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Thoughts on Syllabi and Digital Repositories

November 19, 2008

  1. Syllabi should be created and maintained by faculty members. These are assumed to have been consonant with rules of their departments, colleges, and governing committees
  2. Lists, indexes, catalogs, and other reference tools should be available to these syllabi
  3. All campus wide tools should be integrated around the academic structure
    1. Luminis
    2. Blackboard
    3. Web sites
  4. Links should be permalinked (PURLS). This implies institutional maintenance of syllabi as a valuable shared resource
  5. Syllabi should be housed in areas relating most closely to their use, e.g. BlackBoard course
  6. The library (nor any other unit) should dictate the structure and form of the syllabi because faculty will not "buy in" to imposed structure. The development of these strategies must be managed along the lines dictated by administration for collaborative change. The library may have the classificatory skills, but the library must be seen as a discussant at the table, not a mandating authority.
  7. Guides should be produced collaboratively with subject faculty and maintained cross-linked with syllabi. Otherwise they are just recommended readings and references.
  8. Because of #7, the library staff must both persuade and present strong, clearly researched, and modern approaches to literacy guides.
  9. Because of #7 and #8, Reference as an information service must end and the energies and direction of the reference staff be directed to the production of library- (and information-) iterate students. Library online service structure should be produced to support this, and it includes strong cross-reference to related CSU tools. Because there are so many guidelines, I'd suggest the summary by and Sedig be considered before planning future guide activity
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