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Rebuilding / Improving the library web site

The purpose is to improve the library web site

  • For students, so that time is saved and results are strong
  • For faculty, so that producing courses and lessons can be easier and richer
  • For all users, so that accurate information can be found and made available faster

About this meeting

This meeting will last one hour. It will have three phases, with recording and reporting completed during the meeting. This allows interested people to have immediate access to the ideas and process.


I am interested in knowing the range of opinion you hold. I therefore hope that you will express your own views even when they are not in agreement with other speakers. This is not intended to be an exercise where you try to persuade others to your own point of view. You will be given a few minutes to think about the issue. Everyone in turn will have a chance to speak. You can always come back to this page to review. USERNAME=staff, PASSWORD=freefall

What needs to be fixed on or added to the library web site?

Take a minute to think about this then form two or three sentences. Each of you in turn will tell me. We are not arguing here; we are brainstorming.

  1. Tabitha: attractive, needs good complete set of help
  2. Bweh: organized, visually "easy"
  3. Theodis: legible menues, organized, not ambiguous

Asking. Thinking. Discussing.

For each question here we will

  • Hear the question
  • Think about it for a few minutes and jot down your ideas if you wish
  • Taking turns (No interrupting!), I will record each of your views here
Questions and Views
  1. Question: What services are missing or of low quality on the CSU Library Web Site?
    1. Theodis: catalog is too slow - make faster
    2. Tabitha: my first library site, needs to know how to find things, tell whether the computer can describe how to find things, for example move "maps" to how to find your way around; major labels are clear
    3. Bweh: my first library site
    4. Rahul: just getting started, but seems organized
    5. Nidhi: catalog shows book, but too many "no holdings available"; why was it in catalog
  2. Question: Can you find things quickly among the pages on the library site?
    1. Theodis: Need clear label for journals
    2. Tabitha: Good labels keep from having to ask; needs good larger headings
    3. Bweh: Is easy to find things
    4. Rahul:
    5. Nidhi: Easy to use and find what is wanted
  3. Question: What limits your confidence or ease when you use the library site?
    1. Theodis:
    2. Tabitha: Don't know about CSU ID requirements; guest access is confusing
    3. Bweh: not intimidating; neutral - does not grab me
    4. Rahul:
    5. Nidhi: The catalog is not intimidating; reference staff showed how; was easy to use
  4. Question: What part of the library web site is the most useful?
    1. Theodis:
    2. Tabitha: Good useful catalog with help facility; directory
    3. Bweh: journals - via alpha list because prof had given the name of the database and/or
    4. Rahul: Important to provide basic schedule (eg, hours) data about facilities
    5. Nidhi: catalog; hours/schedule is OK and easy to find
  5. Question: What part of the library web site is the least useful?
    1. Theodis:
    2. Tabitha:
    3. Rahul:
    4. Nidhi:
    5. Bweh: Did not know about the maps
  6. Question: Name a web site you would like ours to resemble or behave like.
    1. Theodis:
    2. Tabitha:
    3. Bweh:
    4. Rahul: Textbooks are available from the start of term before regular ones arrive when reference use in the library is possible; helps with expensive books; students share with scheduling the book
    5. Nidhi: In previous school textbooks were made available to read (but not take home) in the library; could complete homework in the library
  7. Question: What important question did I fail to ask (and why) about the web site?
    1. Theodis:
    2. Tabitha:
    3. Bweh:
    4. Rahul:
    5. Nidhi:

Probe questions for follow-up or to elicit more specific information

Now let's see what the ideas above suggest about what other questions we should consider.

  1. Probe: Maps, organization
    1. Discussion: not familiar
  2. Probe: like the catalog?
    1. Discussion: generally yes
  3. Probe: Mention or help with library in regular classroom
    1. Discussion: Not much mention
  4. Probe: Show library page at
    1. Discussion clean, balanced, nice appearance, labels are clear; like


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