March 25, 2010

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March 25, 2010

Introduction and Charge

[DARGA: 15 minutes] Dean's introduction

  1. Relationship of the committee to the library
  2. Goals and mission


  1. [MEMBERS: 30 minutes] The site at Members online/web service needs contains your lists; I will add them, or you may. Member's remarks kept to five minutes. Provide in machine readable format or add to the wiki. [Email attachment is fine.] These remarks will probably be lists, far-ranging suggestions, and proposals. These should be lists presented without further discussion or arguments at this time. **
  2. [CHAIR: 5 minutes] Pending online services needs Chair's remarks kept to five minutes as above
  3. [CHAIR: 5 minutes] Report of infrastructure potentialities
    1. Service activities: communicate, educate, inform, promote,
    2. Service structures: catalog, public site, staff site, cougar connect portal tab, Moodle/Blackboard public and user areas, weblogs, wikis, guides, research aids, finding aids, administrative documents, collections, displays, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, Second Life
  4. [CHAIR: 5 minutes] Report of infrastructure actualities
    1. Luminis® components
    2. Web server components
    3. CARLI components
    4. Public components
  5. [ALL: 30 minutes] ** Discussion of criteria for prioritization of projects considering
    1. definition of stakeholders
    2. advantages
    3. desirability
    4. feasibility
    5. and resource cost
  6. How to submit online poll of each member's prioritization. Summary to be circulated.
  7. [ALL: 10 minutes] Service Areas, each to have two or three interested members. Decide today. Suggestions indicated. Suggestions from these groups will be the basis for future development after consideration of the priorities from the survey above.
    1. Administrative
      1. Beards
      2. Johnson
    2. Educational
      1. Johnson
      2. Meyer
    3. Informational
      1. Meeker
      2. Porter
    4. Promotional
      1. Beards
      2. Chatman
    5. Structural
      1. Chatman
      2. Meeker
    6. Terminology
      1. Meyer
      2. Porter

Short Term Needs with Dates Needed

  1. Define Luminis Channel Links. Need: March 29. (Meeker,Chatman)
  2. Define menu labels (which defines links) and text on interior pages. Need by April 12 (Meyer,Meeker)
  3. Define Home Page components for libnext. Need by April 5. (Meyer, Porter)
  4. Define all CTRE, "TLR", and Media links to main areas for organization and operations. Need by April 5 (Johnson, Meeker)
  5. Define promotional areas on the web site. Need by April 12. (Beards, Chatman)
  6. Define library administrative documents needs. Need by April 19. (Beards)


March 29, 2010

Define links in Cougar Connect to

April 5, 2010
  1. Labels finalized for home page
  2. Text in accordion menu finalized for home page
April 12, 2010
  1. Labels and sub-labels defined for left side global navigation menu
  2. Search box characteristics fully defined for banner area search
  3. Other banner area components fully defined
  4. What are the "promotional" areas? Define mission, vision, disclaimer, copyright and similar items
April 19, 2010
  1. Define all library-only forms that need to be defined as online submission. Specify print, online, and other submission requirements


March 25, 2010
Present: Meyer, Johnson, Meeker, Chatman, Porter, Graham, *Darga
Absent: Beards

Dr. Darga stressed the importance of

  1. working within boundaries set by campus-wide design policies
  2. setting and meeting understandable (and understood) objectives
  3. rolling out the new site in June for testing and polishing by Fall 2010

Discussions surrounding details of organization and web parts focused on

  1. Defining Portal channel content
  2. Defining upcoming home page changes
  3. Defining, for example, upcoming interior page labels, links, headers

There are so many processes to be defined and worked out regarding how we will decide, that a free flowing discussion settled with consensus on using the wiki and meeting monthly,

The discussion tab will be used on pages to work toward resolution.

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