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Another purpose of this thread, if K-pop and J-pop fans know what caused the downfall of J-pop international fandom, we could utilize these classes to simply help avoid comparable downfall in K-pop and future Asian pop (ie: Taiwanese pop music) that will get popular beyond Asia. Even although Download lagu KPop Terbaru you never care if J-pop and AKB48 do not get global recognition, but there are J-pop fans that want closing regarding J-pop's international fandom downfall. This is exactly why I create this thread, it's my final hope since no body on other forum can answer or solve why J-pop global fandom just dropped.

Just what exactly occurred? The international fandom simply unexpectedly lost interest and passion whenever most J-pop fans became K-pop fans and not returned afterwards. As that reality sheet (with news article cited on there), J-pop fans were just as passionate as K-pop fans as well as desired J-pop musicians become globally recognized like their K-pop counterpart. But one thing took place and that's the secret. Was it accessibility that made people no further being active in J-pop fandom? Ended up being it one thing in J-pop that turn it off? I do not know, but myself and couple of J-pop fans We talked to own been baffled by this.

This website has six matching tags. Top 5 matches are lyrics, jpop, music, j-pop, japanese. If Psy could get many US observing K-pop, then your exact same could applied to J-pop. But it is too bad that K-pop is dominating the popularity. Disclaimer: This post is by no means wanting to antagonize the AKB48 fandom or J-pop fandom. Additionally i did not know where you should set up such a thread. Also i did not see anybody picking out such an interest like this on any staying J-pop forum or on Stage48. So I ended up being brave to create such a thread.

No, it was nothing beats that. For pervy, try the J-pop team AKB48, a Japanese woman ensemble, with scores of users, whom, impacting a schoolgirls-in-lingerie try looking in their movie Heavy Rotation," pillow-fight, kiss, and share heart-shaped cookies Soundtrack Drama mouth to mouth. Girls' Generation is a group of preppy-looking women in skinny trousers. If they wear hot jeans, it's to produce the gams, not the glutes.

There was a write-up from 2012 (which will be no further there) that talked about that many of K-pop fans had been formerly J-pop fans. In order to make this more sadder: Many (most likely bulk) of these former J-pop fans turned K-pop fans never went back to J-pop once they became K-pop fans. I also think these former J-pop fans that became K-pop fans most likely never introduce J-pop (and AKB48) to the current generation of K-Pop MV - http://JS2C2.TK/ - fans.

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