Structured Focus Group 20100122

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Rebuilding / Improving the library web site

The purpose is to improve the library web site

  • For students, so that time is saved and results are strong
  • For faculty, so that producing courses and lessons can be easier and richer
  • For all users, so that accurate information can be found and made available faster

This meeting

This hour will have three phases, with recording and reporting here. This allows interested people to have access to the ideas and process.


I am interested in knowing the range of opinion you hold. I therefore hope that you will express your own views even when they are not in agreement with other speakers. This is not intended to be an exercise where you try to persuade others to your own point of view.

You will be given a few minutes to think about the issue. Everyone in turn will have a chance to speak. You can always come back to this page to review. USERNAME=staff, PASSWORD=freefall

A question to tap contextual information

Questions to tap the key information required

Probe questions for follow-up or to elicit more specific information

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