Industry Leading HP DAT160 Tape Storage Format

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Today's interconnected business environment along with astounding increase in data amounts has forced the organizations to adopt new higher capacity storage devices. HP is a global brand for high quality backup media devices. HP carefully engineers its products and uses tightly controlled media manufacturing techniques to produce highly durable and economical backup media devices.

HP offers high performance DDS tape devices that ensure simple, efficient, reliable and high speed archival ">HP DAT160 tape is well-suited for high density recording and satisfaction of stiff data retention laws. 160GB compressed and 80GB native data can be stored on a superior quality HP DAT160 cartridge. With HP DAT-160 technology, the data managers can efficiently handle the increasing backup demands with rock solid reliability. Storage capacity of DAT-160 backup tape is twice as that of prior generations DAT-72 or DDS-5 tape. In compressed mode, the fast speed HP DAT-160 drive achieves throughput rate of 50GB per hour.

Other versions of DDS-DAT backup tapes are DDS-1, dds-2, dds-3, dds4, dat72, dat-160 and dat-320 tape format. Part numbers of HP's DDS-DAT tapes are Q2032A, C5718A, C8011A, C8010A, C5708A, C5707A and C5706A. LTO-5 tape, lto4 ultrium tape, lto3 backup tape, lto 2 ultrium tape and lto-1 backup tapes are also a smart investment for busy data centers and high speed backups.

Thanks to the advanced backward compatibility of HP DAT-160 drive its predecessor DDS-4 and DAT-72 (dds5 tape) provides a seamless path for future growth. Proven DDS platform and HP's market leadership provides you complete peace of mind. Good news is that price per GB offered by HP DAT-160 technology is far superior to that of other backup tape formats. That's why the DAT-160 tape format has become the first choice for budget constrained organizations.

Increased capacity of DAT160 cartridge results in decreased human interventions and fewer tape swaps during read-write operations, ultimately leading to greater storage value. Host interface options available in HP DAT-160 drive are plug-and-play ">DAT-160 tape format does the job better than any other tape medium. One button disaster recovery (OBDR) is a standard in HP's DDS-DAT tape drives, which allows seamless and fast recovery of entire system with unbeatable reliability. HP DAT160 drive assures outstanding read-write accuracy and higher data integrity under heavy workloads. If you treasured this article and also you would like to be given more info with regards to căn hộ GemRiverside đất xanh nicely visit our own web site. MTBF (mean time between failures) of HP DAT-160 drive reaches up to 1 million hours.

HP has employed a high performance "automated cleaning" mechanism in DAT-160 tape drive, which lowers the maintenance cost and enhances the overall performance. Thanks to this powerful cleaning system, the need for cleaning tape cartridge will also be reduced. HP C8015A cleaning cartridge has been specifically developed for DAT-160 tape drives, which provides up to 50 cleanings. Device and product names mentioned throughout this article are trademarks and sole property of their owners.

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