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Welcome to StaffWiki at

A wiki is a shared online information repository created and maintained by its user community. This wiki, a type of Content Management System (CMS), is community written and edited, with all additions, changes, and deletions documented and logged. These logs are used by the Web Committee of the University Library and/or the Webmaster of the University Library, to counter abuse of the wiki editing and content provision system.

You are free to log in and create or edit pages in the wiki other than this main page. The Office of Digitization and Web Services may revise the Main Page by adding, changing, or deleting material as needed to keep the Main Page useful to the library staff community.

Getting started

This site uses the MediaWiki software package which is robust, easy, secure, and field-tested. Wikipedia, Google, and other corporate and educational sites use this content management system.

New users should consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software. You should familiarize yourself with the options available within this powerful CMS. Explore the many details at Main Site, or focus on the editing information. Many wiki users need never venture into the details of adding images, media, or scripting to their site. Details of these operations are available in the usage help pages.

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