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Hi, Bill,

    Here's a few feedfack comments on LibNext:
         a.  I like the placement of "Tell us what you think" and the new Go button.  But when you go there, there should be a survey form of some kind.  What's there now is (maybe?) a duplicate of the "Ask a librarian" button on the top bar.
         b.  Staff blog and Staff wiki should not be prominently displayed like they are--they should be in the Staff button at the bottom of the page.
         c.  If you let us know when you populate a page, I'd be happy to proofread or offer more direct comments.
         d.  I like all the different shades of color, especially the paler ones.



Reply 2010-05-20

Hi, Beverly

Good idea, Bev. I'll do that in the next phase. Right now I am settling the widgets in the left hand interior template menues. Dreamweaver is creating some very unhappy code and appearance. I'll have to replace a lot.

  1. Finish all links as defined on HP and Interior Template #1
  2. Replace all "Lipsum" with appropriate pages transferred from libtest (which is bug-fixed daily right now)
  3. Finish all links in the replaced/created/bi-sected content
  4. Reform for Contribute-Dreamweaver control so that pages can be handed-off to content authors [Dr. Asadi has process concerns re: authoring and publishing; you guys should resolve that] via the template
  5. Train and equip Contribute users [there are > 12 outfitted workstations]


Reply 2010-06-04

I like the blog and wiki placement, but these will be to public blogs and wikis. These interfaces will be of increasingly importance.

Because during the development of drafts the site may not "make much sense" at any particular time, I am going to concentrate on getting to a stopping point by the end of June rather than fuss with minor items. At that point, easily changed items will be done rapidly (visual, placement, etc). All this is necessary for project advancement.

I must get the pages built prior to updating from proofs, so please do not think I am ignoring suggestions for informational items. A piece-at-a-time approach does not work right now, and parallel development must be forsaken until the "quilt pieces are built and laid out." THEN we can change the fabric and stitch them together.

Comment 2010-06-18

The heat is still on to get the site up for content additions, changes, etc. in July. I think it is too early to proof. If we proof as we go the site will not make this deadline. Also, the needs can better be assessed after more of the site is populated.

Naturally, write-edit-publish would be the best way, but the site itself must be populated. This balance right now has to tilt in favor of site structure. This will result in later changes, but at that time they can better be accommodated.

Comment 2010-06-24

Headway over the last few weeks has stalled and if you have noticed, the material has not been moved from content areas yet. I want to get the irritants aside and get back to it ...

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