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ODWEBS has begun converting to a Dreamweaver/Contribute server for the library faculty and administrative members to enjoy distributed, non-centralized, content provisioning. The files are being prepared offline and will be installed for testing in stages.

Note: The Adobe Contribute ® product can be used to create all types of web content into a sitewide set of harmonious templates with classified navigation. The LISPS labels and structures will be used.

NB: The site must be viewed with Internet Explorer 7+ (At least. No library machine should still be running IE 6. IE 8 is now recommended for academic users). Firefox 3+ or Opera 9+ are the better choices.

The color scheme has been chosen and road-tested by the webmaster, but is still in some flux.

The templates have been built with the above scheme, to which all graphics should adhere.

  1. The number of "areas" such as Finding, News and Events, Services, etc. will greatly affect the site.
  2. The classification of the site determines a number of visual elements with regard to color because color and position must work together. Thus the labeling and categorization of parts (and other architectural elements) must be settled first.
  3. There is a big difference between a trid color scheme and a tetrad scheme with respect to flexibility. Because there are two-level widgets (boxes are more important than icons, for example) the tetrad is needed (and even more exceptions, sometimes. These should be eliminated in the new site. We want no blinking text!)

You can view the color palette, a tetradic set chosen to be colorful without being outré or gaudy at Be sure to try "Palette URL" to see the tetradic relationship for this palette or to try others.

Monochromatic green/white combos were specifically rejected, as were those combos with small added complementary widgets. Yellow-green shades were rejected. Triadic sets were discarded as too "Christmas Oriented" in most cases.

Mapping color sets to subject areas was developed so that, for example, Green dominance will exist for (example) finding aids, dk brown for guides, light for cat 3, blue for cat 4, etc ... These visual cues should also extend to border, margins, little widgets, etc. All this is amazingly time consuming. Suggestions welcome -- right to agree or disagree reserved.

LISPS sees categorization and labeling decisions needed in the web site. In collaboration with ODWEBS two primary areas are addressed.

  1. Re-architecting the site via a LISPS committee
    1. Rebuilding the site infrastructure for use of the Adobe Contribute ® product to allow for distributed but controlled content provision
      1. Status: In progress
  2. Rebuilding templates and components to revitalize the design and provide support for Adobe Dreamweaver ® template creation. This has several components.
    1. Color Palette: Visit Color Scheme Designer from that page.
    2. Draft Template
      1. Home Page: There are several unpublished draft templates. The LISPS committee currently favors a copy of the DePaul site.
      2. Interior Pages: the developing template set is not yet ready for display.
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