle Johnson for training and Adobe Key. Each author will have a key which allows authoring, editing, and publishing
    3. If Contribute continues to be unavailable (unlikely), content should be given to Graham in unformatted machine readable form as a DOC file. Do not use these tables.
    4. If sent as MS Word, it will be reduced to text only and reformatted.
    5. Use paragraphs, headers, and lists only in your word file. Avoid tables.
    6. Using Contribute effectively will be the subject of ongoing workshops this fall.
  3. Direct a note to publish this material to Tarshel Beards and Bill Graham.
    1. Tarshel Beards reviews material for library jargon elimination and for consistency across the site.
    2. Bill Graham reviews for technical problems and broken links. Sites with broken links may be removed. Users will surely find them quickly.
  4. Material will appear at end of day on the production site,

Basic information are the activities of finding, obtaining, returning, using, and printing of books, articles, journals, databases, videos, and music.

Many other topics and subtopics will surely develop, and the detailed LibGuides you are preparing will be able to integrate local links after the site has been published. You are under control of your own areas and are responsible for them. Students will be able to use them as soon as you publish and the production site is updated at end of day.

The following broad topics need development. These devolve from the LISPS-defined Home Page links at and are representative of other common academic library pages as discovered in environmental scans. Review of these sites in preparation of the availability of Adobe Contribute on selected workstations would be a good way to begin; some useful links are already included on many pages. NB: The web site is not structured in a hierarchy; it is structured by function, so many of these "nest" logically within others.

Please direct all problems to the page here. Notify your director if you will be unable to create the page or a DOC file.

  1. Meeker: Articles and Journals:
  2. Meeker: Articles /articles/
  3. LISPS/to be assigned (tba): About Research at the University Library
  4. Darga: About the University Library
  5. LISPS/tba: Access Services
  6. Williams: Circulation
  7. Fu: Inter-library Loan
  8. Fu: Course Reserves
  9. Haefliger: Music
 10. LISASC/tba: Archives and Special Collections
 11. LISPS/tba: Ask a Librarian
 12. LISPS/tba: Books and Media:
 13. Graham/Beards:
 14. Graham:
 15. LISPS/tba: Books
 16. Meyer: Call numbers
 17. LISPS/tba: Catalogs
 18. LISTS/tba: Collections
 19. LISAS/tba: Contact Us
 20. Fu: Copyright
 21. Graham: CSIT
 22. Davis: CTRE
 23. Meeker: databases
 24. LISPS/tba: disclaimer
 25. Oziga: eLearning
 26. Jackson: Equipment Requests
 27. Meyer: Education Resource Center
 28. LISPS/REF/tba: [what to find]
 29. LISPS/REF/tba: [how to find]
 30. LISPS/tba:
 31. Oziga/tba:
 32. LISPS/tba:
 33. LISPS/tba:
 34. LISPS/tba:
 35. LISPS/tba:
 36. LISPS/tba:
 37. Toth/tba:
 38. LISPS/tba: Help
 39. Williams: Schedule
 40. LISPS/tba: Information Literacy
 41. LISPS/tba: Information tutorials
 42. LISPS/REF/tba: Scheduling Instruction
 43. Darga:
 44. Asadi:
 45. Hu:
 46. Graham:
 47. Toth: Maps
 48. Haefliger:
 49. LISPS: New arrivals
 50. Asadi: News items /news/
 51. LISPS/tba:
 52. LISPS:/tba:
 53. tba: Other collections
 54. Darga: Library Organization
 55. Meeker: Online Reference Resources
 56. Darga: Policies and Procedures
 57. LISPS/tba:
 58. LISPS/tba:
 59. LISPS/tba:
 60. LISPS/tba Available requests
 61. LISPS/tba Issues (fines, policies, etc) around returning materials
 62. LISPS/tba All rover issues
 63. LISPS/tba About using LibGuides
 64. LISPS/tba All library services
 65. LISPS/tba: Jumps to all library services
 66. LISPS/tba: How to abotain help and links to phone, tweets, email, etc
 67. Darga: Technology and Learning Resources (now needed?)
 68. LISPS/tba: Library fear and how to get help
 69. LISPS/tba: Beginner's guide to using the library
 70. Haefliger: How to use the library with vidos (tape, dvd, handling, etc)
 71. Graham: The public wiki


Much of the site is inadequately provided with text and useful resources and much of the site is "Lipsum". By Fall term opening ca. August 20 there needs to be no Latin visible as per Dr. Darga, nor any broken or misplaced links on the site. The Web Services Committee will examine pages for authored content and specify sections of the site for removal that have not been supplied with patron-supportive content.

I believe the areas above belong to particular content providers as listed. Many pages such as [1], for example, need to be changed to match the richer text.

My moving of current content--content that is in a number of ways out of date or in need of improvement, is nearing completion. There are new pages needing to be written, both as connecting and context pages. On many but not all pages there are references to scans of others' pages (environmental scan) that have good content for use as pattern. I assume authors have their own good ideas for their areas.

Please send all suggestions, problems, and comments to New Site Problem Report Please do not communicate via email, phone, or in person because these are unshared with colleagues.

Pages marked LISPS/tba will have authors specified by Dr. Asadi.

Thank you, Bill

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