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Site Suggestions and Comments

Library Web Site Content

Content managers (faculty and involved staff) will write and post their own pages using the Adobe Contribute® product, available on machines designated by CTRE. See Contribute Authoring for helpful links.

The product allows additions, alterations, and deletions of web pages with a controlled set of site templates.

Contribute allows designation of parts of the site (and even more fine grained definition of responsibility) to particular authors, editors, or publishers.

Periodically, probably daily, the newly published material will be uploaded to from the site to which you publish at

Using Adobe Contribute to Alter/Add to the Library Web Site

  1. 334 page PDF Manual: Manual
  2. Many tutorials and other help: Google Query
  3. Brief Introduction: Contribute_Authoring
  4. Easy usage:
  5. Using Contribute (tube):

Comments and problem issues

To suggest a change, report a problem, or add a comment

Please add a comment to the last comment at the bottom of the page. Click edit (at the top of the page) and add the information, including the date and your name. Remember to save your work.

Phone Conversation, 2:00 pm August 6, 2010

This phone call arrived soon after deployment.

The reference librarian called and asked whether I knew the site was live. Surprise was expressed that the active users and campus community had not been notified.

I explained that the previous site was available at and linked from the news areas and that the campus portal had announced (admittedly with short notice) the upcoming change.

I explained that I did know, had intended to deploy the site, and followed the decision of the dean to bring the site up and clean up as many of the content pages (that have not been written as requested) as possible.

The CIO, Dean, directors, and Web Services Committee had been apprised of the deployment as had all others in the library. I explained that this had been the message delivered to the WSC and that they had been directed to apprise others, especially their associates.

Email from Sharon Hu, read 4:05pm August 7,2010

I test Wiki from new Lib web page.

While I created paragraph for test, I don't know where and how I can save what I typed. It is always lost Also, I don't know where and how I can search or find somebody else contributions or typed information either.

-- Sorry! I have to ask you for instructions next Monday!

Have a nice weekend!

Bob Meeker, August 11

Hi Bill-

two items- request lib. instr should go to written page two levels down unmix links to ishare and local catalog

Some additional comments-

Half way through the alphabetical list of databases (the list that has the database descriptions)- the color of the text turns to a obscene red. I don't know why. Thanks

Another suggestion- Under Quick Links- "Use" "databases"- direct students here

We need access to this page somewhere- probably in the journals/databases section

I sent you an email with additional text for the ask a librarian link at the top of the new web site page.

Bill Graham, August 16 needs to use the correct template. Recheck off campus links on all major pages.

Clarence Jackson (via wlg), August17


There is an issue with the Media Services Request Form. I can't pull up "Report" page. SEE ATTACHMENT. Let me know how long this might take when you have an idea.


Thank You,
Clarence Jackson
Media Producer/Director - Multi Media Services
Chicago State University
9501 S. King Dr.
Chicago, Illinois 60628
Library Rm. 428
Ext: 773-995-2220 Fax: 773-995-3772

[fixed ASAP - Bill (restored correct [old] with getvar var)]

Fatemeh Asadi, August 17

Called with closing times for this coming Th and Fr of 7:00pm. This means the number of "special reduced hours" days is likely to continue expanding and will require more scripting for the exceptions. It is time to make the script more general. This time I will add a new type of "reduced hours."

Bill Graham, August 17

Re-did Articles, Journals, and Databases menu entry as requested by Bob Meeker.

Fixed scrolling news on home page and released news scroller administration to Asadi, Meeker, and Darga.

Built digital libraries from old pages.

Fix capitalization in interior left hand menus

Bill Graham, August 18

Create "librarydatabases" administration form for all e-resources as requested by R. Meeker. This has been done via the Webmin program, considered too complicated for the primary intended user.

Rosalind Fielder, August 19

Using Internet Explorer, the link embedded in the Chicago State University banner across the top of our pages and in "Home Page" doesn't work. There's no problem with Firefox.

Rosalind Fielder, August 19

Using Internet Explorer, when you point to any word on the site, the Spanish translation is provided. Is that intentional?

Fatemeh Asadi, August 17

(Ed. Bill Graham 8/25 after conversation with Dr. Asadi)

Hi Bill, The text of this page

773-995-2341, first floor, central main desk

Circulation Services is staffed to assist you during those hours in which the library is open.

Hours of Operation

The hours of opening are those of regular libprary hours.

You may also contact the Circulation Supervisor, Ms. Leathea Williams, at 773-995-2483 or e-mail her at

which is available at

should be corrected and fixed as:

773-995-2341, first floor, Circulation Desk

Circulation Desk is staffed to assist you during those hours in which the library is open.

Hours of Operation

The hours of opening are those of regular Library hours. (Bill, Please link to the Library hours page)

You may also contact the Circulation Supervisor, Ms. Leathea Williams, at 773-995-2483 or e-mail her at Thanks, Fatemeh

Clarence Jackson, 26 August 2010

to William Graham <> date Thu, Aug 26, 2010 at 5:16 PM subject Media Productions Requests Form signed-by

hide details 5:16 PM (22 minutes ago)


Is it possible for you to set up the web page for "Taping an Event?' We're getting more and more videotaping requests and we feel they should be requested like the a/v equipment is. Also, if you can set the page up, can you allow the staff to make requests at any time of the week or day by using the "81818181" password? I don't know whether there's a cut off time or not but can you make one for 48 hours just like the a/v request form.

E. J. Carter, 27 August, 2010

Conversation at time of LIMS retreat, described a number of broken links in the digital collections. There were multiple dislocated references. Hi Bill,

Could you please add the information and links available at:

to this page of our new web site at:

You have already added some of the links there. Thanks, Fatemeh

Bill Graham, September 10, 2010

Beverly Meyer and Dr. Asadi (and Li Fu, too, indirectly) have noted the errors in department and unit location and membership data (see 8/17 note above). These are all part of repairing a script that is structured using old library unit structures.

