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Welcome to StaffWiki at

This wiki is a shared online information repository created and maintained by self-selected library staff. Staff log in and create or edit pages in StaffWiki using no or very little text markup, described here.

This wiki, a type of Content Management System (CMS), is community written and edited, with all additions, changes, and deletions documented and logged. These logs are used by the Web Committee of the University Library and/or the Webmaster of the University Library, to counter abuse of this wiki editing and content provision system.

Please log in and create or edit pages in StaffWiki with the exception of this page, the Main Page which is supported by the Office of Digitization and Web Services to keep this Main Page useful to the library staff community.

Getting started

This site uses the MediaWiki software package which is robust, easy, secure, and field-tested. Wikipedia, Google, and many other corporate and educational sites use this content management system.

New users should consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software. You can familiarize yourself with the options available within this powerful CMS. Explore the many details at, Mediawiki's Main Site, or focus on the basic editing information. Many wiki users need never venture into the details of adding images, media, or scripting to their site. Details of these operations are available in the usage help pages.

Some examples to get started creating and editing pages

Log in

You need your user name and password, then click "log in" located in the upper right corner of the browser's window. If you need help doing this or have forgotten your user name and/or password, call the Webmaster, x2257.

Creating a page

In your browser's address bar type something like, replacing Francis_Bacon with a name you choose. You may now edit the page (which will create it), navigate away from the page without saving changes, or update an existing page of that name. This is the normal way to navigate to a page without following a link.

Formatting, renaming, moving, or deleting a page

To learn to format pages visit and for how to edit, move, or delete a page visit

Formatting in wikis is extremely simple, created to release the burden of remembering HTML details from wiki authors. Tens of thousands of blogs and wikis use MediaWiki.

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