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=== Departments, Units, and Groups ===
=== Departments, Units, and Groups ===
;[[StaffWiki: Digitization and Web Services]]
;[[Digitization and Web Services]]
:Topics and discussions of the committee
:Topics and discussions of the committee

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Staff Wiki Content Structure

Main Page
The Main Page of StaffWiki contains introductory information about the purpose of the site, how to get started adding information pages, and examples of other wikis. Notice the Main Page is always available in the navigation box of the left pane.

Departments, Units, and Groups

Digitization and Web Services
Topics and discussions of the committee


Administrative Council Meeting Dates 2008
Administrative Council Meeting Dates, 2008


WIKI events
Announcement of Staff Wiki and description of primary top pages
Library Room Scheduling
December 8, 2008, 1:00 PM: Meeting in Library 210 (B.I. Room) of Dean and involved parties in the approval and management of room reservations via the library calendar. This site contains the question points raised prior to and during the meeting.

FAQs and How To's

How To's
A jumpstation to "how to do it" pages from various departments and units of the library


Pre-Candidacy Status for Program Accreditation
Contains LIMS proposal links and minutes.
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