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Three Favorite Sites

Useful Links

CSU Library Page:

Library web servers:


Showing an internal page or two would help to evaluate the site.


  1. After Wednesday, May 20, and after study of each of the sites, please complete the survey at at least two days before the next meeting

All Favorites

I arranged our choices nearly in alphabetical order. When the latecomer posts, we can update it.

  1. Ann Arbor
  2. Berkeley
  3. Brigham Young
  4. Cuyamaca, San Diego
  5. Illinois State
  6. Indiana
  7. Indiana-Purdue
  8. Iowa
  9. Lincoln Christian
  10. Manchester Indiana
  11. Memorial, Newfoundland/Labrador
  12. Michigan
  13. Minnesota
  14. North Carolina
  15. Oberlin
  16. St. Xavier
  17. Syracuse University
  18. Vatican
  19. Washington State
  20. Yale

Member's Favorites

Here is my list of three favorites -Beverly

  1. Site A
     This seems very modern and up-to-date, especially in the browse section.  


    The internal structure is mind-boggling.
  1. Site B
    I understand this is one of the Dean's favorites--no boxy structure.


    This is the "Secret Archives" subpage.  I like the cool center displays.
  1. Site C
    This illustrates the "less is more" (ie, Google) approach:  only
    Highlights SEARCHING and ASKING; minimal other stuff.


    A little boring next to the big guns at U of M, but probably more
    in our league of what we can do with only one web guy.  I like it
    that it follows the same page format as the home page.

Here is my list of three favorites -Bill

  1. Washington State University, Pullman
  2. Ann Arbor District Library
  3. Brigham Young University
  • Pullman is an academic library with well-grouped labels in an attractive, clean design.
  • The Ann Arbor Public Library has a structure that will work in an academic library. It is 'blog based and highly interactive. Labels are well chosen, but still a little jargon laden.
  • BYU is a Luminis®-based site. CSU is getting Luminis, but the library server (in initial releases of Luminis) will be treated as a link, not an internal component of Luminis. This could change politically.
    1. If Luminis is mandated sitewide, the BYU site should be considered as a model.
    2. Tab based major divisions; good design, with clear labeling. Not cluttered with competing labels.

Here is my list of three favorites -Charlene

  1. Site A

Iowa Wesleyan College Mt. Pleasant IA Clean, crisp, lots of white space, people using library; and choices are fairly clear on first page. Dialog boxes attached to content headings appears in one central location in a font that is easily readable. After first page content headings repeated in side bar. No mention of library administration.

  1. Site

BIUPUI Indianapolis IN There are people with the potential to use the library and they are smiling. White space, content headings are clear and placed at the top of the page. Call out boxes similar to CSU’s. There is movement in the lower right hand area.

  1. Site C

Here is my list of three favorites -Fatemeh

  1. Site A
  2. Site B
  3. Site C
  4. Site D
  5. Site E
  6. Site F

I am sending 6 websites. Almost all my websites have the same style. Me favorite is IUPUI (Site D), I also like the peaceful color and simple arrangement of the others. See you on Wednesday and good luck (Fatemeh)

Here is my list of three favorites -Bob

Illinois State University simple and clear

Syracuse University library somewhat cluttered but parts are very good

Yale Univ. library Some good ideas here- looks sfxy

Here is my list of three favorites -Kathleen

  1. Site A
   This is the Oberlin Conservatory Music Site. Easy
    for students to find the materials, in their various formats  

  1. Site B --
    Indiana University Library-- Featuring the Cook Music Library--     Clean interface--with linking done via mouse-over hints to --     Explicitly shows the way from General to more specific 

  1. Site C
Univ. of North Carolina Library- Chapel Hill.  Lots of white

space again -- most frequently assumed info is featured first--e.g. the catalog & databases.

  1. Site D
         Univ. of Minnesota-- Lots of white space
         again, and direct links to most used/desired/needed
         features, e.g. databases, the catalog, etc.
          This site has definitely changed since I last 
          looked.  Before I believe it had the every-space
          filled with color/design/info - more like ours still is.
  1. Site E
          Clean neat site with Search boxes front & center.  Info on left
          menu guides users -- while many subject/user guides are featured
          below.  Note pic- of newsworthy interest on RHside- dynamic

Here is my list of three favorites -Gabrielle

  1. Site A
  2. Site B
  3. Site C


  1. Friday, May 15, 2009: Met and settled process issues. Built this wiki page to begin sharing. Actions: Each person will choose and post three sites to illustrate information organization, desirable visual presentation, and ...
  2. Wednesday, May 20, 2009: Discussion of sites chosen on 5/15. Each person
    1. to describe characteristics that appeal on the site
    2. state dislikes of any site or characteristic
    3. Goal: Limit sites under consideration to 3 for the group after consideration. From Bill: I do not want to limit tomorrow; more time to digest is needed and I will not want to continue until Gabrielle's choices have been posted.
    4. Action: Come prepared at next meeting with case for one model (WLG---It may be too soon to do this. Will discuss. Choice of labels for parts of site will take 2-3 meetings, I imagine.)
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