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Web Services Committee and LibGuides

The Web Services Committee is responsible for definition of style criteria (colors, etc.), the listing of expected norms, and establishment of styles.

Authors should know and understand the stylistic expectations so that they can venture freely without concern of overstepping. These limits should be as few and unobtrusive as possible and result in an attractive and professional set of LibGuides.


  1. A clear statement to authors about what will be favored and what will be undesirable as stylistic characteristics of a guide. Authors want to know the limits beforehand, not after breaking a rule.
  2. Create the default settings, locked or unlocked (probably locked), for all guides. The goal is to match other library web documents in the upcoming web site.

Fixed Style Features in LibGuides

LibGuides at have broad ranges and great potential for types of structures. Even sites can be built within one or more guides, but the structure of the guides is not the concern of this committee.

Criteria to be Applied to All LibGuides

See also Editorial Style

Colors are expected to match the general appearance of the web site at, which is built using a palette available at

LibGuide Settings

The LibGuide attributes that can be defined are layered in several categories.

  1. System wide customization options
  2. CSU compatible banner
  3. The style sheet This will allow practically all visual elements to be defined and is very rich in possibilities. A look at the current style sheet will probably befuddle the unfamiliar person. We must establish the default look and feel.
  4. Styles of the page elements can be similarly styled.
  5. Styling and defining the LibGuides Home Page is possible, but I caution conservatism at first.

Please suggest values for some or all of these properties. Reply in the discussion box at this page or email

A note on web colors

Please do not use the HTML COLOR NAMES. Use the #nnnnnn form from the matrix or the ROW/COLUMN form, e.g. "A3" rather than "#006D4C," as you wish.

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