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Obtain Permission to edit keys

Secure the administrative key access from the Director of Technical Services.

Steps in editing a key

  1. Click on Web Site Administrator on the Staff Wiki at the keys page.
  2. Click "yes' if asked to replace your existing key.
  3. Enter the password you obtained in the empty box labeled "What is the connection key password?"
  4. At the top Ct menu, choose edit
  5. Choose "Administer Websites" and the full library web site
  6. The system will synchronize then present a box of roles labeled "User who have connected:"
  7. At this point you should choose the appropriate site and click the "Send Connection Key" button.
  8. Choose "Yes" to send connection settings using the SFTP password obtained above. This is described as your password.
  9. [Re]select a role and send through e-mail or save to the local site used by the libstaff publisher. Currently this is the local machine in LIB 107 in directory C:/webs/libstaff.local/c-keys/
  10. Publish the file using the name you chose on the save.
  11. Update the date and other information on the staff wiki to reflect the update of the key
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