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From Bill, March 25, 2010: The potential for the Luminis® channel is much larger than I had remembered.

I think we can take advantage of it in many ways, especially the promotional areas, and use the content management tool to enrich the site. I will go ahead and schedule a meeting with Janet regarding the channel administration details, share them with you, and suggest possibilities.

In the mean time the work by Notre and Bob will be badly needed to get our presence started in Cougar Connect.

The site at will still be a major repository of content.

From Bill, March 26, 2010: I am finishing the server data refresh from the old (current) server, finishing backup restore tests, saving against loss the configurations for the myriad parts that relate to web server utilities, scripts, etc. Cutover is scheduled for early afternoon (noon) with IT. The intent is for a fast flip.

The suggestions I had for Luminis content are (no order implied)

  1. OPAC
  2. library home page [1]
  3. libguides
  4. Any CTRE sites (check with Rochelle/Darga)
  5. Media Equipment Request (a must right now; check with Clarence) I do not want to carry all this unused script around awaiting deployment.
  6. Scheduling BIB sessions (online voice/twitter/chat interactivity would be best; plain link to a request with feedback would be less good [and that project many times put on hold]; make a phone call the worst. However, LISPS must be ready for it; this is a service issue. This is a standard scheduling process.
  7. Library News/events etc

From Beverly, April 24, 2010

April 25, 2010: Suggestions for LibGuides from Beverly: (Probably nothing in here that Bill wants, but I'm taking a stab at it!)

1. All guide names should be capitalized. 2. What subjects should people apply to their guide? We need to develop a list of subject categories. See one example at 3. Everyone needs instruction in how to apply tags. When to use underscores. All lower case? 4. What information should people know about friendly URLs? What format should they follow for their friendly URLs? Same as the name of the guide? 5. What should be the heading over the author’s picture? For ex., Bev is using LibGuide Author, Bob is using Literature Selector on the first page of his guide, and after that, he is using Humanities Liaison. Bill is using Subject Guide. 6. Should the author’s picture be on only the first page? 7. What font style and size should everyone use? Or can we vary? 8. We should determine the names of some boxes across the top, and the order that they should be in—if people want to use these boxes. BUT, everyone should be free to add their own boxes, depending on the nature of their guide. 9. Feedback box should always be the last box on the top line. 10. Home (or Welcome? Or ??) should always be the first box. 11. LibGuides should be proofread before being published for basic grammar, etc. (perhaps by a subcommittee of two or three people). 12. I see some formatting problems in some of the published guides—type wandering around the column, margins not left-justified, etc.

Rosalind did some research last semester and found several "Guides to Guides" from various universities. I will bring copies of these to our next Web meeting. Developing one of these for CSU based on one of these should not be difficult. (In fact, I might even get started on a draft for one--especially if I do that instead of continuing with developing a LibGuide!)

From Bill, May 13, 2010: Thanks Bev

Thanks, Bev. These sound wise. Because of time pressure, could you please get these links or documents of Rosalind's online here? It will be June before a meeting. Dr. Asadi had the task of assembling stylistic and vocabulary issues and making them available. A LibGuide for that would be wise IMHO. We/I had the task of all about colors, borders (one person strongly prefers thin gutter stripes rather than boxes separating colums, etc), we want to integrate "look and feel;" you included some above. When I get a Round Tuit I will start a list here. We also need to be making them available before people author so they are informed before, rather than criticized later, without benefit of the expectations (which all agree should be light).

I have the following suggestion about Titles and Subtitles.

  • Headline style: Bold; capitalize initial letters of words
  1. Document titles
  2. References to other Web sites
  3. Titles of documents mentioned in the text
  4. Proper names, product names, trade names
  • Down style: Bold, capitalize first word only
  1. Subheads
  2. References to other sections within the site
  3. Figure titles
  4. Lists
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