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Israel Larang Umat Kristen Palestina Beribadah Di Yerusalem
Sedikitnya 7 warga Palestina tewas dan 11 lainnya luka-luka, beberapa di antaranya kritis, setelah tentara Israel mengebom sebuah terowongan yang menuju timur Khan Younis di Jalur Gaza selatan. This controversy focuses on who has the better attachment and enti¬tlement to town, and for whom Jerusalem has the best religious, cul¬tural, historic and political significance: "Perhaps one would never be able to gauge the degree of attachment that an individual com¬munity feels toward town, for attachment is psychological and thus extremely subjective."1 While the Download Ceramah Terbaru Muslims, for example, particularly Palestinian and Arab Islamists, recognize the spiritual significance of Jerusalem to Christians and Jews, they stress the Muslim character of the town and Muslim entitlement to it, and their attachment to Jerusalem constitutes a part of their doctrinal views of the town.

Because the rise of latest Arab and Palestinian fundamentalist actions, primarily as a response to certain political or socioeconomic components, the holy metropolis of Jerusalem has been a supply of inspiration and mobilization to them. Due to this fact, the Jewish occupation of the town reminds the Islamists of Muslim and Arab weak point and of the need to rise and free Jerusalem from Jewish hegemony. It's infuriating to Arab and Palestinian fundamentalists to have their first Qibla and the third-holiest city in Islam under foreign, particularly Jewish, management.

Ditimbang dari segi geo-sosio-kultural historis, konflik yang terjadi di tiga negara di kawasan Timur Tengah itu seharusnya dapat dengan mudah diselesaikan, bahkan sangat bisa dihindari karena sebelum peristiwa-peristiwa itu muncul di wilayah ini yang pernah bersatu dan hidup dalam kesejahteraan dan kemuliaan di bawah pemerintahan Khilafah Islamiyah yang menjalankan Syariat Islam, termasuk yang berkaitan dengan masalah muamalah pada lingkup masyarakat yang plural dan di tingkat negara.

Jerusalem was also absent from the Palestinian-Israeli settlement as illustrated within the Oslo Declaration of Principles, signed in Washington on September thirteen, 1993. Jerusalem was once once more postponed to negotiations on the ultimate status of the Occupied Palestinian Territories. The Oslo agreement was severely criticized by Arab and Palestinian Islamists. Islamic movements in Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and elsewhere issued sep¬arate statements rejecting the agreement notably as a result of it failed to address the query of Jerusalem along with other issues. Palestinian Islamists issued statements to the same impact and vowed to continue the strug¬gle against Israeli occupation. Each Hamas and the Islamic Jihad attacked PLO Chairman, Yasser Arafat, personally and accused him of nationwide treason.

This text investigates the historic evolution, values and Islamic reference points of Hamas. A product of fieldwork within the Middle East in 2009-2010, it allows Palestinian Islamists and their supporters to clarify their views on Islam, whilst analysing the implications of these in regards to Hamas' wider programme of resistance. Interviews and surveys, as well as Hamas' ongoing use of Islamic terminology and the Islamisation of the Gaza Strip, reveal that religion remains intertwined with the motion's political and social activities. Secular analyses clearly demarcating political and religious spheres in such circumstances are inadequate. The interpretation of Islamic values just isn't immutable, nevertheless, however fairly part of a dynamic process subject to evolution and alter.

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