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, smoking cessation), which makes option 4 inaccurate. There are other interventions for the prevention of osteoporosis, including lifestyle modifications (e. Getting the client out of bed and administering oxygen and bronchodilators are all appropriate interventions for preventing or treating atelectasis, but clearly the best option is to prevent its occurrence by simple maneuvers such as coughing and deep breathing.

Que tremem, palpitam, banhados de luz. By the process of elimination, the correct answer is option 2. While options 1, 2, and 4 are all appropriate interventions for the client with Parkinson's disease, the essential approach to enhance and encourage self-care abilities will be an unhurried one that allows sufficient time for self-expression and for the client to do as much as possible for himself or herself.
Vitamin D alone does not prevent osteoporosis (option 2). Options 2 and 3 are irrelevant, and option 4 places the infant at risk for injury or death. All of the other options are reasonable for this client. Immunizations should be withheld during leukemia exacerbations because the immune system is compromised and the client cannot manage an appropriate response to the immunization. Whereas desapareces elderly might be deficient in Vitamin D, a postmenopausal state does not necessarily cause the deficiency (option 3).
Option 3 is incorrect—even though increased salt in the diet can lead to fluid retention and weight, it does not address the underlying issue of nutritional balance. In order to answer this correctly you need to have noted the muscular build of the student and know the signs and symptoms of illegal steroid use. This helps slow the GI transit time and reduce the GI cramping, diarrhea, and vasomotor symptoms associated with dumping syndrome.

Option 3 is correct because it acknowledges the Leia Webpage client's feelings and addresses his concerns while still allowing him to make decisions for his present and future. In option 3, the employee has followed the correct procedure for exiting the client's room.

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