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The Complete Guide for Hair Extensions,Hair extensions are the trend of the era. It is the easiest way to add volume or length to your hair within minutes. The market is currently loaded with wide range of hair extension brands and they offer a variety of extensions with a different color, style, and quality as well.,If you are a beginner, you may find it little difficult to choose right hair extension. There are few essential factors that you have to analyze while choosing best hair extensions to modify your style statement. This guide will help you to get complete insights about how to choose the best hair extensions for your personality, methods to wear them and few quick tips to care. Spare few minutes to go through these details:,How to Choose Right Hair Extensions?,• Check your budget:,The very first thing that you need to focus on is your budget. As there are so many varieties of hair extensions launched by different brands so you have to be careful to pick one within your budget range. However, it is not good to compromise quality to save few bucks.,• Hair color:,It is important to check the actual color of your natural hair and then pick extensions similar to that color. Many ladies make a mistake to choose slightly lighter or darker shade and they often end up spoiling the whole appearance. You can also find black extensions with ease.,• Look for natural hair extensions:,The best idea is to choose natural hair extensions as the quality of human hair is always the best and they allow easy styling as well. Although they use to fall into the higher price category but you will find them easier to maintain and they last longer maintaining the beautiful appearance.,• Choose your style:,You can find so many types of hair extensions in the market but it is important to choose the one that can provide your desired look and feel. You can look for curly hair pieces, velvet Remy hair or wavy extensions. Note that, you cannot style synthetic hair extensions but it is easier to apply straighteners, curling irons or blow dryer on natural hair extensions.,Methods to Wear Hair Extensions:,Hot Fusion Extensions:,Hot Fusion extensions are also known as Keratin U-tip bonds that are lined with silicon and attached to original hair with the help of a heating element. The hair extensions are placed between U-tip and they are sealed with the help of a hot extension tool that works by melting the hair bond. These bonds are generally attached close to the hair roots by providing little space for natural hair movements.,Pros:,• These extensions are suitable for thick and coarse hair.,• Hot Fusion extensions are believed to last up to at least 6 months if maintained well.,Cons:,• This method is very time consuming, you may need to spend at least 5 to 7 hours at the salon.,Micro-Links Extensions:,Micro link hair extensions are popular as cold fusion hair extensions. This method requires some special tools for pulling small sections of hair using small bead and they are clamped precisely to achieve the desired look. However, this method is considered to be riskier as heat applied from the metal rings can damage your original hairs; it is good to take assistance from experienced professionals to fix your microlink hair extensions.,Pros:,• These hair extensions are fixed with individual strands so they add more natural appearance.,• Cold Fusion hair extensions can easily last up to 6 months.,• They are reusable.,Cons:,• This method also takes 4 to 6 hours for the application.,• The wearer may face a headache for few days.,Tape-in Extensions:,Here is the latest method of hair extensions where the application is finished with single or double-sided polyurethane tape. These hair extensions suit more to people having thin hairs, especially around the side of the head or temples. Experts call it the safest method for hair extensions that does not cause any serious damage to client’s original hair.,Pros:,• It takes less time to fix these hair extensions. The volume applications are observed to get finished within 20 to 30 minutes whereas full-length applications require 45 to 60 minutes.,• This method does not utilize heat tools.,• They cannot be detected easily; are more suitable for fine or thin hair.,• Lasts for around 6 to 8 weeks and extensions can be reused.,Cons:,• You cannot use oil based or silicone based products directly on this hair extensions as it may cause panel slipping.,Glue-in Extensions:,This is a short-term hair extension technique that is glued to the base of weft and then attached to the original hair. These wefts can stay in your head for short time and then can be easily taken out by using some oil based solvent.,Pros:,• It is a suitable solution for people who need hair extensions for a short time.,• Budget-friendly solution.,Cons:,• If the glue is applied incorrectly it can cause damage to original hair.,• There are limited options for styling.,• Glue in extensions are a temporary solution.,Other than this you can look for skin weft extensions, clip in hair extensions that are a temporary solution, sew-in or Remy braiding hair extension method that suits thick and curly hair pieces hair. Pre-bonding hair extensions are another solution but it causes lots of damage to hair and is rarely recommended by experts.,Quick Tips: How to Care for Your Hair Extensions?,• It is important to use a good quality comb to remove tangs from your hair extensions. Preferably choose a wide-toothed comb.,• Ensure proper care from overexposure to pollution and sunlight.,• Hair extensions cannot bear too many accessories such as ribbons, clips and bands etc. It may make your extensions lose.,• In order to enjoy long life services from your seamless extensions, prefer to eliminate moisture content time to time.,• Oil your natural hair extensions at least once a week to improve their shine.

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