These, and interior location maps, I deferred until after the more important full realization of distributed content provision is enabled with Instruction Services and Adobe Contribute.

I had asked for suggestion of where to place the seven workstations, but only Dr. Asadi has responded. Her suggestions are good ones, and LIB 224 will be outfitted with two, the IS/CTRE "area" when it alights fully will get four. This will help with support from Rochelle Johnson. And Dr. Asadi herself one. LISTS is well provisioned already with Dreamweaver (which provides authoring capability too).

Bill Graham, September 11

Many errors related to forgetting to place the proxy prefix ( on proprietary items (eg, in finding articles, finding journals), scattered use of "libprev." when materials you wanted copied from the old site were place in the new site, and some minor issues caused by the latter were found and fixed this morning.

Beverly Meyer, September 17, 2010

Could you please add the capability to search by call number to the drop down box on the library's home page for finding books? (I'm asking because students often ask me on the third floor to help them to find a book by the call number, and I like to check the OPAC first to see if they have a valid number, if the item is checked out, etc. In most of these cases, the students do not have a title or an author written down.) Thanks.

Beverly Meyer, September 18, 2010

I cannot find the former ERC pages anywhere on the new site. Am I missing something or is there something that I am supposed to do before they are visible again? Please advise. I did manage to find the Guide to Dewey numbers.

Bob Meeker. Sep 18, 2010

Please finish eresources administration form.

E. J. Carter, September 21, 2010

Broken links on records management page

Hi Bill,

  Could you fix the links on the records management page's drop down menu--they are pointing at pages that are from the old web site:

Thank you very much.


F. Asadi, September 24, 2010

Please re-add search box for periodicals as discussed. Also, will be sending additions and updates for several sites from Charlene

Bill, we now have access to the entire database of dissertations. Therefore, we need to change the name of the database we have Dissertations and Theses: The Humanities and Social Sciences Collection to this.

ProQuest Dissertations & Theses

Beverly Meyer October 15, 2010

On the ERC page there is an entry called Mission and Purpose. The filename for the Word document is showing here as well as the English language link. Please remove the Word document file name. Thanks.

Beverly Meyer October 19, 2010

Per our conversation a couple weeks ago, I have suggestions about and new content for the "Archives, Digital and Other Collections" box.

1. The box should be moved from the last position to the third position in the column so that it would come after the articles box. (Logic: first box is book/media collection, second box is article/journal collection, third box is "other" collections.)

2. Here is the content (which would replace the current text that displays when you click on this box):

Archives – provides access to historical materials from Chicago State University’s past as well as current documents and records.

Digital Collections – provides electronic access to representations of unique items such as Chicago State University photographs, yearbooks and newspapers.

Education Resource Center – collects resources, including children’s literature, that support the CSU College of Education in preparing students to become Pre-K - 12 teachers.

Government Publications – collects federal and state documents in electronic and print formats.

Music Library – contains music scores, music literature, music education materials and music CDs/DVDs.

Special Collections – collects specialized materials for students/researchers in four major areas: Progressive Education, Illinois Political Leadership, Rare Books, and Neighborhood History.

3. The names of each area (Archives, Digital Collections, etc.) should be links to the web pages of these areas.)

Thanks. Hope this is clear. If this is not the format you want, let me know. I have cleared any new content above with all concerned people.

Beverly Meyer, November 3, 2010

Please add a link for my newly-published LibGuide on juvenile literature to the ERC web page. Insert it right above the Kids Corner entry. The link is Thanks.

Beverly Meyer, November 4, 2010

Per our conversation today, please consider two things: 1.) For consistency, using either Quick Links or Quick Clicks. 2.) On the qlinks page, arrange the lists of icons in the same order as the list on the left-hand side of the page (find, obtain, return, use, and print). (Or maybe they both should change to reflect the order of use?? i.e, find, obtain, use, print, return?

NB: I'd go with order of use. Thanks for the good tips! [Bill, Nov 5]

Beverly Meyer, November 23, 2010

Can anything be done about the fact that the scrolling news is often visible at the bottom of the web page? It looks weird!

Yes, this feature has been eliminated. [Bill, Dec 3]

Thanks much! (Beverly, Jan.28)

Rosalind Fielder, January 17, 2010

I recently learned while preparing for a couple of BI's that "Mental Measurements Yearbook" and "Test in Print" have been combined into one database --> "Mental Measurements Yearbook with Test in Print." And, when you click on the link for each of these databases --whether your starting point is the "All Databases" page or the "Education Databases" page-- you are taken to an EBSCO "Choose Databases" page where you find a link to the combined database "Mental Measurements Yearbook with Test in Print." Would it be possible to either create a NEW combined entry for "Mental Measurements Yearbook with Test in Print" on the "Education Databases" page with the link for the combined database OR to add content to the current entries for the the individual databases indicating that they have been combined with the appropriate link.

Also, please copy either the individual entries for those two databases or the new combined entry to the "Psychology Databases" page since they are used in Psychology as well. I have conferred with the Psychology selector/liaison, Lorraine Lazouskas. She agrees with the addition. Please let me know if you have questions or need additional information. Thanks!

Rosalind Fielder, January 17, 2010

Accessing our databases from home, I've noticed that, in the case of some databases, a log-in screen appears with just the User Name and the Password boxes. And in the case of other database, a very informative page loads, which explains that it is necessary to log in for off-campus access, et cetera. It includes a link to the database I selected if I wish to proceed (or something like that). The page is very informative. Is there some way that that detailed page could be the page that loads for ALL our databases? That would be very beneficial to our users. Thanks!

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