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Ready for a new cell phone but dont want to pay the high prices? Whatever you do, dont get a cheap Smartphone from Indo-China. Indo-China phones is a term for those inexpensive phones sold by Indian companies like Micromax, Lava, MVL, Videocon and Karbonn. According to an article by Rohan Naravane, TechTree, these cell phones did not even have an IMEI number, let alone proper warranty and service.

Watch Out for Cheap Phones from Indo-China

QWERTY keyboards should be consistent, right? The Indo-China phones have messed with the key placement. Yes, on the Wynncom Y50 there is a trackball, but they have also included directional arrows which displace some of the regularly used keys, making the whole thing crazy. Also, some important placements of often used buttons like the backspace, the period, and comma are messed up. ON the Lava B5 they have rearranged the alphabet to be linear, which may make finding the keys easier for some, but most of us will have to relearn the keyboard in order to use it.

There is no dedicated volume control on these cheap Smartphones. Admittedly, some of the big name phone manufacturers have omitted a dedicated volume control from their cell phones, but the big difference is in-call volume control. On the Indo-China cell phones, in-call volume is controlled by the plus and minus keys placed at the top-right of the QWERTY mat. This means you have to take the phone away from your ear to adjust the volume during a call. This may not seem like a big deal, but its awkward.

Entering text is a lengthy process. According to the article from TechTree, when you want to type something in a text input box in a Java app, you have to click the text-box, then type in the new window that opens up and click OK. After clicking OK, it shows you a preview window of sorts, where you again have to click Menu> OK to finally get whatever youve typed into that. For chatting, this will be a nightmare.

Indo-China cell phones have unknown SAR rating. SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) is the rate the body absorps radio frequency in an electromagnetic field. In the US, the SAR limit for mobile phones is specified as 1.6 watts/kilogram (W/kg), whereas according to European standards it is 2.0 W/kg. While most people are not aware or even concerned by this, having a phone that is not regulated is kind of scary.

Most Indo-China cell phones claim to have dual SIM support. This is common in Europe, but not so much here in the States. The problem with the Indo-China cell phones is that while they claim to have dual SIM support, if you have a call coming in from SIM 2 while on a call using SIM 1, the 2nd caller will get a busy signal. More expensive cell phones will give you the option of putting the first caller on hold while you answer the 2nd call.

The cameras on the Indo-China cell phones are less than ideal. Not only do most of them not have an LED flash, but the camera itself is usually of poor pixel quality. I dont know about you, but I use my Droid Xs camera a lot. It has a wonderful 8.0 MP myanmar thailand cambodia camera with a dual LED flash. Yes, I know I am spoiled, but most Smartphones at least have a 5.0 MP camera with flash.

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