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I was encouraged by this thread on MAL also it kinda bothers me personally and some J-pop fans. As a fan of both Japanese and Korean culture, it's been acknowledged going back several years that Korean pop music or K-pop is gaining big grounds outside of Asia. A lot of people thought it could help other Asian pop music love J-pop as well as AKB48 to obtain additional fans outside Asia as a result of K-pop worldwide appeal. But unfortunately this is simply not the case.

Why J-pop fans don't unite to help make J-pop more available when K-pop fandom did this in 2013. Why don't J-pop fandom "raise hell" when J-pop became less available? When K-pop got block on Youtube in 2013, they created #giveuskpop online and Download Lagu K-Pop J-Pop Mp3 Terupdate no more got block on Youtube, nevertheless when AKB48 got blocked on Youtube, J-pop fans didn't do the exact same, I didn't see a #giveusjpop or #giveusakb48 campaign online.

Uh fanwars in J-pop do happen (it did take place before when J-pop had been popular amongst anime fans), a number of my on line J-pop fans I chatted to explained fanwars within J-music global KPop Hits Single Album fandom did occur before K-pop got popular. So no matter what pop culture fandom you're in, fanwars can happen, J-pop was no exclusion.

The greatest Asian marketplace for Japanese pop-music is Taiwan, accompanied by Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. Glay and Kinkie Kids have topped the charts in Taiwan, Asia and Hong Kong. Glay played before 35,000 fans in Beijing in October 2002. Tofu reports is an archive label is focused on bringing J-Pop to the usa. It is supported by Sony.

Just what exactly occurred? The international fandom simply instantly destroyed interest and passion whenever most of J-pop fans became K-pop fans and not came ultimately back after that. As that reality sheet (with news article cited on the website), J-pop fans were just as passionate as K-pop fans and they desired J-pop musicians KPop Hits Single Album become globally recognized like their K-pop counterpart. But one thing happened and that is the mystery. Was it accessibility that made individuals no longer being active in J-pop fandom? Had been it one thing in J-pop that transform it off? I don't understand, but myself and number of J-pop fans We chatted to own been baffled by this.

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