Quantum Introduces Space-Efficient DAT-160 Backup Tape Solution

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Over the past decade, the digital content has increased relentlessly due to tremendous growth in internet, network servers and data-rich applications. Additionally, competitive business environment and increased budget-constraints have further increased the pressure on data administrators, making their job even du an High Intela, tougher. DAT (digital audio tape) is a firmly established backup tape solution that can be confidently used in today's SMBs and demanding data centers.

Quantum's backup tape products are trusted for their exceptional storage efficiency, higher cost-effectiveness and unbeatable reliability. Quantum DAT-160 tape (sixth generation of DAT) solution has established new standards and is the most preferred backup medium for information-intensive enterprises and complex IT environments. Quantum DAT160 tape drives shorten backup time with their outstanding 50 GB/hr compressed data transfer rate.

If you have any kind of inquiries regarding where and the best ways to use du an quan 8 [http://highinteladatxanh.com/], you can contact us at our own internet site. Quantum DAT160 cartridge, part number MR-D6MQN-01, features an ultra-smooth base film that can hold 160GB compressed and 80GB un-compressed data. Quantum MR-D6MQN-01 tape cartridge has been specifically engineered for long term reliability. Quantum DAT-160 backup tape ensures consistent performance over an extended useful life.

Major brands of DAT-160 are Maxell, IBM, Sony, Imation, TDK and HP. Respective part numbers of these industry-leading DAT160 cartridges are 230010, 23R5635, DGDAT160, 26837, 27822 and C8011A. VXA-1 tape, SLR-MLR tape, lto1 tape, dds-3 tape, lto-3 tape, dlt-4 tape, ait-4 tape and dds-4 tape are also an economical option for small Quantum has introduced the DAT160 drive models in 5.25 and 3.5 inch form factors. Therefore, Quantum has provided the customers with the widest range of drive models that can satisfy their backup needs at lowest cost per GB.

Quantum DAT160 drives offer additional cost benefit with their special backward media compatibility. These drives can efficiently read and write data on DDS4 and DDS5 backup cartridges as well. Quantum DAT160 technology's backward compatibility and low total ownership cost have created great attraction for the budget-conscious customers.

Off-site storage of backup tapes is the best solution for disaster recovery. In order to provide protection against bumps, rough handling and inadvertent drops, Quantum has introduced a robust architecture and used a durable plastic material for manufacturing the cartridge shells. So the customers can enjoy peace of mind as their stored data will also be secured against severe environmental conditions.

In order to handle the evolving storage needs, you can easily migrate to the next generation and still utilize the previous DAT tape resources. So install the Quantum DAT160 backup system and start data archiving & storage with superior cost-efficiency. Product names mentioned throughout this article are trademarks and are sole property of their owners.

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