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From Bill, Wednesday, 5/20

I thought Bev's point today regarding the tie between the visual component and the type of label and/or category was a very good one. This is a main reason to settle names and labels early; the visual component is probably not the hard part to create.

A good site describing this is

Kathleen, The Ohio page is broken. Perhaps the server is down.

Dr. Asadi, Please delete the three you like least.

Bev, we are not too constrained by "simplicity" because we only have one web guy, though I do like St. Xavier's site there are some funky jargony labels within. Perhaps these are special to SXU.

The Michigan site uses breadcrumb navigation. Do you like this consistent and unobtrusive navigation?


The Guides home at Michigan, shows the committment to scholarly guidance. Gabrielle has suggested buying "a solution" from SpringShare. I asked her to price it; looks like ca $1,000 maybe. This seems a good approach, but if you look at some of the examples, like biology at DePauw there is very little beyond what we could do with a text editor.

Do library faculty want to show the rest of the campus faculty that they have not produced their own low-cost material tailored to the syllabi at CSU? Money (or extravagance) is an issue politically right now.

We also all know of the Dean's interest in a fully syndetic classification of academic materials here, even the research into digital repositories. To me, it just seems like a case of creating them. On the other hand, LibGuides is a set of tools for interactive sites that is useful and helpful, and, being a subscription service, would just require your input and a lot of work with the subject faculty. I probably would not be involved with creating them.

Frankly, I think the "stars in the eyes" approach ignores budgets and infrastructure on campus, training curves, and staffing, so the LibGuides Facebook® Application would be needed and each of you would have to use it for your areas.

From Michigan's LIT (where I started xxx years ago):

Library Information Technology (LIT) at the University of Michigan, launched in 1993, is a program focused on the the development and maintenance of digital resources and the provision of technology management services and support for the University Library system. LIT focuses on developing and managing digital collections and access tools, developing and supporting server-based technologies for the delivery of library services, maintaining the University Library's library management systems, and providing frameworks and systems to federate distributed information resources. LIT is one of three major divisions of the University Library and is managed by John Wilkin, Associate University Librarian for Library Information Technology. LIT employs approximately 45 FTE staff, including librarians, programmers, digital reformatting staff, a digital photographer, and text encoding specialists.

... my two cents

From Bill, Thursday, 5/19

Dr. Asadi has sent assurance that pastel is preferred, together with organization from another site.

You all (including Gabrielle, who will post within a few days and sent a message explaining the delay) are giving more of your selves than I have seen many groups do at CSU. All of us are strongly desirous of a good outcome, and keeping the voices balanced so the decisions have a little of each of us in them will be the challenge.

Thank you for the notes at the bottom. They are substantially correct. Our goal (and the needed action) is to settle on a set of labeled categories.

Along the way we will gather visual aspects (and widgets too, I think) that appeal (or disgust). However, we will subjugate the visual to the classification and labeling. Holding back strong opinions and forceful voices here is necessary, not because of rejection or lack of appreciation, but because of the experience of Graham, Goto, and Cotler and more ... I do NOT want to choose one site as a sole model (or, at least, that would be unlikely). Is that what you all want?

The Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis is popular with me, too. What do you folks think?

From Bill, Wednesday, 5/18

I also like Bev's first choice - pastel like Pullman (I want to use a green family selected set of tints from the tool at, and well organized primary categories. While pages themselves must harmonize chromatically, parts of the site (e.g., access services, reference, gov docs, ...) can be in cooperating, but different colors.

The Vatican site is attractive, but I think people will get neck problems from tilting to read the "wheel." These non-boxy pages are actually simple to build, as are air-brushed sites. Have we found the Vatican LIBRARY page?

The site at St Xavier is simple and attractive, but I see that many of its subparts are quite distinct.

I think (and may be wrong), that Bob will like the categories and features at Pullman's eresources area (they call it "Find Journal Articles" on a prominent tab)

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