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Summary of Work Flow

Combine system, structural, and descriptive metadata with images (as filenames), other files (as filenames), and links (as working URLs).

  1. Place these items on the digitization workstation and notify the cataloging librarian
  2. The cataloger will request and secure other needed items or information
  3. The manager will make certain that documents, spreadsheets, applications, items, and data needed by the stakeholders are available.

Digitization Documents and Locations

Digitization Workstation
Physically in LISTS digitization cubicle. Mapped Network Drive (usually as "S") LIB122_LISTS_Scanner (LIB122tg871043s) (S:)
Digitization User and Password
  1. Username: LISTS_SCAN
  2. Password: Available to Carter, Graham, Hu, Kong, and Porter only
Project System Data spreadsheet
Located on the digitization workstation (usually mapped as S:\ on your machine) in C:\DigFiles\ProjectSystemData.xls
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