ODWEBS Defining a Digitization Project

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Key Features

  1. Start and End
  2. Plan
  3. Resources
  4. Team Member Roles
  5. Goals

Before beginning each of the following needs to be defined. For most digital projects the members involved will be obvious. Our academic projects will have clear parts which we can collectively understand.

We also have standing roles. For example, with the Maxwell Street Images we can define some players quickly. Cataloging is supported Gayle Porter, content provision by E. J. Carter, and publishing by Bill Graham.

Other players may need elaboration.

By defining all these parts the boundaries and expectations are clearer, and all members have contact information for use during the project.

Ultimately the library and associated departments benefit together with the users of the library. But such diffuse need can work against understanding the specific needs players require.

Key Roles

  1. Key Stakeholders

  1. Key Players
      1. Sponsor
        1. Must assure and state relevance
        2. Must define objectives
        3. State reason and inspiration
        4. Provide resources optionally
      2. Manager
      3. Stakeholder(s)
      4. Key Member
      5. Member
      6. Patron and User
      7. Supplier(s)
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