Molokai - The Undiscovered Gem Of Hawaii - Part 1

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Have you ever been to Molokai, the 'undiscovered gem of Hawaii?' If not, then welcome to the beautiful island of Hawaii, a place without the crowd and no queues at restaurants or attractions. Though it is famous as the 'undiscovered gem', in reality, it is completely discovered. The only difference is that its people, most of which belong to Native Hawaiian ancestry, don't want their abode to become an overcrowded place just to entertain the visitors. They have fixed their own terms for the tourists. But it does not mean that Molokai is unfriendly toward visitors. If you hold up, admire the island and its values, walk around and talk with its people, you can certainly enjoy visiting this beautiful island.

Main places of attraction include the following: Kalaupapa National Historical Park is located at Kalaupapa, a beautiful, isolated peninsula having the world's highest sea cliffs and a leper colony. Tourists must go with Damien Tours (phone: 808 567 6171), as individual tours are not allowed. If you have any inquiries relating to exactly where and how to use căn hộ gem riverside, you can get in touch with us at our web-site. The tour begins at the bottom of the cliffs via bus. While coming down, you can take Mule Ride.

The next attraction is Haleiwa Valley. To reach there, drive 30-mile beside the east end of Molokai, enjoying the beautiful green fields, small coves and beaches, lush forests, mountains, sea cliffs, churches, ancient temples and fishponds. The road ends in Haleiwa Valley. Book a guide through Molokai Fish& Dive to trek the two miles to the falls.

On the west end of Molokai, there are beautiful beaches. Take the side road for the Kaluakoi Resort before Maunaloa and go towards south. Papohaku Beach is very large, and generally very few people come here. It becomes quite windy and swimming is not possible due to strong tides. Dixie Maru is more popular among beachgoers, because of a sheltered little bay where swimming is a fun and the winds are smooth. Besides the above-mentioned attractions, there are many other things to enjoy at Molokai, about which we will explain in the next article, and will also tell about how to get there and where to stay, etc.

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