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Stunning Islamic Greeting ASS..
It is an incredible fact, when Islam is often given a adverse label by the propaganda of the western media, at the similar time also, Islam grow considerably in many International locations in Europe and United States. #kalem 25. Kalemnya si mesir, membuat ayahnya yusuf estes trnyata masuk Islam. The end. Quoting the opinions of famous people as the proof of the truth of a religion is a logical fallacy. Even well-known individuals may be wrong, but the fact that none of those folks have been students of Islam or had read its holy book or its historical past makes their opinion about Islam nugatory.

More and more British Muslims have, luckily, come to embrace the message of love inherent within the mawlid and in the next few weeks numerous small occasions will happen up and down the country. As they celebrate the delivery of a person who has been described as "a mercy to mankind" by learning about his life and understanding his message, they are going to, they hope, attain new ranges of understanding and loving. It is going to protect them from depression, demoralisation and immorality - or panic and the meaningless ugly types of extremism which don't have anything to do with true Islam.

See? That's why that silly sentence is irrelevant when directed to me and my queries. Islam allowed that form of abuse and the proof is right there. You did not dare to debate it again. The supply is Islamic, dude, not to mention the scholars. You're a misplaced whiner. Akhirnya, aku sadar kalau batinku menuntut untuk mencari kebenaran yang ada pada Islam, salah satunya dengan membeli buku-buku bacaan tentang Islam, yang berhasil kutemukan di daerah Senen, Jakarta.

I imagine I was lucky for having open-minded dad and mom who inspired me to assume critically. They tried to instill in me the love of God and his messengers, yet upheld humanistic values like equality of rights between men and women, and love for all humankind. Now I know they didn't know anything about the real Islam. In a way, this was how most educated Iranian families have been. In actual fact, the vast majority of Muslims imagine Islam is a humanistic religion that respects human rights, elevates the status of women and protects their rights. Most Muslims consider that Islam means peace. For sure, few of them have read the Quran.

Sure, you are judging from your own submit. You prevented something about Islam and chose your individual opinion. al-Ghazali. On Disciplining the Soul and On Breaking the Two Needs, translated by Timothy J. Winter. Cambridge, England: Islamic Texts Society, 1995. Perpustakaan Islam Yang Lengkap Download Ceramah Terbaru segudang buku, Baca dan pelajari islam. In discussions with my pals I didn't persuade them of the true Islam." I condemned their bigotry and fanaticism whereas they disapproved of me for my un-Islamic views. It took me many years and a lot of study to comprehend they were right about Islam and I was the ignorant one.

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