Water Is Clear Activation Of Haikou City Water Works Start 9

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Water Industry Network HC : Activation of Haikou city water works start 9

Measures: the introduction of water power from the Nandu River: 1 years

Goals: downtown river, ditch, lake water is clear, no odor

Reporter learned from the Haikou Municipal Water Authority, water Haikou city center Environment Comprehensive treatment measures have been identified, Haikou City, the central area will be implemented hydrodynamic engineering 9 works for about a year with a time to "water clear, no smell," the treatment effect.

It is, at present the main city of Haikou, poor water quality of the environment, in addition to Nandu (the city) as well as sources of river water quality in five is still good, the other ditches and lake water were not optimistic, Lung Kun ditch, Tatung ditch, West Beng Tan, United States House Creek and other water projects higher than the standard ammonia, water in the dry season, serious water quality deterioration.

Haikou City, Hainan Water Authority in charge told the Daily News, due to deteriorating water quality, the sea water environment is urgent. Currently the city into the sea, "Four Lakes 9 groove" (Taurus Ridge artificial lake, Red Lake, East Lake, West Lake, the U.S. House Creek, Long Gully Queensland, Road off ditch, West Beng Tan, Tatung ditch, Slab Creek, Duck Last River, Xiuying ditch, power village flood discharge trench) and Sewage I have 334, about 128 thousand tons of sewage into the / day, the main source of pollution as part of domestic sewage and industrial waste.

Early August this year, Provincial Committee and Party Secretary of words led Haikou Haikou, water, fat, change, marine fisheries, land, planning and other relevant departments responsible to the U.S. House Creek and the Red Lake flood at the entrance to the U.S. House Creek River diversion estuary mouth, river estuary, the entrance of Nandu River estuary and other places, urban scene view Water Pollution The situation in the city center of the water environment, water environment research center of Haikou, comprehensive management of the measures.

After two weeks of research and demonstration, Haikou City Water, Development and Reform Commission and other departments have decided to carry out comprehensive management of water environment downtown. According to reports, the main water treatment measures are: the current sewage into the sea directly to the city's "four lakes nine ditch" of 334 outfalls for sewage interception, reducing the city ditches and lake pollution. In addition, the quoted market Nandu River water to U.S. homes River, Red Lake, East Lake pay, the introduction of hydrodynamic activation center zone of the sea water.

Under "Haikou City, the comprehensive management of water environment program," the deployment of comprehensive management of water environment in Haikou City, the main content of 9.

Before the end of September this year, the sea will complete the comprehensive improvement of water environment project design, project and preliminary work started this year in October a comprehensive downtown area of Haikou comprehensive management of the water environment. By the end of December next year before the central area of the sea will be completed comprehensive management of the water environment, so that downtown river, ditch, lake water to "water clear, no smell," the treatment effect.

Haikou nine flood control 1. If you liked this information and you would certainly like to receive even more info regarding Saigon Riverside (http://saigonriversidecitydatxanh.com/gioi-thieu-saigon-riverside-city-dat-xanh-can-ho-ben-song-sai-gon/) kindly see our own page. City center hydrodynamic engineering (construction of U.S. homes River including replenishment project, Red Lake and East Lake replenishment replenishment project works)

2. Central area 334 into the lake of sewage into the river mouth closure and along the River Network and the U.S. House of sewage pipeline grid linking projects

3. Sewage Treatment Plant 4. Sewage pipe network 5. Haidian Island Sewage Pump Station and the renovation project of Baisha

6. The river, the coast and upstream of the illegal buildings and structures clean-up project

7. U.S. homes River, Xiuying ditch, five sources of river and other rivers cross and Whitehead River upstream, Tong drinking water source protection areas, Yong Zhuang reservoir drinking water source protection areas integrated environmental management

8. Ditches downtown Lake, coastal shoreline waste water clean-up project

9. U.S. homes River Diversion Canal Project

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