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Pre-Candidacy Status for Program Accreditation
Contains LIMS proposal links and minutes.


Administrative Council
Administrative Council Meeting Dates, 2009
Administrative Council Meeting Dates, 2008
Administrative Council Meeting Dates, 2006


  1. ODWEBS How To Define a Digitization Project
  2. Digitization Project Online Template
  3. Initial Study of Institutional Repositories
  4. D-Lib, journal for digital repository phenomena


WIKI events
Announcement of Staff Wiki and description of primary top pages
Library Venue Scheduling
December 8, 2008, 1:00 PM: Meeting in Library 210 (B.I. Room) of Dean and involved parties in the approval and management of room reservations via the library calendar. This site contains the question points raised prior to and during the meeting.
Dean's Review and policy finalization (to be scheduled as of 1/22/2009)

FAQs and How To's

How To's
  1. How to use Blackwell for selecting & purchasing books
  2. Organize a Digitization Project
  3. Getting Started with CONTENTdm Collections at CSU
  4. Library Web Models: Idea starters for core item-centric pages

Library Web Sites

The developing web site is to be installed by August 15, 2010. Notification email content is published at Email Notice

Library production server for previous release
Library production server for current release
Library group staging server
Library development server
Library staff web

Authoring using Adobe Contribute ®: a brief review

Adobe Contribute is the name of a web page authoring program. You can use its simple features to create, change, delete, and organize web pages in your parts of the site

You can not easily interfere with other users. Errors can be rolled back. In any case, the changes are staged for the web site and not installed until evening. If there is a real need, the changes can be deleted or installed immediately. The system is flexible.

Adobe Contribute must be installed on a workstation. There are seven installed in the library. The instructions below apply to the version of Contribute used in the Adobe Creative Suite CS5. Other workstations may have CS3 or CS4.

Workstations with Adobe Contribute ® Version CS5

LIB 224 and the LISTS Digitization workstation (the closest cubicle to the glass entrance doors) are two private areas for quiet work. Accounts "web author" with password=freefall are available with plain profiles for ease of use. Floor 3 near the CTRE offices has a configured workstation with a web authoring profile.

  1. CTRE area, Dell workstation
  2. LIB 224, Plasma workstation
  3. Tech Service’s Cubicle for Digitization
  4. Workstation for Fatemeh Asadi
  5. Workstation for Elizabeth Osika
  6. Workstation for Tarshel Beards
  7. Workstation for Rochelle Johnson

Help, Tutorials, and Other Documentation

  1. CS4 Manual: Adobe Contribute CS4 Documentation
  2. CS5 Web Site: Adobe Contribute CS5 Documentation

Brief Review of Starting, Editing, and Finishing Web Authoring with Adobe Contribute

Use one of the seven workstations above. These have been configured with Adobe Contribute CS5.

You will have been supplied with passwords and usernames for authoring, editing, or publishing. The Connection Key will establish your portion of the web site with its resources and tools. You can obtain the key below by using or saving this file. There is great flexibility. You must keep these authentication items private and safe, or your portion of the web site may be compromised.

You will be asked to supply a correct connection password. Your director or the Digital Initiatives Librarian will have provided this password. You should never share this password. If it should become known to others, notify the Digital Initiatives Librarian immediately. Anyone with this password can change or deface your site using Contribute.

This link can also be used to download and store your key on a removable device, as an email attachment, etc.

  1. To connect, click on the appropriate Contribute Key link below (Unavailable as of 11/11).
    1. Web site Administrator; Author; Editor; Publisher
    2. Public Services; Approvals; Publisher
    3. Public Relations and Development Coordinator; Editor
    4. Education Resource Center; Author
    5. General Resources for Users; Author
    6. Instruction and Information Literacy; Author
    7. Music and Performance Arts; Author
    8. Public Services; Author
    9. Reference; Author
  2. Direct your browser to open this file with Contribute CS5 (default) if prompted
  3. Enter the Contribute startup password to begin work with Contribute.
  4. When prompted, enter the connection key password. You may have been notified of a changing connection; this is normal. Accept the change.
  5. From the many available activities, choose Edit Page.
  6. Three editable regions on the internal template are available for change (adds, changes, deletes).
    1. Pagetitle
    2. Localmenu
    3. Content
  7. When done, choose one of
    1. Publish
    2. Send
    3. Save for Later
    4. Discard Draft
  8. Then use the File menu or CTRL-Q to Exit

If you wish to continue later and are unready to publish, choose Save for Later and select a useful option. You will not be able directly to continue until you have finished and published, finished and sent for review or approval, or discarded your changes.


Deployment Issues: Are you aware?

Those unaware of the basis for planning web development probably will, like many, have opinions such as “I could have done better.” or “I like XYZ site better.” Other library sites, of which we have examined many, are here. Issues with the site should be detailed at the New Site Problem Report. Any email or verbal discussions regarding the new web site will be posted here with attributions and dates so that all members of the library have an opportunity to be aware of issues and respond knowledgeably.

New Site Problem Report

Click here and add information at the bottom of the page to describe needs or problems with the new web site.

Authoring Checklist

  1. Create text, images, audio files, Etc. Use no markup other than semantic markup. No bold, italic, tables or markup other than headings (headers), paragraphs, and numbered or bullet lists.
  2. Request Adobe Contribute authoring for the site(s) you publish.
  3. Deploy material using the Contribute Authoring and publishing system, or by sending the semantically-marked text to via email as an MS Word (or equivalent) file. The file will be converted to a TXT file.
  4. Examine the deployed page on for acceptability with your editor and with Tarshel Beards
  5. Send an email request to to make the pages appear on, the production web server.

Deployment Summary

  1. Developing site to be released when ready. Deadline is 8/1/2010.
  2. Contribute_Authoring: This is the rollout plan
  3. Known authors and general subject areas
  4. New Site Problem Report: Post problems, suggestions, and comments

The site at deploys as of July 31, 2010. The site has been duplicated at in preparation of deployment.

Adobe Contribute® authoring begins as of August 1, 2010. Details of authoring the site within the library is described at Contribute Authoring.


  1. Contribute_Integration
  2. Applications
    1. Wordpress Blog
    2. Mediawiki Wiki
    3. Libguides
  3. Server Maintenance
    1. Backups and Restores
  4. Proposals
  5. Web Services Technology Subcommittee Comments

Errors, suggestions and changes to the new web site

Please use the wiki page at New Site Problem Report to enter any sort of suggestion or problem report. Remember the site at libnext is undergoing change constantly. Changes are posted daily. Do not email issues; use the wiki page.


  1. HELP TICKETS: Display of pending help requests Use this especially for unresolved web and digitization requests. Some items are also logged to eresources.
  2. PHPINFO: Useful information about your browser session in relation to the library development server—these data can be useful in diagnosing problems with connections and networks.
  3. CONTENT BUILDING: Contribute_Integration
  4. OPAC: VuFind Interface Changes Needed This is Public Services' list of desired changes to the OPAC interface
  5. NEWS: Administration of Home Page News Items


  1. LISPS has been meeting to discuss web relabeling, reclassification, and other needs.
  2. Contribute Integration
  3. Student Input
  1. Finalization
  2. [Roll Out]]

Web Services Technology Subcommittee

  1. home page

Public Services

OPAC: VuFind Interface Changes Needed. This is a list of desired OPAC changes required because of CARLI release of the new interface on June 1, 2010.

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