Quantum Introduces Superior Quality DAT-72 Backup Tape Devices

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In today's modern information era, the data managers have to handle the demanding challenges of storing and managing huge mountains of information within their limited budgets. IT managers are searching for new efficient storage solutions, which can ensure fast data access and in-time availability with supreme reliability.

DAT (digital audio tape) is the most successful and intelligent tape format, which has become the IT professionals' first choice for SMB industry. DAT technology is also called DDS. Should you loved this informative article and you would want to receive more details concerning GemRiverside Song Hành Cao Tốc assure visit the web-site. With DDS-DAT backup tape technology, the customers can store ">Quantum is the most reliable brand in backup storage devices. Quantum ensures supreme quality and highest level of durability in each of its products. Quantum offers complete DDS tape solution that is ideal for storage-intensive enterprises and modern business applications.

Quantum has leveraged its technical excellence to develop high performance DAT-72 (DDS-5) tape devices that assist the data managers to efficiently handle the exploding data growth. DAT72 tape format offers 36GB/72GB storage capacity. Quantum DAT-72 backup tape cartridge, part number CDM72, features an ultra-fine tape medium. Therefore you can be assured of reliable protection against harsh environmental conditions, and higher operational efficiency under heavy workloads.

Quantum DAT-72 tape drives can be seamlessly installed in automated storage environments and demanding data centers. That is why Quantum has introduced multiple drive models including desktop, rack mount and internal DAT-72 drives. These tape drives are intelligently engineered for high density recordings and fast backup operations. In space-constrained environments, you can use the rack mount drive configuration and ultimately save more space. Quantum DAT72 drives feature the capability to record 25.2 GB compressed information in an hour.

All brands of DAT-72 tape cartridges are developed with the same specifications. IBM, Imation, HP, Fuji, TDK, and Sony are few of the best selling DAT72 tape brands. These tapes are also commonly known as dds5 or dds-5 tapes. Quantum offers a broad range of backup tapes which includes DLT tape, Super DLT or SDLT tape, Travan backup tape and LTO ultrium tapes.

With Quantum DAT72 technology, you can efficiently retrieve your data stored on DDS-4 and DDS3 tapes. Both of these DDS tape generations are read-only compatible with DAT-72 drives. Therefore the users won't lose their previously recorded data, and cost-effectively migrate to the next generation DAT-72 tape format. For fast connectivity with leading servers and IT environments, Quantum has introduced SCSI, USB and SATA interfaces. In this way, the users can easily select the DAT-72 tape drive that is ideally-suited for their storage needs.

Thanks to the scalable DDS roadmap, the customers can quickly and flexibly move to the next version of DDS-DAT tape as their storage demands increase. Robust tape reel has been incorporated in Quantum DAT-72 tape cartridge which sheds lesser debris, which will ultimately reduce the need for drive cleanings. Quantum CDMCL, cleaning cartridge can be used with all models of Quantum DAT72 drives.

Quantum DAT-72 tape is a robust backup system that facilitates the IT professionals to reduce the archiving and storage costs, and meet the strict mandates of government regulations with supreme reliability. Product and software names mentioned throughout this article are trademarks and are sole property of their owners.

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