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Directors discussed the deployment of the developing web site at, and decided to deploy by August 1, 2010.

Pages are populated [and are actively being populated] with data from the older current web site, scripts are prepared and tested, and enough fundamental site structure is in place to allow for the public visibility of the site.

During the next few weeks many additions are anticipated as authors contribute updated and corrected material.

Many pages exist for development of a richer and more useful web site.

The publishing product, Adobe Contribute®

Use of this product, though easy after familiarity, benefits from training.

Rochelle Johnson in LIB 428 will be assembling the ingredients and scheduling 2-person sessions so that authors can create a page or pages themselves. Graham will attend.

There are about 12 copies of this product in the library to be made active and available for building pages.

Authoring, Editing, Publishing

The Adobe_Contribute®_product provides authors the ability to create content and local menus in two editable regions:

  1. content division
    1. Examples:;
  2. optional local menu division
    1. Examples:;;

The Home Page contains repeating regions for scrolling news items. These items are repeated on the news page so that there is but one copy of the text.


Contribute Site Managers develop content for the page or pages needed to present the material. These pages lie within a template. The authors work within these templates in editable_regions.

Color Palette

The colors used in this site are based on the palette at

Editing for Accuracy and Completeness

Contribute Site Managers and authors have the freedom to create, edit, and post material. Unit leaders may establish workflows appropriate to their units.


  • Public Services, Dr. Fatemeh Asadi
  • Technical Services, Dr. Sharon Hu
  • Instruction Services, Prof. Notre Chatman
  • eLearning, Dr. Elizabeth Osika
  • Center for Teaching and Research Excellence, Dr. Tiffany Davis
  • Archives, Dr. Anthony Dunbar

During late summer 2011, workflows in templates were changed to permit direct publishing. Review and edit processes are optional but recommended.

Editing for Organizational Conformity

Site managers control the content.

The site look and feel needs ongoing review for organizational conformity.

Quality Assurance

Editors (Beards, secondarily Graham) may advise site managers to revise and republish newly posted material. The editors are notified of uploaded material when publishing finishes.

The web site is an ongoing instrument which accretes information and precision in a navigationally consistent manner.


Digital Initiatives (Graham) supports the process through provision of templates, assistance with authentication, authorization, service of the site, and more. Further development and expansion, integration, and support of all non-content systems of the web sites is completed in collaboration with the Web Services Subcommittee of the Technical Services Committee.


A scenario that is similar to the de-centralized model we are adopting

In Ivy, USA there is a school, Ivy College, that has a library, Lee Library.

In Lee Library the Rare Book Collection, part of the “Caretaker Division,” has a web author, Mary Jones.

The division is directed by Brenda Beaulin, who has an interest that the division maintain it's strong usefulness within the larger library. There are other units, collections, centers, and offices in the division.

When Mary has created and written, modified, or deleted pages about a rare book (for example), she simply publishes them, making them public, visible, and functional.

A notice is automatically fired off to Brenda, Bill the Webmaster, and Sylvia.

Who is Sylvia? She is the person who looks out for the proper styling and branding of library and college material in documents and on web sites. She is concerned that authors, for example, refer to the same thing using the same name. Only such a central figure as Sylvia can easily catch the usage of the web that could be either encouraging or confusing to students.

The material is already published. Sylvia may report back to Mary a concern, or even praise.

Bill the Nerd may see a functional problem (a form that does not work, or a menu that is too wide, an incorrect link), or a miszspelled word, and simply correct the problem. Bill should be nice and let others know, so he tells Mary and Sylvia.

Often Mary and Brenda collaborate, and sometimes several other caretakers join them. They come up with the pages and publish them too.

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