Quantum DAT-72 Backup Tape A Smart Solution For SMB Market

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Backup storage demands of enterprises continue to sky-rocket due to the immense growth in E-business applications, network servers and volume of digital data. Scalable roadmap, lower cost per GB, longer archival life and superior backup performance of DAT (digital audio tape) give organizations confidence that it is the most dependable backup tape technology available. DAT tape is a reliable choice for workgroups and SMB industry. DAT tape format delivers robust data protection, higher recording capacity, long term archival life and superior reliability, which are essential to do business today.

Quantum is a technical leader and innovator in backup storage industry. Quantum manufactures a comprehensive range of disk and tape media products. Quantum DAT-72 tape technology, based on DDS-5 generation, is a smart investment for modern business enterprises and emerging backup applications. Quantum DAT72 tape drives and media are ideally designed to handle the challenges of long term data preservation, high speed backups and satisfaction of stringent government regulations.

With 80% enhanced capacity over previous DDS-4 tape generation, the DAT72 tape cartridges offer an impressive 36 GB native storage capacity. Quantum DAT72 tape technology offers the best total ownership cost in its class. For investment protection, Quantum has designed its DAT-72 tape drives to support the previous two generations including DDS-3 and DDS-4 tape cartridge for both write and read operations. Backward media compatibility makes upgrades easy and the customers do not lose their grip on pervious generation tape resources.

Quantum has introduced new host interfaces in its DAT-72 tape drives that help the customers to easily install the DAT72 tape solution in a wider spectrum of IT environments. These host interfaces include USB, eSATA, SATA and SCSI. Quantum DAT-72 drive has been carefully designed to better fit your backup storage environments. The next two versions DAT160 and DAT320 tape are also available. Native storage capacity of these new generation DAT tape cartridges is 80 GB and 160 GB respectively.

For small and medium businesses, you can also count on lto2 tape, sdlt2 tape, vxa-2 tape, hp rdx cartridge, Travan TR-5, Travan TR-7 tape, lto-1 tape and dlt-iv tape technologies. Leading backup tape giants are offering DAT-72 tape products. Few of the major brands of DAT-72 tape are Sony, Maxell, IBM, Fuji, TDK, HP and Imation. Their respective part numbers are DGDAT72WW, 200200, 18P7912, 26046172, 27746, C8010A and 17204.

If you loved this article so you would like to collect more info relating to can ho Gem Riverside quan 2 kindly visit the site. Quantum DAT-72 tape solution balances price with longer working life and superior reliability. Quantum DAT-72 tape drives can reliably perform its backup operations at 7 MB/second native throughput rate. Quantum DAT-72 tapes are precision-engineered to deliver cost-effective recording performance with an extraordinary archival life of 30 years.

Quantum DAT72 backup tape can withstand the stress of repeated media loads/unloads. Additionally, it provides reliable data protection with up to 5000 head passes. "Smart shield" and "tape shield" are two exclusive features offered by Quantum DAT72 drive that reduce tape deterioration and help to enhance the working life of drive and tape cartridge.

Quantum DAT-72 tape technology provides complete investment protection and empowers the IT managers to manage the exploding data volumes with greater accuracy and superior cost effectiveness. Product and software names mentioned throughout this article are trademarks and are sole property of their owners.

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