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The ezProxy configuration file is needed by the server currently (2008-07-22) named This server has been prepared by the ITD department and placed in a location that assures security for the campus network.

The library uses this system by maintaining the entries in a configuration file named "ezproxy.cfg." exProxy is now an OCLC product.

The library maintains a mySQL database of records, each of which contains fields necessary for creating links in web pages and creating entries in the ezProxy configuration file.

Create ezproxy.cfg

Perform the following steps.

  1. Login to the server as administrator (root) using Secure Shell, ssh
  2. Attach to the directory at which the creation script is found
  3. Modify the script if there are unusual requirements (this is usually not needed)
  4. Run the script using output directed into a file named ezproxy.cfg
  5. Publish the file to the ITD server
  6. Log out
  7. Test the database involved from on and off campus


  1. ssh (or use an appropriate Windows client available from ITD)
  2. enter password when prompted
  3. cd /home/webs/cgi-bin/test/eresources
  4. python > ezproxy.cfg
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