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  1. ODWEBS How To Define a Digitization Project
  2. Digitization Project Online Template
  3. Initial Study of Institutional Repositories
  4. D-Lib, journal for digital repository phenomena
  5. Organize a Digitization Project
  6. Getting Started with CONTENTdm Collections at CSU
  7. Library Web Models: Idea starters for core item-centric pages
  8. Getting started with Adobe Contribute: Here is the Ask Lynda link and more help. Contribute can be confusing at first because of access processes, though once the access mechanism is learned the authoring is quite simple.
  9. Contribute Keys to Sites: Keys for separately-editable areas of the library web

Library Web Sites

libprev, Previous major release; library, Current release; libnext, Staging server (awaiting approval policy creation and implementation); libtest, Development server; libstaff, Staff web


Deployment Issues: Are you aware?

Those unaware of the basis for planning web development probably will, like many, have opinions such as “I could have done better.” or “I like XYZ site better.” Other library sites, of which we have examined many, are here. Issues with the site should be detailed at the New Site Problem Report. Any email or verbal discussions regarding the new web site will be posted here with attributions and dates so that all members of the library have an opportunity to be aware of issues and respond knowledgeably.

New Site Problem Report

Click here and add information at the bottom of the page to describe needs or problems with the new web site.

Authoring Checklist

  1. Create text, images, audio files, Etc. Use no markup other than semantic markup. No bold, italic, tables or markup other than headings (headers), paragraphs, and numbered or bullet lists.
  2. Request Adobe Contribute authoring for the site(s) you publish.
  3. Deploy material using the Contribute Authoring and publishing system, or by sending the semantically-marked text to via email as an MS Word (or equivalent) file. The file will be converted to a TXT file.
  4. Examine the deployed page on for acceptability with your editor and with Tarshel Beards
  5. Send an email request to to make the pages appear on, the production web server.

Deployment Summary

  1. Developing site to be released when ready. Deadline is 8/1/2010.
  2. Contribute_Authoring: This is the rollout plan
  3. Known authors and general subject areas
  4. New Site Problem Report: Post problems, suggestions, and comments

The site at deploys as of July 31, 2010. The site has been duplicated at in preparation of deployment.

Adobe Contribute® authoring begins as of August 1, 2010. Details of authoring the site within the library is described at Contribute Authoring.


  1. Contribute_Integration
  2. Applications
    1. Wordpress Blog
    2. Mediawiki Wiki
    3. Libguides
  3. Server Maintenance
    1. Backups and Restores
  4. Proposals
  5. Web Services Technology Subcommittee Comments

Errors, suggestions and changes to the new web site

Please use the wiki page at New Site Problem Report to enter any sort of suggestion or problem report. Remember the site at libnext is undergoing change constantly. Changes are posted daily. Do not email issues; use the wiki page.


  1. HELP TICKETS: Display of pending help requests Use this especially for unresolved web and digitization requests. Some items are also logged to eresources.
  2. PHPINFO: Useful information about your browser session in relation to the library development server—these data can be useful in diagnosing problems with connections and networks.
  3. CONTENT BUILDING: Contribute_Integration
  4. OPAC: VuFind Interface Changes Needed This is Public Services' list of desired changes to the OPAC interface
  5. NEWS: Administration of Home Page News Items


  1. LISPS has been meeting to discuss web relabeling, reclassification, and other needs.
  2. Contribute Integration
  3. Student Input
  1. Finalization
  2. [Roll Out]]

Web Services Technology Subcommittee

The liaison to the Information Technology Division is the head of LIS Instruction Services, Dr. Elizabeth Osika

  1. home page

Public Services

OPAC: VuFind Interface Changes Needed. This is a list of desired OPAC changes required because of CARLI release of the new interface on June 1, 2010.

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