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LibGuides and Web Pages


Proposal to allow for "correction but not control" in the publishing of web pages in and in other Add Ons to the library web presence.


All material will be self-published using standardized colors which match the upcoming web site and are defined by the Web Services Committee (WSC). The goal is as much integration with the interior templates and spirit of the CSU web pages as possible.

The CIO has already told both Dr. Darga and me, separately, of how pleased she is with the library web site at She said it is "a beautiful site." Her approbation is welcome, but the final form is being prepared by the WSC.

  • LibGuides are controlled centrally with regard to many attributes in the CMS manner. Authors should self-publish with templates enforced.
  • Web Pages in will be self-published via the Contribute system. Templates are enforced.


Authors will select an editor-colleague of their choice. When both parties are satisfied, the guide will be published using the WSC-defined settings. We should take care not to overwhelm a particular colleague known to be an excellent editor!

I have talked to many of the likely authors, including administrators, and there is little desire for a complicated process. Indeed, LibGuides is designed just for this level of control.

Web Services Committee Definitions
  1. the colors of the heading, border, title, and background
  2. the allowance for as an optional proxy heading without having to type it
  3. Others to be discussed in the Web Services Committee

Web Pages

Content providers, or authors, create web pages using predefined templates created by the Office for Digital Initiatives and Web Services.

The format of these templates is a responsibility of the Web Services Committee.

The site is the priority now.

  1. All pages and sites referenced from the Home Page must be written or migrated from the development site at
    1. "Find" components must be settled
    2. The upper right corner and photograph will be adjusted to enhance distinction of the areas
  2. All components of the interior page navigational area must be defined ASAP
  3. contains all "minute-by-minute" changes, so the fewer patches to it the batter

Cougar Connect Channels

The CougarConnect portal CMS is re-forming after years' absence and is not yet mature. However, the many benefits of the portal will be coming online over the next year.

The library channel is pushed to all CSU members and the channels are controlled by the viewer with regard to presence and position.

Attempts to control browsing users is futile and old-fashioned pedagogy. But what one can do to allow them to recover after self-inflicted wounds, is to provide a "Reset to Default" button.

Our channel can be edited at reasonably frequent intervals.

The important thing to remember now is that the new web site at is the landing spot for the portal links and must be built first.

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