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Actually, you are far from correct, i suppose you won't ever heard of Billboard K-town which arrived in 2013 I guess you didn't learn about US Itunes store having it is own K-pop genre that arrived on the scene this past year. If K-pop had not been well-known in the J-Pop MP3 US then Billboard wouldn't have developed K-town and Itunes US won't produce a particular shop for Download Lagu K-Pop J-Pop Mp3 Terupdate. J-pop and AKB48 thus far haven't understand this exact same variety of reception, once again it is not going to get on well with present J-pop fans.

Glance at the messages on both of the threads I connected, that is the reason once I stated J-pop shortage unity. I'd like you all to move into their footwear and be just what it prefer to see a once unified fandom just dropped. When I read those messages, it made me personally believe J-pop fandom don't come together to keep their fandom relevent.

6.1 brand new knowledge, cultures, and lifestyles are increasingly sent transculturally, quickly, and easily within ever more globalized, diverse, and technologically mediated world. The development of social networking because the mid-2000s has rendered various Asian popular cultures—once considered marginalized and hard to access—now freely accessible as they flow across different national borders. Consequently, it's now unsurprising to see an Australian teenage girl in a tram taking a look at pictures of J-pop boy musical organization Arashi on a Facebook fan page on her iPhone, or a Turkish college student watching the favorite Korean television drama series Secret Garden (2010-11) on YouTube on a newly purchased Samsung Galaxy Tab during a class break. Advanced brand new media technologies (especially social networking) enable global pop consumers to effortlessly access when not known and marginalized popular cultures, such as for example K-pop.

I became motivated by this thread on MAL also it kinda bothers me and some J-pop fans. As a fan of both Japanese and Korean tradition, this has been acknowledged for the past several years that Korean pop music or K-pop has been gaining big grounds outside of Asia. Many people Soundtrack Drama thought it might help other Asian pop music like J-pop and AKB48 to obtain more fans outside of Asia due to K-pop international appeal. But unfortunately it is not the truth.

There was an article from 2012 (which is no longer there) that talked about that many of K-pop fans were previously J-pop fans. To make this more sadder: Many (most likely bulk) of these former J-pop fans turned K-pop fans never ever returned to J-pop after they became K-pop fans. We additionally think these former J-pop fans that became K-pop fans most likely never introduce J-pop (and AKB48) to the current generation of K-pop fans.

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