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Di Turki Indonesia Minta OKI Lakukan Langkah Konkret Bantu Palestina
Sedikitnya 7 warga Palestina tewas dan 11 lainnya luka-luka, beberapa di antaranya kritis, setelah tentara Israel mengebom sebuah terowongan yang menuju timur Khan Download Ceramah Terbaru ( Younis di Jalur Gaza selatan. eight. Kami serukan kepada semua pihak untuk ikut serta dalam membela dan menolong saudara-saudara kami di Palestina. Satu orang yang memiliki tekad dan cita-cita untuk membela Palestina maka ia tidak akan kehilangan wasilah untuk ke sana. Kami berdoa untuk keluarga kami di Syam, tempat hijrah Ibrahim alaihissalam dan meminta kepada Allah agar menjadikan api menjadi dingin dan keselamatan bagi mereka sebagaimana bagi Ibrahim.

Haniyah mengapresiasi sikap sejumlah Negara Arab. Persoalan Palestina adalah persoalan umat, dan Palestina akan bebas dengan perlawanan, pihak perlawanan Palestina akan membebaskan Palestina dengan segenap kemampuan yang dimiliki, dan kami tegaskan kepada Anda semua bahwa Palestina akan medeka dengan dukungan umat dan tidak semata oleh bangsa Palestina, sebab kemenangan menyeluruh akan terealisir dengan bantuan umat Islam, sambung Haniyah.

7. Palestine is at the coronary heart of the Arab and Islamic Ummah and enjoys a particular status. Inside Palestine there exists Jerusalem, whose precincts are blessed by Allah. Palestine is the Holy Land, which Allah has blessed for humanity. It is the Muslims' first Qiblah and the vacation spot of the journey carried out at night by Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. It's the location from where he ascended to the upper heavens. It is the birthplace of Jesus Christ, peace be upon him. Its soil accommodates the remains of hundreds of Prophets, Companions and Mujahidin. It's the land of people who are determined to defend the reality - within Jerusalem and its environment - who usually are not deterred or intimidated by those who oppose them and by those that betray them, and they'll proceed their mission until the Promise of Allah is fulfilled.

As the opposite respondents have talked about, the land of Palestine will not be talked about by this identify within the Qur'an. On the time of the Roman Empire it shaped the Provincia Palaestina". In early Islamic occasions it was known as Jund Filasṭīn, that's the (military) encampment of Palestine", however quickly it grew to become a part of the province of Shām (Higher Syria), and it remained thus until the First World Battle (with a brief interruption because the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem"). After the First World War it grew to become the British-dominated Palestine Mandate", reviving the identify utilized in Roman Empire. The modern Palestinian movement has retained this title from the time of the British Protectorate.

Politically, town carries the identical import to the assorted Palestinian political teams, secularists and Islamists alike. This reality is mirrored of their varied political discourse although there is no elaborate mention of Jerusalem of their respective nationwide and political programs or charters. This stand emanates, of course, from the belief that Jerusalem is an integral part of Palestine. Certainly, Jerusalem is the guts of Palestine. Its loss to a international enemy deprives the Palestinian Islamists of their distinctive posi¬tion as the custodians of the holy metropolis, and their battle to regain Jerusalem places them at middle stage.

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