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Examine the list below. The first page of each of these has been printed and distributed.

Each page may

  • Be adequate for the beginning of the fall 2010 term
  • Be completely unwritten and represented variously, but usually with examples from other library sites or as "lipsum"
  • Be available on the site but not "moved over." Tell Bill Graham; it is a page or site that is not yet processed.
  • Some material exists on the current site that is unreferenced, and perhaps unwanted, on the new site. Check the old site for associated resources

Each page must be available for the web site to be enabled.

  1. Beards: Facebook Administration:
  2. Meeker: Articles and Journals:
  3. Meeker: Articles
  4. LISPS/to be assigned (tba): About Research at the University Library
  5. Darga: About the University Library
  6. LISPS/tba: Access Services
  7. Williams: Circulation
  8. Fu: Inter-library Loan
  9. Fu: Course Reserves
  10. Haefliger: Music
  11. LISASC/tba: Archives and Special Collections
  12. LISPS/tba: Ask a Librarian
  13. LISPS/tba: Books and Media:
  14. Graham/Beards:
  15. Graham:
  16. LISPS/tba: Books
  17. Meyer: Call numbers
  18. LISPS/tba: Catalogs
  19. LISTS/tba: Collections
  20. LISAS/tba: Contact Us
  21. Fu: Copyright
  22. Graham: CSIT
  23. Davis: CTRE
  24. Meeker: databases
  25. LISPS/tba: disclaimer
  26. Oziga: eLearning
  27. Jackson: Equipment Requests
  28. Meyer: Education Resource Center
  29. LISPS/REF/tba: [what to find]
  30. LISPS/REF/tba: [how to find]
  31. LISPS/tba:
  32. Oziga/tba:
  33. LISPS/tba:
  34. LISPS/tba:
  35. LISPS/tba:
  36. LISPS/tba:
  37. LISPS/tba:
  38. Toth/tba:
  39. LISPS/tba: Help
  40. Williams: Schedule
  41. LISPS/tba: Information Literacy
  42. LISPS/tba: Information tutorials
  43. LISPS/REF/tba: Scheduling Instruction
  44. Darga:
  45. Asadi:
  46. Hu:
  47. Graham:
  48. Toth: Maps
  49. Haefliger:
  50. LISPS: New arrivals
  51. Asadi: News items /news/
  52. LISPS/tba:
  53. LISPS:/tba:
  54. tba: Other collections
  55. Darga: Library Organization
  56. Meeker: Online Reference Resources
  57. Darga: Policies and Procedures
  58. LISPS/tba:
  59. LISPS/tba:
  60. LISPS/tba:
  61. LISPS/tba Available requests
  62. LISPS/tba Issues (fines, policies, etc) around returning materials
  63. LISPS/tba All rover issues
  64. LISPS/tba About using LibGuides
  65. LISPS/tba All library services
  66. LISPS/tba: Jumps to all library services
  67. Davis: Survey of satisfaction:
  68. Darga: Technology and Learning Resources (now needed?)
  69. Graham: Library fear and how to get help
  70. LISPS/tba: Beginner's guide to using the library
  71. Haefliger: How to use the library with vidos (tape, dvd, handling, etc)
  72. Graham: The public wiki
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